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Eye of the Dryer

"Eye of the Dryer" is the 33rd episode of Devious Butlers. Things in Wikerly Hills are wet and dripping with the blood of the innocent, and not-so-innocent - but victims nonetheless. While Ben is in for heartbreak, Jennifer makes yet another comeback, and he must put his woes aside in order to help get her acclimated to life out of the asylum, along with Ali. This leads to Liz being left out, just like Theresa, whose brother seriously wants to crack down on catching the Devious Butler and starts to find his sister to be more detrimental than anything. Joanna, meanwhile, wants to crack down on another mystery, though Joe may be reluctant to investigate further, and Josh finds himself confronted by the man he almost married.


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Petty Maids All in a Row

"Petty Maids All in a Row" is the 34th episode of Devious Butlers. Quite contrary to Mary's musings that Rena lacks independence, he finds himself having to urgently rely on his own skills as a detective when the Devious Butler sends him a gruesome message. Theresa and Liz's lives remain hanging in the balance, with the latter's lover, prior to her inkling that anything's wrong, continues to try and help Jennifer alongside Ben, who remains Val's puppet for as long as she's on bed-rest. Ali seeks help from Josh, whose maternal reunion may provide answers for both her conundrum and the matter of what he wants to do to move on with his life, and Tyson moves in at a very stressful time for Joe.


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Secrets. Lies. Murder... It's all in a day's work for the devious butlers of Wikerly Hills. Meet four men bonded together by their jobs, their dreams and the dirt they sweep under the rug for the rich and famous, whose insanity they get to experience up close and personal as they both hang up their dirty laundry and keep it concealed on their behalf.

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