Butler Who?
Devious Butlers 1x08
August 7, 2016
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Flash sideways
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"Butler Who?" is the 8th episode of Devious Butlers.


The lives of the butlers are simply full of questions. While Rena finds himself wondering when Liz will return and give him his fix of S&M fun, Josh is left hopeless, asking himself when he will be granted freedom for a crime he didn't commit. He goes on to meet Tyson in prison, whose ability to be proven innocent is still questioned by Joe - a fact that Ben happens across following his co-worker's severance as the Del Barrios' second butler, with the Del Barrios themselves welcoming a new "resident" into their home. All this leaves Ben asking the most important question of all: who exactly is Joseph DeWar, and what is he doing on Fanon Drive?



Ali is seen making her way down the stairs of the Del Barrio mansion, all those twists and turns, while her silver tray remains perched in her grip, full of food for the girls below. As Ali carries out this task, which she does every night, she begins to think back to a time when she was one of those girls…
We see Ali sitting nervously at a club in her early twenties, apparently rather antisocial and wanting to try and push herself to get out there. However, she makes the mistake of turning her attention away from the bar, meaning a certain someone's hand has the opportunity to slip a little something into her drink…
The next we see Ali, she is being thrown into Jorgio's basement, her wrists attached to chains. She takes a look at all the other women down there - as best she can in the dark - and she blinks at them, afraid.
One day, when the door is opened up for the girls to be fed, Jorgio enters the secret room and allows a crack of light to shine onto Ali's bleak face. Upon surveying the other girls, he ends up pointing a finger in her direction and saying, very firmly, "You." And then he takes her away to play the part of his wife…
Back in the present, Ali places the tray down on a small table and clicks on the light, using the key on her necklace to unlock the disguised, brick-painted door. When she picks the tray back up, this time with one hand, she opens the door so as to give the girls their meal. However, to her shock, she is almost immediately tripped up, and the tray goes sliding over the floor. She screams, though the other girls ignore it, simply reaching out with their shackled arms and taking all the food that they can get. Ali, meanwhile, looks to see what it is that tripped her, and Jennifer's face emerges from the shadows. "Hey there, Goldilocks," the Scotswoman murmurs, on her hands and knees, "name's Jennifer. Now what do you say you set me free from this hellhole, eh?" "I can't," Ali whimpers, managing to sit up, but Jennifer, crouching down, pins her ankles to the ground, ensuring that she can't stand. "Why not?" Jennifer wonders, "You locked me in here. You locked us all in here." She then looks to the other girls and exclaims, "Why don't we attack?!" The other girls simply look at her and don't bother making a sound, wanting to just continue their meal, for they're fully aware that there's no hope left for them. "They're my friends," Ali assures, a brief flicker of a smile, and Jennifer looks confused at this. "I used to be like you," Ali elaborates, "now I just try and make sure that you're well looked-after… as best that I can." "You call this 'well looked-after'?!" Jennifer exclaims, "Look at us!" "It could be worse," Ali assures, "like it was for me; the days without food or water or new air… I'm sorry for what's happened to you." She too looks to the other girls, who are too busy to acknowledge her in return, "To all of you." Jennifer, seeing a tearful look in the eyes of her captor, unpins her ankles and sinks down to the ground, meaning Ali is able to stand up. "So that's it for me, is it? I'm just stuck down here forever?" "Maybe not," Ali assures, "I mean, the girls are always in flux." Jennifer appears confused, and finds herself asking just exactly what goes on here. "This is my husband's… business," Ali explains reluctantly, "he buys the girls… he sells the girls…" "Human trafficking?" Jennifer realizes, more tears welling up in her eyes, and Ali sorrowfully nods, "I'm afraid so." "So I could get sold any minute as a sex slave?! And I thought losing the baby was the worst thing that could happen to me…" Ali appears deeply sorry for the newest victim, who asks if she could set her free if she wanted to. "My key only opens the door," she reveals, gesturing her necklace, "and even if I could, I… um, Jorgio, my husband, he…" "You're scared of him," Jennifer realizes. Ali nods, wiping her face, and Jennifer looks up at her as she says, "I understand a little something about bad marriages." Ali nods, then telling her, "I should get back to Jorgio." "Don't go," Jennifer begs, "please…" Ali goes and picks up the tray, taking whatever food is left and handing it to her new friend. "Here," she encourages, "eat. I'll be back later." Jennifer starts to nibble on some of the leftover beef, and Ali watches to make sure she chews and swallows. "Good?" she wonders, and Jennifer, for the first time since being locked down there, smiles. "You may be Goldilocks, but this is far from 'just right', lass," she comments, and Ali, for the first time in a long time, lets out a laugh. A small laugh, but a laugh nonetheless. Jennifer laughs in return - anything to stop herself from crying again - and then Ali once again promises her that she'll be back later. Jennifer is devastated to be shut back in the dark when Ali leaves, and then Ali uses her necklace to lock the door behind herself, taking her tray back upstairs. "Be back soon, Goldilocks," Jennifer prays, stoic and depressed, "I could do with some porridge and a bed for the night…"


