Drop Dead Devious
Devious Butlers 1x12
September 4, 2016
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Flash sideways
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"Drop Dead Devious" is the 12th episode of Devious Butlers, as well as its first season's finale.


It's almost time for the butlers to put their own lives at risk in order to unmask a killer, but first they have their personal hangups to tend to. While he should be helping prepare for the Del Barrio wedding, Ben has plans for an engagement of his own. A wrench is thrown into the works of Rena and Liz's "affair", to their deep dismay. The alibi Brad has secured for Josh puts an end to the trial, which of course reopens public interest in who really killed Matthew. The real murderer, meanwhile, is confronted once again by Joe - right before he executes a dangerous plan that promises more than a few final twists in the mystery surrounding Jose Sanchez's death.



Jose Sanchez can be seen sitting in the café, some months ago, where our butlers so regularly meet up. As he awaits the arrival of his friends, he begins to think back to how they all entered his life in the same way, and the camera pans around his head to show us…
Jose, in the café, shaking the hand of Joshua Gibbons, who claims to be the first live-in butler for the Winters couple following the firing of one of their temporary staff.
Jose and Josh, both in the café, with the former introducing his acquaintance - not long after the two of them have met - to Benjamin Gold, who explains that he just began working alongside Jose at the Del Barrio place.
Jose, Josh and Ben, all in the café, lastly meet Renato Duarte, who comes to ask to borrow a chair and then is requested to sit with them, with him proceeding to explain that he got hired to work for the Davises and is excited to meet them when they return from their trip.
Still in flashback, although for him it is the present, Jose continues to sit there, and is excited when finally his three best friends arrive. They are already laughing and chatting with one another, and they continue to do so once they're all seated, with Jose only lightly paying attention to what it is they're saying and being somewhat cold when it comes to actually conversing with them himself. It seems he isn't too used to having friends, although he does genuinely enjoy their company, and soon enough, when Josh is done complaining about Matthew's religious antics and Joanna's drinking; when Rena is finished complaining about that bitch Justine who hired him being constantly on his back for the littlest of things; when Ben is done complaining about how Jorgio asked him to do something unreasonable and Ali failed to step in as per usual - then Jose decides to finally speak up, admitting to his peers that he has something he'd like to get off his chest. "What is it?" Ben wonders, intrigued by his friend's interruption, and Jose starts off by saying, "First of all, you're all idiots." "Excuse me?" Rena takes offense, and Jose points out, "You work for all these rich and famous people and yet you allow them to treat you like dirt." "Because in their eyes, we are," Josh jokes, which the others chuckle at. "You don't get it, do you?" Jose continues, and Ben asks just what exactly the fellow butler is getting at. "We clean up after these people for a living, and I mean that in every sense. We're around them 24/7; we know all their dirt, all the horrible things they get up to… and yet we keep their secrets for them?" "Comes with the territory," Josh figures. "Yeah but if Elizabeth Davis comes home and I find out she's having an affair or something you can bet I'm gonna sell some pics to the tabloids," Rena laughs. "That's more like it," says Jose, only for Rena to turn uncomfortable and admit that he was kidding. "Don't kid," Jose tells him, "we have the ammo to milk these people for everything they're worth… so why don't we?" "Jose," Ben inquires, "do you have something… planned?" Jose goes coy at this, for of course he has already set a few blackmail schemes in motion, and he eventually decides, "You know what? It doesn't matter. Let's just go back to gossiping because that's so gonna set us up for life." The other butlers are very awkward now, unable to go on casually chatting like before. "Whatever," Jose declares in response to their silence, "I best return to work anyway. Mr. Del Barrio ordered me to sweep the balcony this morning and I'm sure if it doesn't get done he'll end up slitting my throat or something. Adiós, compadres." And with that, he is exits the establishment…
The very same establishment that, today, Joe is frequenting alongside Jose's friends, who are now of course his friends. Justine is there too, sitting on Ben's lap and making kissy faces, while a grossed-out Rena distracts himself with his pumpkin latte and Josh simply tries to keep himself held together, for Brad told him that he has big news to tell him later and he has honestly no idea what that could mean. "Guys," Joe ends up announcing, making sure that they can all hear him clearly but that others in the café cannot, "I have something I need to tell you." Ben appears surprised at this, for he has an idea of what it could be, while the other workers of Wikerly Hills appear simply intrigued. "Is it that you is a gay?" Justine questions, "'Cause not much surprising, really." "No…" Joe assures, "it's something else." "What's this about?" Josh wonders, "Is it to do with Joanna? I know you've been working for her and she hasn't spoken to me since she accused me of murder and all…" "Something else," Joe says yet again, exchanging a look with Ben, at which Rena exclaims, "Well get on with it then! These meaningful glances have got me on the edge of my seat." Justine giggles at this, though somewhat fearful that, if Joe is about to say that he's gay, then it's going to be followed up by a confession that he's been sleeping with her boyfriend, with whom he keeps exchanging the aforementioned glances. "Joe isn't really a butler," Ben ends up blurting out, unable to take the pressure, and the others question what this means. "Well thank you for that," Joe tells Ben sarcastically, and Ben sinks down into his seat, allowing Joe to take it from there. The faux butler clears his throat, with the others continuing to ask what the hell is going on, and Joe tells them, "I've been undercover for the past few months, trying to find out who really killed Jose Sanchez." "What…?" Josh utters, confused, while Rena points out that they already arrested someone. "But he didn't do it," Ben assures, and then Josh remembers, "Tyson was left-handed…" "Exactly," Joe replies, "Tyson is my foster brother, and he's innocent." "So you've been lying to us all this time?" Rena questions, looking a tad hurt, then turning to Ben and adding, "And you knew?" Ben sinks down again, with Justine also appearing angry that he was keeping this from her, and Joe appears guilty at this, explaining that he had to lie if he was going to succeed in learning all that he could. "I not understand," Justine chimes in, "if this Tyson did not do the killing of Jose, then who?" "Honestly," Joe prepares to reveal, "I think it was Matthew Winters." "Well good luck proving it, he's kind of dead," Josh points out, fighting the urge to shiver at Matthew's very mention. "I'm aware," Joe says, "but I think he was doing it at the behest of Jorgio Del Barrio. I know Jose was blackmailing him, and I know Matthew and Jorgio had business on the night of the murder. I may have been a good detective once upon a time, but, if I'm going to prove this, I realize now… I'm going to need help. At the moment, there is no plan, and I'm this close to exposing the truth; I… I guess I'm just asking… are you in?" Ben is of course already down for this, while Rena, Josh and Justine all look to one another. To get the ball rolling, Ben places his hand in the center of the table, and Joe places his own on top of it. Not liking that, Justine sandwiches her own in between. Josh is the next to pile on, wanting Matthew exposed for the true monster he is, and Rena, the most reluctant, is the last, deciding that he hasn't got much else on his plate right now. "I think they're in," Ben smiles, and Joe says, "Great," as the five hands disperse. "Now listen closely," he adds, "because I'm about to tell you everything I've learned about Jose Sanchez's murder…"


