Kathryn Kappelletti
Kathryn Kappelletti
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Kathryn Kappelletti
Kathryn Von Trump
Date of birth
Manner of death
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Family members
Andrew Von Trump - Father
Jennifer Von Trump - Stepmother
Kevin Kappelletti - Ex-Husband
Elijah Davis - Late Fiancé
S1 - S2 - S3 - AD

Kathryn Kappelletti (née Von Trump) is a supporting character on Devious Butlers.


Early LifeEdit

See: Timeline

Season 1Edit

See: Season 1

Season 2Edit

See: Season 2

Season 3Edit

See: Season 3


  • The idea behind having Kathryn leave the Kappelletti family at the end of the second season was partially due to wanting to keep her away from the Nadia storyline, preferring to give her a happy ending in the series finale rather than killing her off. The writers changed their minds, however; while not killing off Kathryn, they still give her an ending that punishes her for her actions throughout the show.
  • There was initial debate over whether Kathryn (Little Miss Van de Tramp) or Silvia Montgomery (MissMayfair) would be promoted to the main cast for the third season. Ultimately, the writers went with Silvia.
  • Kathryn being Andrew Von Trump's daughter was a creative decision made as late as planning for the third season. Due to the series having a tendency of foreshadowing a lot of its characters and storylines, it was made into a running gag, each character asking the other if they were aware of this familial connection, then commenting that it makes sense due to the two characters' nasty natures.

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