Act I

The Day The Truth Came Out

7:53 PM

Outside the bar where the butlers often meet in the evening, Ben can be seen with an angry expression on his face; angrier than perhaps we've seen him up until this point. "You lied to us," he hisses, "you lied to me. To my face. Pretending all this time…" "I had to," says the person to whom he's speaking, and we soon see that it's Joe, standing opposite his "fellow" butler.

8:09 AM

We are taken to earlier that day, when Ben and Joe are sat civilly inside the coffee shop, enjoying their order. "I'm sorry about your job," Ben says, "I tried talking to Ali, but… there doesn't seem to be a chance that the Del Barrios will rehire you."
And back to later. "Why did you 'have to'?" Ben demands to know, and Joe reveals, "Because I needed to know what Jose was doing; why he was killed! An innocent man is in jail when someone else should be!"
"That's fine," Joe says, back in the morning, "I got another job, at Joanna's." "Oh?" Ben says, a little discomforted by this, and Joe tells him, "I know with Josh in jail it's a little tacky but… I need the money."
"An innocent man doesn't get found with a bloody knife," Ben states, "and yeah, I know all about your little 'investigation', but you can cool it now, because pretty soon everyone is gonna know exactly who you are!" Joe looks frightened by the prospect.
"I could loan you some money," Ben offers, "if that's a problem." "No," Joe tells him, rather insistently, "really… just no." Ben nods in response, figuring his friend is too proud.
"God, I should've known," Ben says, more to himself, "the way you were constantly bringing up Jose, digging into our history with him. Using us. Well I'm gonna make sure that ends, as soon as possible." "I don't think you're gonna wanna do that, once you know what I've learned," Joe states to his confrontational former co-worker. "And what have you learned?" Ben asks, doubtful, "You're not exactly the world's best detective. I know why you were fired from that job too."
"Thanks though," Joe makes clear, "you're a good friend, Ben." "I'm just doing what any decent human being would do," Ben assures, "besides, you're part of the butler clan now, and we look out for one another." Joe nods, smiling.
"I think your employers are keeping hostages in their basement," Joe states, rather bluntly, and Ben appears shocked, taking a step back. "Benjamin?" exclaims a familiar voice, and he turns to see Justine and Rena, the latter of which asks why they were summoned there.
"Well I guess Rena slept in," Ben comments in regards to his friend's absence, then saying, "I best get going, text Justine on my way to work. She's been pretty upset this past week."
Ben looks to Justine in the evening, and then back to Joe, still in a state of shock. "Stay away from me…" is all Ben can muster, before simply running away, leaving his friend and girlfriend very confused. Joe just takes a deep breath.
"I best be going too. Don't wanna be late on the first day," Joe smiles, and the two of them proceed to bid each other goodbye as they stand up. "Oh, and Ben," Joe adds.
"Ben!" Joe calls out as Ben runs away, "Ben!"
"Thanks for accepting me. As a part of your group. I don't think I ever could've adjusted here otherwise. With all the Jose business and whatnot. You've just… been a great help," Joe finishes. "Happy to do it," Ben assures, then nodding at his friend and turning around, smiling.
Crying in the future, as he runs away still.
And smiling in the present, as he exits the café at a casual pace. Once he's gone, Joe takes his phone from his pocket where he has a text from Meghan, asking him, "Have you got your job back yet??". He sends one in response, saying, "It's okay. My cover is intact. I'm working on another approach." And, once that's sent, he picks up his to-go cup of coffee and marches out of the establishment, ready for his new job as the replacement for his other supposed friend.