Act I

The Del Barrio mansion appears somewhat hectic for the moment, for things are currently being set up for the upcoming wedding that is to take place there, but, instead of appearing busy, Ali is just standing there in the foyer with a blank expression on her face, thinking about the permanent bond she's about to unwillingly enter into. "There you are," Jorgio smiles upon entry, approaching his fiancée, and then he asks her what's wrong. She doesn't reply, of course, because she knows he's only feigning concern, and then his smile returns, and he asks, "Could it be that you're pondering the impact of being betrothed to me forever?" He goes to touch her arm and she flinches, and Jorgio just cackles wickedly. Once he's got it out of his system, though, he adopts a straight face and tells his wife-to-be, "As utterly delicious as your sadness is, Alison, we do have to uphold appearances. And, in general, when a woman is about to be wed to one of the richest men in the country, she appears happy. So how about a smile on that pretty face of yours? I left no bruises there for just such an occasion." Ali stares at him, and finally forces her lips into a phony grin, at which he grins in return. "That's better," he states, "and later, when we're alone, you can pout all you want. I shan't much care. I'll be too busy enjoying other parts of you to give two craps about your face." Another flinch, but she doesn't break her smile, and then there is a ring at the doorbell. "Excellent," Jorgio exclaims, approaching the door, "though less excellent that I apparently have to answer this myself. Still, that should be the flower arrangements. I know how much you love dahlias." When he looks away from her to answer the door, Ali is finally able to relax her face, though Jorgio is the one to frown when he's met by a delivery man on his doorstep and what he carries with him is something other than flowers. "Is this the residence of Joanna Winters?" the delivery man questions, and Ali's interest is piqued by this; she approaches the door and tells the delivery man, "No. She lives down the street. What is this regarding?" "Thanks dear," Jorgio states, pushing her to one side, "but I can do this myself." He then addresses the delivery man, asking, "What is this regarding?" and Ali rolls her eyes. The delivery man then holds up an urn, explaining that it contains the ashes of her husband Matthew Winters, and Jorgio rediscovers his smile. He snatches the urn away from the boy and signs for it, though the latter appears confused. Jorgio then explains that he and his wife are good friends with Joanna, and shall deliver the ashes themselves so as to spare him the trouble. The delivery man doesn't seem to care much, having the signature he needs, and so he turns around to leave, and Jorgio slams the door shut in his wake. "Do you want me to run those over to Joanna?" Ali wonders, but Jorgio tells her, "No. Not yet. I haven't any good groomsmen for this affair, perhaps I'll let my old friend stick around for the ceremony." Ali suddenly turns white, and leaves to go find a place to throw up, while Jorgio stares down at the urn in his hand and questions, "Now where the hell is my butler to put this somewhere for me?"

Said butler is currently at the park, having escaped his job for a while in order to spend some quality time with the woman he loves. Justine sits opposite him, enjoying his company in equal measure, but she finds herself wondering why he wanted to meet alone so early. "After all, there is cleaning I must do." At this though, she laughs, but then adds, "Nah seriously, did you just miss me?" "Uh, yes," Ben replies nervously, and his girlfriend asks him what's wrong. "Nothing," he assures. "In fact, for the first time in a long time, everything in my life is pretty much perfect." "Apart from being standby for friend's mystery-solve plan and having bosses with scariness beneath the house," she points out, and Ben explains that that's why he went with "pretty much". Justine emits her famed squinty-eyed smile, and Ben tries doing it in return, only for her to then frown and tell him, "Cut to chase. While I don't plan on doing much clean for Mrs. Liz, I would like to eat my leftover pain au chocolat before Rena steals it from fridge." "Right," Ben nods, more and more nervous, and then he begins saying, "Justine, you are the best, most amazing thing that ever happened to me." "Well yes, but this seems eating more time, and I'd rather be eating mon pastry." "I'm trying to tell you how much I love you," Ben explains, only for her to ask, "Can you not text it me? I read later." She then stands up and turns around in order to spy on the Davis house, saying, "I bet that piece of Spanish is already munching away my chocolat and not finding buyer for VCR." Of course, she is unaware that Rena is too busy engaging in certain other activities right now, and then she grows distracted by Ben yelling, "Dammit, Justine, can you just turn around?!" When she finally does, she is startled by the sight of Ben, down on one knee, holding up a diamond ring. Her eyes widen in shock as she realizes what he has been trying to do, and she doesn't know what to say. "That's okay," Ben assures, "because I do. Justine… will you marry me?" Justine, however, is too busy staring down at the ring, joyously murmuring, "That looks expensive…" only for Ben to have to snap her out of it by clicking his fingers and guiding her attention back to him, as opposed to what he's offering. "Oh," Justine recalls, "yes. Oui. A million times oui!" And Ben appears overjoyed as the maid snatches the diamond from out of his hand and places it on her left ring finger, making them officially engaged. They then share a passionate kiss, during which time Justine sneaks her cell phone from out of her pocket and snaps a pic of her finger with the ring on it. "What are you doing?" Ben asks once the kiss comes to an end, and his fiancée replies, "Creating snapchat story. My sister started follow me, and now finally she will be jealous one for change." Ben is amused by this, and he and his betrothed share another kiss.

"Pour us a drink, would you?" Liz asks of Rena, as the two of them enter the kitchen, having just finished up a session in the BDSM closet. "Yes, Mistress," he exclaims with a chuckle, then asking, as he pours, "So how long am I going to be, well, caged?" He looks down at his crotch, implying that he's currently in chastity. Liz shrugs her shoulders, stating that it'll be until whenever she feels like letting him out. The butler frowns at this as he hands his employer her drink; the two then sit down at the table together as they go through the collected mail. "Oh, looks like most of this is for you..." Liz exclaims, noting that all of the envelopes seem to read the butler's name. Intrigued, Rena starts opening them up, and it's then that he realizes they're all callbacks for auditions. "Oh, my God, Kathryn's tweets worked," he exclaims. "Everyone in Wikerly Hills wants to work with me." Liz congratulates her friend, telling him that a bright future is sure to come. "Indeed," he replies, grouping all of his mail together to take back to his room. As Liz finishes up her drink, she chuckles to herself. "I'm really glad things are working out," she says. "Your dreams are coming true, we get to have some fun, and Eli's still going to be away for another several months." Rena agrees, assuring that they must go all out before he returns home. Liz looks down at her phone to see the time; she points out that she has a facial in a few hours. "But I'm not busy until then..." A grin comes across Rena's face, stating that the same goes for him. "We could go again?" he suggests, and Liz happily gets up from her seat.
The two are next seen rushing through the Davis house, on their way to the BDSM closet, but they stop when they hear the sound of the front door closing. Looking at each other in confusion, the couple backtrack down the hall where they arrive in the foyer... where none other than Elijah Davis awaits. "Oh, my God," Liz exclaims, "Eli... you're home." Grinning at his wife and the butler, Eli confirms that this is true. "Are you just home for the weekend?" she questions, at which Mr. Davis shakes his head. "No, no," he exclaims, "I quit." Both Liz and Rena's eyes widen as Eli claims he didn't think he was being paid enough, especially for a movie sequel. "So I told my agent I was done and I got on the first plane back to Wikerly Hills." "Oh... baby," Liz says, rather nervously as she approaches her husband and kisses him on the cheek, "you shouldn't have done that." "Nonsense," he tells her though, "I missed you. And now that I'm home, sweetheart, I'm not going anywhere." He then turns to Rena, "I'm right where I'm supposed to be." With that, he pulls Liz in close and passionately kisses her, all the while staring Rena down, the two men making direct eye contact.