Josh, meanwhile, is seen exiting into a yard, a prison yard. Dressed in all orange, it's revealed that the butler is now spending his days away in prison, awaiting his trial to declare whether or not he is guilty or innocent of killing Matthew Winters. He lets out a sigh as he looks around at the people who now surround him in his day-to-day life, and a look of disgust comes across his face. However, right now that is not his primary focus, as he is currently in need of something. "Officer," he questions, approaching one of the nearby guards, "is there any chance I could put in a phone call to someone? There's... there's someone I need to talk to." The guard shakes his head though. "You know the rule, inmate: no phone privileges outside of visiting hours." "Yes, I know, it's just I've been trying to put in a call all week but the queue for the phones is rather long." "Not my problem." "But--" "Move along, prisoner." Understanding he has no choice but to listen, Josh does as the guard tells him, going back to doing, well, nothing, since he hasn't been locked up long enough for the prison to get his job assignments in order. He just sorta walks around the yard, kicking at the gravel on the ground when all of a sudden he notices a large crowd of prisoners running his way... and then past him. It appears they're all gathering around for something a little ways past Josh, and seeing as how there's nothing better to do, Josh leaves to investigate. Once getting to the audience of prisoners watching, it seems there's about four prisoners in the center, surrounding another prisoner who Josh can't yet make out. However, he does realize who one of the prisoners surrounding the other prisoner is, that being a man known as "Rapey Randy". Since arriving at the prison, Josh has heard of stories about Randy where he and his gang go around and have their way with each prisoner at least once. Josh was able to avoid this, as he claimed to Randy and his gang that he had already be locked up a few years before and that he and Randy have already... encountered. It seems as if Randy and his men are about to successfully do as they please with the other prisoner, but soon a few guards hurry over and are able to send them all away. All the prisoners seem disappointed by this, and Josh watches as the guards help the nearly-raped prisoner up. That's when he realizes it's none other than Tyson Jepsen, than man arrested for killing Jose Sanchez…

"Liz!" Rena exclaims, gleefully, as he enters his employer's BDSM closet, ready for another session. In his hand he holds a red dog collar with a bone-shaped tag, reading the butler's name. Rena speaks that he ran out this morning and was able to get it made at the pet store; he thought that perhaps he could wear it during their sessions. It's only then, however, that Rena finally looks around, noticing that Mistress Elizabeth is nowhere to be found. "Liz?..." the butler exclaims, in confusion. He proceeds to exit the BDSM closet, though, while focusing on finding his mistress, he fails to close the door entirely behind him.
Justine, meanwhile, lounges about in the kitchen of the Davis house, having prepared herself a small breakfast, and is seen giggling at her phone. Rena soon arrives, but before wondering about Liz, he takes notice of the maid's breakfast. "Oooh, French toast. You make any more?" he wonders, at which she scoffs. "Racism! Because I a people of France make grilled bread that mean French toast is the name?" Rena rolls his eyes, so not wanting to deal with Justine right now, but alas he's still on a mission. "Whatever," he exclaims, "have you seen Liz by any chance?" But the maid doesn't appear to be listening, as she raises her phone and opens her mouth. Rena is confused as to what she's doing, and so she goes on to explain. "Benjamin asked me to download the Snapchat. I am, how you say, taking the selfie with dog face." She then snaps a picture, where the filter has the tongue sticking out, and sends it to her boyfriend's account. This only seems to annoy Rena further, who impatiently wishes to know where Liz is, and finally Justine reveals that she left for a 4am flight to Rome. "What?!" Rena exclaims, shocked. "The presses are being around for filmings of movie Mr. Eli in and he called Mrs. Liz to comed for publicity purposes." Of course, this is a real slap in the face to Rena who was finally excited for his alone time with his employer, and so he exits the room, grumbling to himself. Justine, meanwhile, takes another selfie with the dog filter. This time she captions it "Meow ^^" before hitting send.

Elsewhere, at the Winters' mansion, Joanna sits on her couch, sipping from a glass of wine. From head-to-toe she is now dressed in all black, seeming to play out the grieving widow routine. Next to her is Ali, who has very kindly opted out of wine this after due to the last time she allowed her friend to convince her to drink (see "Rinse Upon a Time"), and so she has a glass of water. "I'm so sorry for your loss," she exclaims, unable to believe what has happened to Matthew. Still being forced to keep up appearances, Joanna nods, as this is the third visit this morning she has received from someone wanting to give condolences. "It's... hard," she exclaims, "but I'm sure I'll manage." Ali has a sip of her water. "I mean he was still young, and," now she whispers, "at the hands of your butler." "Well, justice is being served," Mrs. Winters states, then downing the rest of her glass. However, it doesn't remain empty for long; the camera pans to reveal Joseph DeWar standing by, as he quickly rushes over to refill his new employer's glass, and briefly exchanges an awkward glance with his ex-employer. "Oh Joe, you've been such a dear this past week," Joanna exclaims, then turning to Ali, "I just don't understand how you could have possibly let him go." Ali looks down, not quite knowing what to say in regards to the topic. Joe notices this though, and he does understand that none of this was her doing, but that of Jorgio's. "It just wasn't working out," he quickly exclaims, coming to Mrs. Del Barrio's rescue, "but I really am liking it here." Jo is glad to hear this, and so the butler goes back to standing on the sidelines.

"Ben," Jorgio says as he approaches his now only butler over at the Del Barrio mansion, "I notice that Joe's room is still filled with personal defects. If you could clean those out, that'd be great." "I'll try and get around to it," Ben nods, leading Jorgio to tell him, "My mistake. I phrased that as though you had some sort of choice in the matter. My fault for trying to be nice, I guess. What I meant was: go do it now. You don't wanna go the same way as Joe, do you?" "No, sir," Ben nods, a little intimidated, then putting down his broom so that he can head to his friend's old bedroom. Before he leaves entirely though, he asks his boss what he should do with the stuff, wondering if he should give it back to Joe. "Or just burn it?" Jorgio suggests, shrugging, and Ben proceeds to head on into the room, seeing Joe's possessions such as his clothes, stationary, some boxes under the bed… He decides to clean the room, since he's in there anyway, and starts by stripping the mattress. However, as soon as he lifts it, he discovers a mound of notepads and paper and, intrigued, begins to look through it. He sees a spider diagram full of suspects, all hinging on the murder of Jose, as well as several lists, filled with clues and such, which we earlier saw Joe making (see "Mess-Prone Housewives"). Not understanding just what this means, Ben proceeds to look into the boxes beneath the bed, discovering Joe's small array of spy equipment (see "Gritty Little Liars"). "What the hell…?" Ben finds himself saying upon his discovery, looking back to all the notes on Jose's murder and wondering aloud, "Who are you, Joe?"