"We're all set," Brad exclaims, gathering his papers together. In his office, he and Josh are sat down at the former's desk as Brad explains that his client's alibi has gone through and been approved by the judge. "The bitch D.A. is certainly gonna be pissed, but you're a free man, Joshua Gibbons." Josh graciously thanks his lawyer for all his help, stating that none of this would be possible without him. "I'm just glad to see an innocent man not wind up in prison," he says, "well, back in prison." The two men then stand up and shake each other's hand. "I guess that'll be all?" Josh questions, letting out a sigh of relief as this whole nightmare has been put behind him. "Well..." Brad says, rather hesitantly, "there was one thing I wanted to ask you." "Oh?" Josh wonders, confused, and so Brad decides to be straightforward with the client. "Would you like to get dinner sometime?" he wonders, to Josh's absolute shock. "Like a date?" he questions, needing proper confirmation, and Brad nods. The butler lets out a chuckle, admitting to being surprised to find out the lawyer 'swings that way', but still, "Yes. Yes, I'd like that very much." Brad smiles, wondering if Sunday at 8 would be good, and butler confirms that it would be perfect. He then, rather gently, starts to lean in and kiss his lawyer-turned-date. Brad backs away at first though, wondering if Josh is sure. He nods, exclaiming that he is, and so Brad lets it happen. The two of them kiss. Hard. Passionately. And they keep going. As they devour each other's faces they begin to sweat, which results in helping each other remove their shirts. Josh is quick to pry open Brad's button-down, sending buttons flying everywhere, having viciously ripped them off. Brad, meanwhile, gets Josh's shirt up and off. Still making out, they each use an arm to clear everything off of Brad's desk, and from there they begin unbuttoning each others pants, as they climb atop the desk. Their lovemaking progresses, being loud enough for the entirety of the building to hear...

Joe uses his key to enter the Winters' mansion, glad upon entry that nobody appears to be home, and then he heads on upstairs to his bedroom - which he didn't exactly use much during his time as Joanna's butler. He then takes out a box from under the bed, containing all the spy equipment he managed to swipe from the WHPD following him being fired, and takes out a smaller, locked box. He enters a combo for it to open, and inside we see that there is a small pistol, also remaining from his time as an officer. He stuffs it into his back pocket, saying to himself, "I hope it doesn't come to it, Jorgio, but you're a powerful man, and you never know." And then he stands up to be met by… "I do hope you didn't return to gun me down," Joanna states as she stands there in the doorway, sipping on a glass of water. "No wine?" Joe questions, at which Mrs. Winters explains that she hasn't had a drop of alcohol since he stormed out; "It's been boring as hell but at least the visions stopped." "Visions?" Joe questions further, but Joanna tells him, "Never mind. I'm sure I'll be back to guzzling away the ol' yeast-y grape juice once Ali's renewal ceremony commences. Which I should really be getting ready for. So if you didn't come here to shoot me then…?" "I was hoping you wouldn't be here," Joe admits. "In my own house during the day when you pretty much never saw me leave the entire time you were my butler?" she asks, "Some detective you are." She then takes a sip of water, adding that non-alcoholic victory sips are hardly as fulfilling, before wondering if he has any last-minute yelling he'd like to get done so that he can get it out of his system. "Where were we again?" she asks, putting the water down on a cabinet-top, "You called me a monster, ran off before I could explain my side of the story, left me crying like a mess on my own living room floor…" "What is your side?" Joe finds himself asking, and Joanna stops at this, turning serious. "I could tell you, Joe. I could tell you everything. I'd just need you to promise that you won't do anything stupid after. That you'd be open to the possibility of forgiving me." "You don't get absolution before the confession," Joe tells her, at which she points out, "I meant what I said. We could belong together. We could be each other's happy endings. I know you have feelings for me. No matter what I've done, those were real." "I don't know how I feel about you anymore, because…" Joe starts to tear up, "I don't know who you are!" "I'm Joanna!" she screeches, tearing up also, "I've done bad things, but they're in the past. I told a few lies, but I'm still me!" "Do you even know who you are at this point?" Joe asks, telling her, "Look. I honestly don't have the time to care about you and your misdeeds right now, because I have to take down another killer. Just know that when all this is over, and the truth about Jose's death is out, I will be dealing with you at some point." "Thanks for the heads up," Joanna states blankly, then wiping up her tears as she adds, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a wedding to prepare for. I believe you know the way out." When Joanna leaves, Joe exudes a deep breath, and then he gets an idea. He digs into his back pocket and, after accidentally taking out the gun and then jamming it back in again, he takes out his cell phone. He then sends a group text to those helping him expose Jorgio, and he tells them, "Meet me ASAP. I have a plan." And he proceeds to type out a course of action.

Act II

An overview of the Del Barrio mansion is shown with music playing throughout the back as everyone who is anyone in Wikerly Hills has gathered for the party to celebrate Ali and Jorgio renewing their wedding vows, or, in reality, stating their vows and getting legally married for the very first time. Semantics, though. Out by the pool, chairs have been set up with a stand for the "happy" couple to stand atop of. A minister is present with Jorgio, who, by his side, stands Elijah Davis and Andrew Von Trump, his groomsmen. In reality, they were who he was stuck with since he doesn't have any other friends or close acquaintances. Between the rows of seats, an aisle way has been made so that Ali can walk down it, with bridesmaids Jo and Liz by her side. Currently the three women stand at the end of aisle, with Jo and Liz making last minute adjustments to Ali's look. "Beautiful," Joanna exclaims, admiring the bride-to-be, but Liz seems to think otherwise. "Meh, could be better." Jo elbows her friend, who claims that she was just being honest. Ali, however, simply frowns; after some back and forth bickering between Jo and Liz, they start to catch on to their friend's depressing manner. "What's wrong, sweetheart?" Jo wonders, and Ali admits that she really doesn't want to do this. "Well why not? You did it the first time," Liz points out, unaware of the true circumstances, and realizing she can't say anything more, Ali nods, agreeing that this is true. "Alright, well turn that frown upside down and let's go," Jo says, signaling the minister that they're ready. Nodding, the minister turns to Eli, who then turns to the ground where a radio is set up. He presses a button and music starts for Ali to walk down the aisle. She is followed by Jo and Liz and, once reaching the end, they go to stand off towards the side as the ceremony commences. Ali is now face-to-face with Jorgio, who sports a devious grin as he stares down his soon-to-be wife. "Dearly beloved," the minister starts, "we are gathered here today..." And the camera starts to drift away, panning across to a set of tables that have been set up for the reception. There, the caterers working the party stand... along with Joe, Josh, Rena, Ben, and Justine, who have disguised themselves as workers, prepared to infiltrate. "Thanks you for including me in butler team-up take down," Justine says, with Ben wrapping his arm around her, smiling. Josh and Rena, meanwhile, are less than enthusiastic, whereas Joe is busy looking out at the ceremony taking place. Jorgio goes through his vows while Ali more or less listens. Her bridesmaids, meanwhile, have totally tuned him out, with Liz updating her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages, and Joanna calling out to caterers on the side, asking for a glass of wine. As Jorgio is starting to come to a close with his vows, Ali's eyes begin to wander around at the audience; she's thinking to herself if there's perhaps a sure way she can get out of this, but then something catches her eye: Joe. She looks out at the caterers and sees him with the other butlers, staring her down. Her eyes start to widen at the sight of him, and gently, he raises his finger to his lips, motioning that Ali not say a word about his presence. "Alison?" the minister questions, notifying that it's her turn to say her vows. "Oh, right," she exclaims, with Jorgio taking notice of her sudden off-ness. He goes to look in the direction she had been prior to, but Ali prevents this by getting started with her vows. "Jorgio, you are the..." And the camera pans away again, landing back on the butlers. Joe turns to his friends, exclaiming, "It's best we get moving." And so they all slip away from the ceremony, with Ali briefly glancing over to see them off. The Del Barrios, from there, are officially married.

Move on to the reception, where some time passes and the attendees of the ceremony are now celebrating. Jorgio is seen conversing with Andrew as Ali walks by; the former calls out to his "new" wife, stating that he and Andrew would like to talk to her. Begrudgingly, Ali makes her way over to them, asking what it is they want. "Oh don't be so down, sweetie," Andrew exclaims, "and I'm sorry Jenny had to miss the ceremony. She's a little... wrapped up at the moment." Jorgio and Andrew chuckle at this statement, but Ali doesn't seem to find it funny one bit, for she reflexively strikes Andrew across the face. Both men are shocked, but neither are able to do anything, as this has brought the attention of several party guests. "You really shouldn't have done that," Andrew spits to the bride, furious. "I... I'm sorry," Ali exclaims, out of fear, but Jorgio tells her they will talk about this later, and he ushers that she go away now. Relieved that no punishment will be instated as of the moment, Ali leaves, where she's then bumped into by Kathryn Kappelletti. "Congrats," she says to the bride, though Ali doesn't really know who she is. "Yeah, thanks," she replies, looking around. She then asks Kathryn if by chance she saw a certain caterer. "Tall, handsome, dark hair, scruff..." Kathryn shrugs her shoulders though, admitting to never paying attention to the people who pour her drinks, "Which reminds me, I need another drink," and with that she walks away, leaving Ali alone. The bride sighs, and continues to look around for Joe. From there, the camera pans over to the bar where Liz and Joanna are currently conversing. The latter goes on about how things were going so great with her butler, but now he seems to want nothing to do with her. "He's finally seen your true colors?" Liz questions, somewhat jokingly, and Joanna downs the rest of her drink, stating that that's one way she could put it. "Well at least there's room to work things out with your butler," Liz exclaims, "Meanwhile, Eli is home and so things with mine are toast, really. God, I hate black people..." "And why is that?" Eli exclaims, coming up behind Liz wrapping his arms around her, to her surprise. Her eyes widen as she looks at Jo, unaware of how much her husband has heard; Mrs. Winters, meanwhile, reaches over the counter of the bar and grabs a bottle and new glass, leaving Liz and Eli alone. "Why do you hate black people?" Eli asks again, somewhat relieving Liz, as this seems to be the only part of the conversation he took in. She downs the rest of her drink, giving her time to think up a response, and she finally exclaims that he was an idiot for quitting his movie. "But why?" he asks, pointing out, "Before I left, you were getting sick of my constant traveling. You wanted us to stay home and be together for once, and now I'm finally making that happen... unless something's changed?" Liz shakes her head though, rather nervously, asking why something would have changed. "Well you've been alone for a few months now with no one but Rena and Justine, and we all know how much you loathe Justine. Maybe you...?" "Are you insinuating I'm having an affair?!" Liz questions, getting defensive, but Eli points out he never said that at all. "Well I'll have you know, Mr., I've been nothing but loyal to you since the day we've met. How DARE you question otherwise?!" "Again, I never said that." "Well screw you," Liz says, grabbing her purse, "I've decided that I'm hungry, and after not eating for a good two weeks, maybe I'll treat myself to a crabpuff." "Liz--" Eli tries, but she won't hear of anything from him. "I think I saw Justine working this party, so if you will excuse me, I'm going to go find that dumb bitch and make her get me a damn crabpuff." With that, Liz stands from her seat and storms off. Eli has no idea what just happened.

Liz is unlikely to find any servers though, for the catering staff - Joe, Josh, Rena, Ben and Justine - are all currently up in the surveillance room of the mansion, watching via the monitors as everything unfolds. "What are we waiting for exactly?" asks Rena. "For Jorgio to get in position," Joe explains, while Josh suddenly shrieks and explains, "What the hell is this?" "Oh," says Ben upon realizing what Josh has found, "that's Matthew." The others turn confused, and see the urn of the dead rich man resting nearby, and Josh asks what the hell it's doing there. "Jorgio handed it to me when I got home after the engagement and told me to do something with it, and I had to come up here to archive the tapes and, I don't know, I guess I just left it." "I am very uncomfortable with him being here…" Josh states, but Ben places the lid back on the urn and tells his fellow butler to just ignore it. "Wait a second," Rena adds, "engagement?" "Oui!" Justine finally butts in, "Benjamin and I are, how you say, engaged!" She shows off her ring and, while Rena questions why she would ask "how do you say" before a word that she clearly already knew how to say, the others congratulate her. Well, Josh congratulates her, wanting to distract himself from the presence of his attacker, while Ben just appears ecstatic and Joe continues to watch the monitors. He finally switches over to a corner where Jorgio appears to be chatting with Andrew, and he asks where that is geographically in regards to the Del Barrio grounds. Ben proceeds to explain it to him, and then takes out a bunch of old tapes which depict that very same location. "Hey look," he discovers, "this one's from the night Jose died." He figures he may as well watch it in case they need extra evidence, while Joe waits for Andrew to leave so that he can catch Jorgio alone. After making sure the audio is good so that they can get a taped confession, he tells the other butlers, "Okay. I'm moving in." They all wish him good luck, while Justine appears salty that he failed to congratulate her on her engagement and knocks him a little on his way, and then the undercover cleaning man moves in.

Jorgio continues to chat privately with Andrew just around the corner from where the party is commencing, though in clear view of a camera. The butlers are, of course, watching and listening intently, and finally Andrew declares that he sees Joanna Winters nearby, which must mean that there's some good alcohol over in that area. "Catch you later," he says to Jorgio, who goes to leave as well, but suddenly he is interrupted by a familiar voice asking him, "Would you like a drink, Mr. Del Barrio?" It's Joe, who makes sure Andrew is gone by turning around to seeing him by the drinks. Of course, this means he also exchanges some very brief eye contact with Joanna, and so he moves further around the corner, placing his drinks tray down on the floor as he does so, so as to enter into a proper confrontation with Jorgio. "What the hell are you doing here?" Jorgio demands to know, and Joe tells him, "I'm here to tell a story. I think you'll like it. It involves a bunch of girls being trapped in a basement. I believe you're into that sort of thing?" Jorgio just smirks, telling the butler, "Whatever you think you know, you're wrong." "You sure were quick to fire me for simply stepping foot in your basement, weren't you?" "Is there no security at this party?" Jorgio wonders, and Joe tells him that there was, but they've since been redirected to the drinks table by his friends, meaning now they're probably buddying up with Andrew von Trump: one of his partners in human trafficking. "These are pathetic lies," Jorgio tries, and Joe tells him, "It's okay. I didn't come here to chat whores. I came here to talk to you about Jose Sanchez. I believe this is near to where you stood when he was thrown from the balcony?" "And you're insinuating what exactly?" Jorgio, tired, would like to know. "I'm not 'insinuating' anything," Joe claims, "Like I said. I'm here to tell a story. And it starts with your butler palling around with your wife until she ended up revealing what you keep stored down below. Being who he was Jose of course tried to blackmail you, but being who you are, you of course already knew that that's what he would try to do. And so, while your alibi was solid and you were out here enjoying the festivities of a party that you cared very little about, you had your friend Matthew Winters sneak inside. The serving staff must have thought he was just another guest in a tux, which is why they didn't notice when he took the knife. Kitting himself out in a trench coat and hat, he then went looking for Jose… and he found him. He stabbed him, with his right hand, and ended the frenzy by plunging the knife into his throat and throwing him into the pool. My brother Tyson was then in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was hit, and he was framed. With the guests in a panic, nobody noticed when Matthew then came rushing out of the house; heck, he was even the one to identify Jose when he came out of the pool. But… something always bothered me about that. Matthew being able to call out his friend's butler by name. There must have been something more there, surely. And there was. Because he killed him. And you ordered him to do it. All to make sure your disgusting little secret remained hidden. So tell me, Mr. Del Barrio… how'd I do?" Jorgio just stares at Joe, blinking, and tells him, "That is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard in my life." He knows what Joe is trying to do of course, seeing the camera staring right at him, and he casually steps out of view of it; out from around the corner. Joe follows him, trying to continue the conversation; to steer Jorgio back to where he was so that he can get the taped confession out of him. "Just admit it," Joe exclaims, "admit what you did! You had an innocent man killed!" "INNOCENT?!" Jorgio rages, turning to Joe. He is fully triggered now, pulling no punches in his anger, "JOSE SANCHEZ WAS THE LEAST INNOCENT MAN OF ALL THE CRIMINALS IN WIKERLY HILLS, MYSELF INCLUDED! WHAT IS IT YOU WANT TO HEAR EXACTLY? THAT I KILLED HIM?! THAT I PAID MY FRIEND MATTHEW TO DO IT?! THEN FINE! WHATEVER HELPS YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT! JUST STOP HARASSING ME AND DON'T YOU DARE EVER DEFEND THAT VILE PEASANT AGAIN!" Joe stares, stunned, while Jorgio breathes heavily, managing to calm down. "Well what're you gonna do now?" Jorgio questions, staring the shocked Joe up and down, "Try and make my little outburst public?" "I don't have to," Joe smiles, "you just did." And then Jorgio turns around and realizes that every single one of his party guests is staring at him, including Ali, who smiles while grabbing a drink with the security men. "You might be needed over there," she whispers to one of them, and then Jorgio backs away, wanting to run, but Joe grabs his arm, allowing the partygoers to swarm around him and for the security men to keep him restrained. "Someone call 911," Joe exclaims, and several guests start to do so, believing that they just heard Jorgio confess to setting up the murder of his own butler. "What?!" Jorgio yells, trying his best to bat away the security men, "Get off me! GET OFF OF ME! YOU'VE GOT THE WRONG MAN! I… I didn't do this!" he tries. Joe just smirks at the old rich man, asking him, "Then who did?"