Act II

Jorgio's car can be seen exiting the Del Barrio driveway, heading to… wherever it is he goes during the day. Meanwhile, Joe is watching from down the street, out Joanna's window, taking note of his former employer's vehicle as it goes by and proceeds out of Fanon Drive. Knowing that his house is now reasonably unmanned, Joe now just needs an excuse to escape Joanna for a short time, and so he heads on into the kitchen, taking out the bottle of wine he was earlier using the replenish her glass. "Joe?" Joanna exclaims as she descends the stairs of her home, appearing stressed, but he doesn't answer because he's too busy pouring her wine down the sink. "Joe?" she exclaims again, then finding him in the kitchen where he quickly turns around, empty bottle in tow, and tells her, "So sorry. We're out of wine. Let me run to the store and get you some more. I'll be back in ten minutes. Twenty, tops." He then runs out of the house, not even bothering to grab his car keys, and before Joanna can even get out the words, "I have like thirty other bottles hidden in this room alone," he is gone. Currently, he is sneaking into the Del Barrios' property, using the key - which he never gave back - to land himself inside. Hoping not to disturb Ben or Ali, he closes the door very quietly and cautiously makes his way to the nearby staircase, descending in the same direction that he did to recently search the wine cellar, right before he got fired. This time, though, he has the added advantage of knowing where to go; as such, he deftly bypasses the wine cellar and heads right around the corner. Right to where he heard the scream. Upon entering the area and clicking on the light, he spots the table where Ali regularly rests her silver tray, and then notices, on closer inspection, that there is a door beside it. It's painted to resemble the brick of the walls, and Joe attempts to open it… but he can't, because it requires a key.
Inside, Jennifer leans uncomfortably against the wall, thinking maybe she hears something outside the door.
Curious, Joe decides to knock on said door, doing so three times in succession.
Jennifer and the other girls hear it and, bravely, Jennifer outstretches her foot and replies in kind, whacking her boot against the door thrice.
Joe is startled by the reply he receives, for this proves that there is someone - at least - locked inside. However, without the key, there isn't much he can do.
"Goldilocks?" Jennifer questions, "Is that you?"
But Joe can't hear her, because now he is searching the room for signs of a hidden key. There is none, and then he checks his watch and realizes that he'd never be able to feasibly make it back to Joanna in time, and so he sighs and starts to leave the basement.
Jennifer sighs too from behind the door, muttering to herself, "I guess not then," as she tries, and fails, to get comfortable.
Before he goes, he has the idea to quickly steal a bottle of wine from the nearby wine cellar. Joe then ascends the stairs, hiding the bottle under his coat, but… he gets lost, as is pretty easy in this oh-so-big house, even for the people who've lived there. Because of this, he ends up in the same hallway where Ben is currently resuming his sweeping from earlier, although he seems deeply distracted. And then he's perturbed by the sound of footsteps. He turns around to see Joe standing there, now hiding the wine bottle behind his back, and is highly taken aback by his presence. "Joe…" Ben exclaims, "what are you doing here?" "Mrs. Del Barrio let me in," Joe lies, "so that I could, uh, go collect the rest of my stuff from my room." "Right…" Ben nods, sceptical, and then Joe gains his bearings and heads to his former bedroom (while Ben drops his broom again, wandering off in the opposite direction), deciding to take some stuff so as to keep his story straight, even if it means delaying poor Joanna and her thirst for alcohol. He picks up his clothes and such, then taking the box of spy equipment from under the bed - which is when he notices the mattress has been tampered with. Worried, he lifts it and sees that all of his notes have gone missing. "Uh oh," he murmurs.
Unbeknownst to Joe, Ben is now in the surveillance room, watching as he exits his bedroom very shiftily, carrying an excess of boxes. "What are you up to?" the suspicious butler asks, zeroing in on his "friend"'s lies as he continues to go through his highly-conveniently-left-behind notes.