"Where'd they go?" Rena asks, staring at the monitor up in the security tower, and Josh manages to switch the view of the camera to one around the other side of the house, meaning that they can see as Jorgio is apprehended and Joe stands by victorious. "He did it," Josh smiles, turning to whisper to the urn that he hopes he's seeing this, and Rena says, "He sure did." They then turn to Ben and wonder why he isn't celebrating with them, and Ben, who is watching an old tape from the night Jose died, tells them to look at his monitor. They do, and they see Jorgio chatting with Matthew in the same spot where Joe tried confronting him. Matthew then says that he's heading indoors to check things out, and then there's a splash as Jose falls into the pool. Jorgio appears around the corner, wondering what's going on, and they're even able to hear him state that at least they know the butler didn't do it. "What does this mean?" Rena wonders, and Ben explains that Matthew couldn't possibly have had time to murder Jose. "He's innocent." Josh scowls at this, and Ben adds, "Of murder anyway. Jose was killed by someone else." He then takes the tape out of the player and states, "And this proves it." Suddenly, however, the tape is blown apart by a gunshot, and the others turn to see Justine toting Joe's gun. "Whoopsie," she exclaims, "not anymore it does not." She gives off her squinted smile, and Ben utters, "Justine…?" "Benjamin," she grins, "I was so hoping you wouldn't figure it out, but I can't have police looking my way, can I?" "Where did you get that…?" Rena asks in reference to the gun, and she laughs as she says that, as an urchin in France, she got pretty good at, "How you say, picking the pockets?" The butlers just appear shocked while the murderous French maid waves the gun and gestures for them to head into the other room. "After all," she mentions, "lots of expensive equipment in here. If I do the damage, I can't sell it when I getaway. Now… move." The butlers, unable to comprehend what's going on, simply do as told.


Justine closes the door to the room where Jose died, still pointing a gun at her boyfriend, her co-worker, and the other one. "Justine…" Ben utters, "I don't understand, what's going on?" "Sorry Benjamin," Justine comments, using her gun-free hand to take a cigarette from the packet in the pocket of her apron, then placing it into her mouth and continuing to speak with it hanging there, "but I thought it by now obvious, no? That I am the killer of Jose." The other butlers widen their eyes in shock, placing their hands above their heads, while Justine proceeds to use the lighter to spark up the cigarette and then inhale the sweet nicotine in the form of smoke. "That is good stuff," she exhales in relief, "I had one right before I kill Jose too. Murder… such stressful, is not?"
We suddenly flash back to Justine, smoking with one hand and toting a knife in the other, waiting in the halls of the Del Barrio mansion on the night of the butler's murder.
We then cut to Liz, on the same night, later having to wipe ash from the cigarette off the bottom of her shoe as she heads to Jose's bedroom to steal her tapes back (see "How to Run Away with Chauffeurs").
"You should know, Josh. You killed the love of my life." "What?" Josh asks, confused, and Justine finally reveals, "Matthew Winters… my everything. Well, ex-everything." "But I didn't kill Matthew," Josh assures, "I have an alibi." "Forged by lawyer, no doubt," Justine says. "Look, Frenchie, if you're gonna smoke in here, can we at least crack a window or something? It's starting to smell." At this, Justine simply turns to Rena, walking over to him with the gun and blowing a large puff of smoke into his face. "Open door if you want," Justine tells him, gesturing the balcony entrance "after all, it is lovely view. You can see Wikerly Hills sign and all. I know of course because it is where I stand when I slash throat of Jose." Rena begins cautiously making his way over to it; Justine mimes with the gun, a sign that she'd like the other butlers to follow, and they do. Ben is the only one who knows the knack for the door, and Justine orders them to sit down once they're able to breathe in the fresh air of the night. "Aren't you afraid the people at the party might see?" Josh wonders as he parks himself down on the floor, now cut off from a view of the guests thanks to the railings, but Justine shrugs and says, "Not really. If there is one thing I know of the rich, it is that they pay little attention to help. Also there seems to be commotion enough down there."
Indeed, everyone is still converging on Jorgio following his apparent confession, with the police having been summoned. However, being the keen detective that he is, Joe's eye is caught by the suddenly-open balcony doors, and he sees the figure of someone standing there. Someone… with a gun? He then feels around his back pocket and realizes that his own gun is missing, and then he starts to move.
"So you were in love with Matthew," Ben repeats, "he was the man who broke your heart; who betrayed you?" (see "Custodian Horror Story") "Indeed," Justine tells him. "I'm confused," Rena says, which Justine expresses no surprise at, and then the Portuguese butler adds, "why does that mean you have to kill Jose?" "I don't owe you explanation," Justine points out, aiming her gun down at his head as he sits there, helpless, but Ben exclaims, "Yes, you do! You owe it to me at least." Tears are in his eyes for he can't fully comprehend what is happening, and Justine too starts getting tearful as she stares back at him, trying to distract herself by taking another puff of her cigarette. "Fair enough, Benjamin," Justine notes, "where shall I start?" "From the beginning, maybe?" Josh suggests, as though it's obvious, but Justine just looks indignant towards him and ignores his request, looking only to Ben. "What he said," Ben soon tells her, and Justine takes a deep intake of smoke as she starts to explain…

I came to this country with such dreams. The American Dream is what people always be saying. And I wanted to be a gourmet chef, even if my plans thus far had not, how you say, panned out?

We flash back to Justine exiting the runway of an airport, bags in tow, ready to make a name for herself in America. She has wide eyes, big ideas, and completely empty pockets after the fraud she suffered in her home country. She lets out a deep breath as her squinty-eyed smile finds her. She looks around the airport, admiring all of the American flags, "I <3 Jesus" signs and smells of deep-fried foods. A fresh start is what she needed, and from there Justine heads to start her new life (see "Tedious Maids").

However, only job I could get is working as crummy maid; getting ordered all day, ordered all night, by ungrateful bosses who head me none at all.

Next, we see Justine being interviewed by Liz and Eli Davis. The former seems bored as the interview process goes on, while the latter only hires her because he seems to want to annoy his wife.
Justine is then shown spending her days mopping floors, wiping down surfaces, scrubbing toilets…

As Pig knows, my troubles with moneys were big thanks to culinary school ripping off of me, so I had to light up the moon and work all over Fanon Drive to pay off debts back in France.

Justine is seen working in various other people's houses; the Del Barrios', where she seems to be getting a good sense of the layout; another house we haven't seen the interior of; and the Winters' mansion, where she cleans up after a common spillage of wine.

That is where he and I meet. Matthew Winters. I love him such much. Loved. The way he so religious and obsessed with the making of the moneys; so ambitious… he was like American Dream in human form.

After Justine successfully eradicates the wine stain, she looks up to see Matthew Winters heading through the house, having just arrived home from work or… wherever he spent his days when he was alive. "Good afternoon," he says as he goes past, and her cheeks go red and she can't help but giggle like a schoolgirl. "Good afternoon, monsieur," she replies.

But… so was he there. Jose.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Winters," says Jose Sanchez as he does the dishes nearby, and Matthew greets him as well.

In fact, he was always there. Everywhere I go he seem to be there. He too lit the moon and worked all over. According to Joe he was trying to find blackmails?

Justine stares evilly at Jose in the Winters' mansion, where he's currently using the house's wifi to dig up dirt on Joanna (see "Grime of Thrones"); in the Del Barrios' mansion, where he works full time; and finally in the Davis mansion, where Justine is getting back in touch with her culinary roots by preparing a crepe for Mrs. Liz. However, when her back is turned, Jose, who's been casually reading the Du Maurier book gifted to Liz by Jorgio and taking it as proof that Jorgio attempts to groom women (see "Orange Is the New Plaque"), comes along and steals it from the pan, proceeding to eat it in one quick move. When Justine sees this, she is furious and attempts to slap him, only for Jose to catch her wrist and use it to slap her, then burst out laughing. "You use my own tapes against me…" Justine utters, shocked and offended, and Jose mocks her by asking why she's hitting herself (see "Mess-Prone Housewives"). The maid practically has steam coming out of her ears.

Well, he succeeded with Mrs. Liz I supposed, taping himself being her little bitch like she do now with the Pig.

"Mrs. Liz!" Justine exclaims through the door of the bedroom while Liz is busy whipping a leather-clad Jose, unaware of the hidden camera (see "Gritty Little Liars"), "Do you want I make you lunch!" "Come back later, Justine! Dammit!" Liz screeches, and Justine walks away, annoyed but not really thinking much of it.

But he went too far, and he seduce the man I love. I guess with intentions of extorting him after, not that he ever got chance.

Late at night, with Joanna not home, Jose can be seen serving Matthew a glass of his wife's wine. "Oh, no," Matthew says, "that's hardly my vice." "One drop won't hurt," Jose assures and, once they get to drinking, the butler admits, "I see you looking at me, you know." He begins to rub Matthew's shoulders with his hands, massaging him into submission. He whispers into his ear, saying, "I want you to know. I feel the same way." "No…" Matthew utters, trying his best to fight it, "I'm not… not gay." "Nor am I," Jose assures, making his way in front of his boss, "but there's no harm in trying something new, right?" He proceeds to kneel down in front of him, unbuckling his pants, and it isn't long before Matthew's eyes are rolling around in the back of his head.

Josh was absent at the time, and I already been fired much earlier by his chienne wife. She say I too 'handsy', whatever meaning of this is.

While Justine serves the Winters couple their breakfast, she "accidentally" spills something on Matthew's crotch, wasting no time in getting in there with a dish cloth in order to wipe it up. Joanna watches this suspiciously.

She overreact totally if ask me you do.

Justine is next seen putting away the laundry and, as she is about to place a pair of Matthew's underwear into his bureau, she gives them a hard sniff. "Yeah," Joanna says, standing behind her with a glass of wine in tow, "you're fired." (see "Buffing the Damp Mire Layer") Justine drops the underwear in shock.

And then she slander maids! After that, no luck for me to get a job anywhere! Wikerly Hills became all butler this and butler that! Awful! The only reason I manage to stay with Mr. Eli is because he say I like one of family… and you wonder why I must take from Mrs. Liz's purse.

"Can we fire her?" Liz asks her husband one morning, with Justine standing but a few feet away, "All my friends are getting butlers; I want one. Maids are like… so yesterday." Eli glances at Justine and, seeing yet another opportunity to upset his annoying wife, states, "No. She's like part of the family."

Ugh! So annoyance! But that night… the night Jose decided he would screw my love like petit brown twink he was… I went over there, hoping to apologize to Matthew and to win him over some. As you can imagine, what I saw shocked me over some more.

Justine approaches the Winters' mansion with a bouquet of flowers, for Matthew. Just as she's about to knock on the door, however, she hears odd grunting noises coming from the living room. Being the nosy maid that she is, she decides to bypass the doors and sneak a peek through the living room window (which has been left open a crack)… where she sees the man she loves repeatedly ramming himself into the rear of the man she despises. "¡Oh si! ¡Sí!" Jose exclaims, moaning loudly as he's bent over the couch, his eyes watering. "Yeah, you like that, don't you?" Matthew drunkenly slurs, loving this entirely, "Yeah, take it right in your ass, bitch!" And he does. And Justine steps back in shock and disgust.

I was in fury. More fury than had ever been in me before. There was more fury inside me than there was Matthew inside him. I spent such long time being angry and wanting him gone it just… aaarrrghh!

Justine makes the exact same noise in flashbacks as she cries into her pillow, dampening her cigarette in the fancy ash tray that she clearly bought using money from Liz's purse and stomping the flowers she bought into mulch, then deciding to cheer herself up by popping a movie into the VCR that she also bought with Liz's money and can't sell on for prophet to pay off her debts because, well, nobody wants a VCR (see "Gritty Little Liars"). The movie is Anatomy of a Murder, and Justine watches it through her tear-stained eyes, getting an idea.

I decided I had to strike. To make a stand for my true love. I felt nothing between he and his wife as I served them breakfast every day. I knew she wasn't competition of mine. No… just Jose. And enough soon, his bosses, they throw a benefit for the retards. Right here.

Justine can be seen working the party in the background, watching Matthew longingly as she serves the many guests, hearing him laugh with Jorgio as they joke about how out-of-fashion maids have gotten. She appears disgruntled at this (see "Pilot").

So I waited, in these very halls, for Jose to be alone. He had just been talking to his bosses it seems. Confronting them about… something.

A knife goes missing from the catering table outside, and we are taken back to Justine as she smokes while toting the knife, eventually waiting outside the room where Jose is drinking behind Jorgio's desk. And then some of Jorgio's clothes go missing from a coat rack.

I disguise myself, so cameras never recognize me. And, when the time was right, I did strike. And it was glorious.

"Well cheers to the last of this," Jose slurs, topping off his glass with the remainder of Jorgio's wine, before dropping the empty bottle on the floor. As he dangerously guzzles down the remaining drink he slurs allowed, "He's gonna pay for this, the miserable son of a bitch... and that whore too." He burps. Unbeknownst to him though, back at the door to the room in which Jose is currently in, the shadow of a Justine can be seen, as well as the raising of a knife. Her cigarette has been disposed of, and she's shrouded herself in a trench coat owned by Jorgio, a hat covering her blonde hair. "Those damn Del Barrios won't even see it coming," Jose says... which also happens to be the last thing he says. Coming up behind him, not even allowing him a chance to realize what is going on, Justine grabs a hold of the butler and stabs him the chest repeatedly, shoving him to the ground. It's all a blur for Jose; he doesn't know what has just happened, but he knows he doesn't have much time left. As the maid goes to finish the butler off, Jose is able to kick her away and manages to get to his feet and head for the balcony to call out to the party for help, knowing he won't make it downstairs. As he goes to shout, however, Justine has also gotten back up, and Jose is stabbed once more, this time in the throat, and, right before he is promptly thrown over the balcony where his body will land right the pool, turning the water blood red, something his whispered into his ear. "In your ass, bitch," are Justine's parting words to him, accompanied by her squinted smile, and then it's a matter of slash and splash. Everyone at the party lets out a gasp (see "Pilot").