Back at the Davis house, Rena lies on the couch, having abandoned his housework entirely due to the absence of both his employers. However, he's still frustrated over Liz's, and so he texts her, asking when she'll be back. He waits for a moment as his message is delivered, and he watches the screen of his phone as it reads Liz is typing her response. Soon it sends, stating that it'll be a week or two, but she promises to have stuff lined up for them to do when she has returned. This isn't good enough for the bitter butler, and he more so demands that Liz play with him in some way now. "I might have an idea..." Liz's next text says.
Cut to Justine vacuuming the halls of the house, earbuds in as she sings at the top of her lungs, "♪I knows trouble was you walked in when, so shames of me now♪" Grabbing the vacuum off the ground, still turned on, she holds the handle of it as a microphone where she continues, "♪Taked me place I been never. NOW I LAYS ON HARD COLD GROUNDED EH! EH! EH!♪" She then looks, seeing that no one is around, and without a care in the world she switches the button to turn the vacuum off and she drops it on the floor, leaving it there as she proceeds to take a break. As she walks through the Davis house, she starts to hear an odd thumping sound, and so she starts to slow down and listens carefully. Soon, she makes her way out to the living room where she finds Rena violently humping the couch that Liz has requested he get rid of once he is done. At first the butler isn't aware of Justine's presence, but this doesn't go on for long as she starts screaming at him in her native tongue, absolutely disgusted by what she has just walked in. While the butler may be fully clothed, his act was certainly not anything of innocence, and that was all that was needed to set the maid off. Rena quickly jumps up, trying to argue that it's not what it looks like. "Disgust of pig!" she barks at him; however, as she goes to add on to this statement, she finds herself being distracted by a certain buzzing sound. She looks to see a fly buzzing around her face, and so she starts to swat it away. Rena watches as the maid quickly grabs a magazine off one of the end tables which she then rolls up and begins using to hit the bug dead. Upon getting her first hit in, the maid watches as the fly drops to the ground. Still though, it appears to still be alive, and so Justine gets down on her knees where she hits the fly again. And again. And again. And again. At the point the small insect is dead, and all the maid is doing is getting small fly remains on her employer's newspaper, but still she keeps going. Rena takes notice of this, rather intrigued by Justine's force, and he watches her stand to her feet where she then spits where what remains of the fly is left. Once again barking something in French to Rena, she then leaves.