I thought I got away with it, but I had… un witness.

Suddenly, Tyson Jepsen comes bursting into the room, wondering where Jose is. Not allowing him to see her face, Justine uses the knife handle to hit him, and then forces it into his hand, meaning blood runs all down him. She then ditches the trench coat and hat as she runs back through the house, making it outside in time to see Jose get fished out of the pool by the braver party guests (for most others are screaming), covered in blood. She takes advantage of the confusion and is able to mingle quite well into the crowd. "Jorgio!" Matthew, who's come running over, exclaims as he sees the corpse's face, "It's your butler: Jose!" While Tyson, who too has come bursting from the house with the bloody knife still in tow, is apprehended and drops said knife, Justine finds herself commenting, "Well… at least he won't any longer steal Mrs. Liz's crepes," trying to appear as nonchalant as possible (see "Mess-Prone Housewives").

I framed the Tyson kid, and he was arrested. I didn't much care, of course. But Matthew, he seemed… sad, at the passing. And Jorgio took him somewhere to cheer up him.

When the commotion has died down a little, Jose's body having been removed, Jorgio gestures to Matthew, wanting to take him inside. Justine follows them covertly, ending up down in the basement, hiding out in the wine cellar. Liz is down there too, carrying her tapes, although Justine doesn't see her, hearing Matthew complain that something is "a little too pricy", while Jorgio assures him that it's "so worth it" (see "How to Run Away with Chauffeurs"). As it turns out, they were staring at the open door to the prisoners of the basement, with Matthew interested in buying a girl for the night - the "business" he had with Jorgio on the night of the murder (see "Tedious Maids"). Justine is then seen watching from round the corner of the corridor, quickly disappearing when Matthew turns his head.

I sneaked peek, came at le conclusion that Matthew was trying to be a straight. I thought, this is great, he can be with me for finally.

Justine returns home where the recently-hired Rena wonders where she's been, for he just heard the news that his friend Jose died and that there could be a killer on the loose. "Calm your panties," Justine tells him, making her way upstairs to bed after this long night, "the killer was caught."

I waited for him. Even though he hurt me, I waited for him. Which is why I was so reluctant to accept the next great love my life had to offer…

Ben can be seen singing for Justine, accompanied by a group of dancers, right in the middle of Fanon Drive, only for her to end up slapping him, cursing him out in French and running inside (see "Rinse Upon a Time"). As she takes her "smoke break" outside, she hops the back fence and runs, needing to go somewhere.

I went to see Matthew, right before I started dating you, Benjamin. But… he was not home.

Justine knocks on the door of the Winters' mansion, and Joanna opens it. She is a little disgusted to be faced with her old maid, asking her what the hell she wants, and Justine very firmly requests to see Matthew. Ali, meanwhile, is downing an entire bottle of wine in the background, getting drunk for the first time and loving it. Joanna tells Justine that, "I'm afraid Matthew isn't here right now. He's at straight camp with our butler. Come back later. Maybe never?" And then Joanna slams her door in her old maid's face, and Justine can be see forming tears in her eyes.

I had to accept the truth of it. Matthew was a gay and there was nothing I, even with all my beauty, could do to fix that. Even killing Jose was futile. And so, I decided to let myself fall for another.

We flash to Justine telling Ben, "I... I has wanted to say that I'm sorry for how I has spoke with you," she says, "I just has my first cigarette in months after our talk and my head it cleared." Ben is curious as to where this is going, and Justine continues, "No person has ever been so sweet to me, so kind to me, and I am idiot for not treating you so sweet and so kind back." "So what does this mean?" Ben wonders, and Justine finishes, "It means that when I said I was idiot before for kissing you that I was really idiot in that moment. I see that now." And she leans in and kisses him for the second time ever (see "Rinse Upon a Time").

Which brings us to here, now. I'm afraid though, now that you all know all of this, I cannot let you leave here living.
The Killer

And we're taken back to the present. The three butlers continue to sit there on the balcony with the halted party going on beneath them. Jorgio being restrained, Ali looking intrigued, Joanna drinking wine, and Liz in desperate need of a crabpuff, wondering where all the servers seem to have disappeared to. "That's why you went all depressed for that week," Ben recalls (see "Butler Who?"), "because you were mourning his death." "Oui," Justine admits, finally putting out her cigarette on the railing of the balcony. "You mean you actually got something about of that whole thing?" Rena questions, "'Cause to be honest I understood like none of it." "Yeah you should really enunciate," Josh agrees. "Enough!" Justine yells, bouncing her gun between Rena and Josh and asking herself which one of them should be the first to die. "The man who is Pig, or the man who betrayed my love." "What about me?" Ben suggests. "Benjamin…" Justine utters, and he asks, "Did you ever really love me?" "Of course I did," Justine assures him. They stare into each other's eyes for a moment, and then the maid, still maintaining a grip on the gun, slides her engagement ring off of her ring finger. She tosses it to Ben and says, "I should not be keeping this." Ben catches the ring and stares at it down in his hand, and then looks up at Justine. And that's when he sees it. The figure standing behind her. It's Joe, having sneaked into the room when he saw something fishy down below, and he's heard just about everything the French maid has just confessed. "I is so sorry," Justine says, sighing, nearly turning her head, but then Ben cries, "Hey!" so as to distract her some. "Just so you know," he says, giving Joe time to get into position, "you would've been a lot happier with me than you ever could have been with Matthew." Josh and Rena turn to him, wondering if he's trying to provoke the killer further, but this whole time we see Joe readying an object that seems to be in his hands. Justine looks to Ben, her grip on the gun turning lazy, and she says, "I admitted Benjamin for my love to you. But… I love Matthew just a bit more. He is the true love of my life. The man I hope to be with for all of the eternity. He was best man I ever did meet. And I'm such, such sorry but… no man could ever compare to him pour moi." "Oh yeah?" comes the voice of Joseph DeWar, finally stepping out of hiding from the room where Jose died, armed with the gist of Justine's story. The something in his hands is still there, and then, "Well happy reunion!" He proceeds to smash the urn of Matthew Winters against the maid's head, and his ashes start to consume her. A dust cloud that orbits her body. She cries as her vision becomes impaired, dropping her gun onto the balcony floor, and then… she falls over the railing, letting out a scream.
"Where the hell is my whore maid?!" Liz screeches from beside the pool as she continues her desperate search for an appetizer, and then, suddenly, there is a splash... as Justine's shoe rolls into the water. Justine herself, meanwhile, has missed the pool by several feet and splattered against the hard concrete with the remains of Matthew Winters still covering her hair and face, though this is hardly noticeable beside the shock of red that accompanies her now mangled dead body. The attendees of the party, still rocked by the scandal that's already taken place, start to scream, as remembrances of the night Jose died come into play. Joanna almost chokes on her wine, Ali finds herself in a state of shellshock, and Liz just looks confused, furrowing her brow and darting her eyes from side to side. As people then begin to look up to the balcony, wondering just what the hell happened, Joe steps back into the shadows, beckoning for his fellow butlers to follow him in. "'Til death do you part," he utters, taking one last fleeting glance down below as the sounds of sirens approach the scene.

As Justine's body is covered up by the paramedics and placed into the back of the ambulance, with Ben watching sadly and clutching the engagement ring he got her, Joe is nearby talking to the police. Officer Hall is the one asking the questions, with the former cop-turned-butler in the middle of giving his statement. "… and then there was all this dust over her face. I guess the wind picked it up and then she fell? It just goes to show that the Del Barrios made a huge mistake in firing me." "And why's that?" wonders Hall, to which Joe states, "It was my job to sweep that balcony. If I had still been working here, this never would have happened." "So it seems," Hall nods, writing this all down, and then he states that, according to the party guests, Joe was the one talking to Jorgio when he confessed to his involvement in Jose Sanchez's murder. "That's correct," Joe nods. "Don't I remember you from the precinct?" Hall wonders, and Joe reveals that he used to work there as a detective. "Well," states Hall, "after hearing all this, maybe the chief will realize he made a mistake in firing you." "We can only hope so," Joe tells him, failing to mask his joy. "Well if that's all," Hall says, putting his notepad away, "I best get to supervising the crime scene. My boys are searching this crazy bastard's house as we speak."

In the meantime, Jorgio is being forcefully dragged away by a group of police officers; he violently tries to fight them off as all of the residents of Wikerly Hills watch. Ali stands with Jo and Liz, the latter of whom now holds an entire tray of crabpuffs, which she herself is violently devouring. Eli and Kathryn also stand by, while Andrew has slipped away sometime earlier, not wanting to be caught and questioned for his association with Mr. Del Barrio. Jo comes up behind Ali, putting her hand on her shoulder as they watch Jorgio be forced into the back of a police car. He turns to his wife though, screaming, "Ali, get off your lazy ass and do something! You can't let these greasy pigs take me away!" Everyone now looks at Ali, the police included, but she merely lets on a subtle smile in turn. Jorgio sees this and is absolutely appalled. He continues screaming at her, insulting and degrading her in anyway he can. Jo tries to usher Ali away from this, but she shakes her head, telling her she needs to do something. Seeing that Ali appears to be serious, Jo steps back, and Mrs. Del Barrio makes her way over to the police. "Excuse me, Officer," she says to Hall, "you might want to check the basement." Jorgio hears this proclamation of his wife's, and his eyes widen in both fear and outrage. Hall's eyebrow raises at the sound of this, and he turns to the other policemen.
We are next shown a close up of a door, which, after a moment, receives three violently kicks. Ultimately, it's busted open, and Officer Hall and the other policemen storm inside. The camera pans over to reveal the dark room where the chained up hostages remain. The police can't believe their eyes, but Ali, meanwhile, smiles victoriously.

"No, no, NO!" Jorgio screams from the back of the police car, now on the verge of a full mental breakdown, as he watches his hostages exit the Del Barrio mansion. The people of Wikerly Hills gasp in shock as the dirty, half-dressed women exit the home, each being provided with blankets as they do so. Ali is the last to come out, as she speaks with Officer Hall. "You do realize we're going to need to bring you down to the station to speak further about this, right?" he questions, to which Ali nods her head, now looking over at a screaming Jorgio. "Yeah, but it's all worth it," she says, seeing an officer drive off with Jorgio in the back of the car. Hall then ushers that Ali come with him.
Meanwhile, Joe, who is back with the other butlers, looks away from having listened in on Ali and Hall's conversation. Ben is leaned against a random car, moping over the fact that his supposed true love turned out to be a psycho murderer and was killed all within the span of about twenty minutes. Josh pats him on the back, assuring that everything's going to be alright. "Everything will be alright," Joe says, properly rejoining their discussion. "Justice has been served. All is now right again." Josh and Rena nod, and Ben tries to as well, understanding that Justine did get what she deserved. However, this leaves the three butlers wondering one thing, which Rena does the honor of asking: "So what happens now?" Joe smiles at this, commenting that that is a very good question. He begins to explain...

First off, Jorgio will go down for paying Matthew to kill Jose, thus rightfully shattering any legacies either may have had.

Flash to Jorgio as he is forced into a maximum-security prison cell. It takes multiple officers to make it happen, but once he is inside, the door is closed and locked, leaving but a small window for him to look through. He continues screaming all the while.

You're welcome for that, Josh.

Josh gives a subtle smile knowing that Matthew is getting some sort of comeuppance from beyond the grave for what he did to the butler.

Justine's death, meanwhile, will be ruled as an accident. No, this wasn't exactly how I imagined avenging Jose would go, but it seems we have no other choice.

Flash to a cemetery where Justine's casket is lowered into the ground. Numerous people are gathered, dressed in black, including the four butlers. They all pat Ben on the back, giving their condolences.

Meanwhile, any charges against Ali for serving as Jorgio's accomplice all these years will be dropped. The judge will see, thanks to a very persuasive Brad, that Ali was given no other choice by her captor. And as compensation, she will inherit Jorgio's entire fortune.

Flash to the judge dropping all charges against Ali, who goes on to happily hug Brad. She looks back and sees the four butlers in the audience, and she mouths the words "thank you" to them.

The same also goes for Tyson, of course. He'll be exonerated immediately and able to reunite with his mother.

Flash to the outside of the Wikerly Federal Prison, as Tyson is escorted out by an officer where he quickly embraces Meghan with a warm hug. "My baby!" she cries, never wanting to let go of her son again. Joe and Brad also stand by, and Tyson and Meghan turn to Joe and thank him for everything he's done for them.

Ultimately, we'll all just live happily ever after.
Joseph DeWar

The butlers are next seen in their local bar, laughing and celebrating their victory. "To Joseph DeWar!" Josh, Rena, and Ben exclaim, toasting to Joe's victory. They all clink their glasses and down their drinks. It's a happy occasion, something that doesn't seem to happen all that often for them. However, Joe then looks up and sees that entering the bar is none other than Officer Hall and a few other policemen. "Hey, it's the cops from the Del Barrios' party," Josh notices. "Did you invite them to join us?" Rena wonders. But Joe seems aware that something is off about their arrival. They seem to be looking around, and soon enough Hall and Joe make direct eye contact. Hall turns to the other policemen and nod over at where Joe is sitting. From there they proceed over to the butlers' table and force Joe up from his seat. "Joseph DeWar, you're under arrest for the murder of Matthew Winters," Hall exclaims, to everyone's complete and utter shock. "Wait, what?!" Joe tries, but he isn't given a chance to speak, as he is told he has the right to remain silent. The other butlers try to argue for him, but they are all held back as Joe is forced into a set of handcuffs. Everyone in the bar has now turned to their direction, and Joe finds himself being carted out of the establishment and promptly forced into the back of the police car. Josh, Rena, and Ben, meanwhile, are left wondering what the hell just happened, and back outside, the car detaining Joe drives off... revealing a view from across the street, where Joanna Winters stands on the sidewalk. She watches as the man she loves is arrested for murdering the man she once tried to love. A look of regret appears on her face as she utters: "So much for happy endings..." She proceeds to walk away.

Unanswered Questions

  • Who murdered Jose Sanchez?
  • Why was Joe abandoned as a baby?
  • Who did Justine's heart belong to and how did he betray her?
  • What exactly did Matthew learn about Joanna ("Emilie") that Jose wanted to use as blackmail?
  • What was the conversation Liz heard on the night of the murder about? Who was speaking?
  • Who did Justine inform of her blackmail scheme as insurance?
  • What problems did Joanna have with Justine in the past?
  • What business did Matthew have with Jorgio on the night Jose died?
  • What didn't the Littles want Josh to find out, relating to the blood-spattered white cloth?


  • In the early stages of planning Devious Butlers, the cliffhanger of the first season was going to be that of Josh, Rena and Ben each being arrested by immigration officers and deported to their respective homelands, leaving Joe all alone. This concept was abandoned when ides for the second season were beginning to formulate, with this storyline in no way fitting the plot that was decided on.


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the episode.