Ali notices as Joe exits her house carrying a bunch of his stuff and, while she doesn't much care that he's disobeying her husband's rules in his absence, she does suddenly get an idea. She heads to his former bedroom and sees that the pillow has been left behind, deciding to pluck it from the bed and carry it with her back through the house. As she does this, she runs into Ben on the way to his bedroom, with Joe's copious amounts of notes and such in tow. "Oh," Ali says awkwardly, "hi." "Hi," Ben says awkwardly in response, not questioning why his boss is carrying a pillow because… well, because he never really questions anything his employers do. In return, Ali doesn't question what he's doing with a pile of papers, and the two of them simply exchange a nod. "Bye," Ali then says, "bye," Ben agrees as he heads to his bedroom, once again seen the dropped broom on the ground and deciding to pick it up and do some one-handed light sweeping on his way. Ali, at the same time, takes advantage of Jorgio not being home and sneaks downstairs; all the way down to the basement, where she uses her necklace to unlock the brick-painted door and unveil the prisoners therein. "Goldilocks…" Jennifer murmurs happily as the light pours in on her face, and Ali smiles as she greets her in turn. "Was that you earlier, a-knock, knock, knockin'?" she wonders, but Ali is confused as to what she means, simply crouching down in order to hand her the pillow. "I brought this for you," she explains, "I thought maybe you could take turns with the other girls, get more comfortable… I don't know, it's pretty stupid, I—" "No," Jennifer assures, taking the pillow, "thank you." Ali smiles and, as Jennifer positions the pillow behind her head, taking deep comfort in it, she asks, "Is Ben here? Upstairs, I mean?" Ali nods to her, and Jennifer appears sorrowful, saying to herself, "I should have never come looking for him…" she begins to tear up as she adds, "I should have just accepted that he'd gone and stayed put. I'm the stupid one because I thought that there was still a chance… th-that… that there was someone out there who could still love me. And now here I am." Ali is moved by this, outstretching her hand to take Jennifer's, and tells her, "I used to think true love existed. Like real, earth-shattering, curse-breaking, true love, you know? Like, there was someone out there for everyone. I sometimes wonder if my 'one' could still be out there somewhere but… I'm stuck, with a man I despise, all because I was dumb enough to go into some night club one night and not keep a close enough eye on my drink. I thought, hey, maybe it'll be like in the movies where a guy asks a girl to dance and then they get out there and nature takes its course and it's all spotlights and romance and perfection… instead it was more like an after-school special where they tell you not to turn your back when sitting at a bar." "Great," says Jennifer, "so love screwed both of us, right in the jacksie. If I hadn't been so obsessed, I'd be safe right now. Warm, at home…" "Or maybe it's all random," Ali suggests, "and fate has a plan for all of us regardless of what we act upon." "Oh no," Jennifer denies, "this is karma plain and simple for me. Try and kill a French girl, rot in a basement. If this were always the plan for us… we were never destined for anything good." "I don't know about that," Ali suggests, then pointing out, "We met each other." "Aye," Jennifer nods, managing a smile of her own, "perhaps that is fate, eh, Goldilocks?" "My name is Ali, by the way. If you, um, didn't know, or—" Ali reveals, and Jennifer nods, telling her, "It's nice to have met you, Ali." The two of them then shake hands as Jennifer passes the pillow to her neighbor.
We next see Ali exiting the basement and heading back onto the stairwell, where she is startled by the sudden appearance of Jorgio, who has apparently returned home during her trip downstairs. She screams mildly, but he tells her, "Enough of that. They already scream enough. Especially the new one when I acquired her. Have you been visiting them outside of feeding hours?" "No," Ali assures, "I was just, um… checking on the wine cellar." "Right," Jorgio nods, seeing right through his wife's lies, and then, "good. Because I wouldn't want you getting too attached. After all, it can only end badly for any one of them. I mean, best case scenario… they end up like you." He smiles at this, before walking away, and Ali is left somewhat scarred as she comes to realize that this is true.

Return to the Wikerly Federal Prison where it's finally reached visiting hours. Josh stands at one of the phones, as there is no one to visit him in person, and after a moment of hesitation he dials a number. He waits a few seconds as his call goes through, and finally someone answers with a "hello". "Juan?" Josh asks, revealing who it is he has called, and the butler's recently deported boyfriend confirms this on the other line. "Oh my god, you won't believe what's happened since you... left. Basically I--" but Juan cuts him off, "I know you killed Mr. Winters." Josh is both shocked and confused as to how word of this has gotten back to him, but still he goes to defend himself... though he isn't really given the chance. "Look, we were just messing with him some, but to flat-out murder the guy. What the hell is wrong with you?!" "Juan, I--" "Yeah I don't have time for this, and I ask that you don't EVER contact me again. Understood?" Josh tries to get in a word, but the call has ended. Stunned, the butler stands for a moment in silence, having not even put down the phone yet. His entire world has fallen apart. Meanwhile, however, Tyson is seen walking away from another phone nearby, having presumably gotten done talking to Meghan. Some of the other prisoners standing by start clapping and whistling at him some. "Hey, it's mama's boy," Rapey Randy exclaims, resulting in the others starting to laugh. Tyson looks down and continues walking, trying his best to ignore them. A group of four prisoners start to follow him though, and especially when he tries to pick up pace. Head of this group, Rapey Randy, finally grabs the back of Tyson's shirt and turns and holds him against the wall. He smirks as Tyson struggles to be released. "C'mon, I'on't mean no trouble," Tyson tries, and the prisoner nods. "Well me and my buddies don't mean none either; we just here to have some fun." Tyson is frightened by what this could possibly mean, and he goes to call out for a guard, but Randy covers Tyson's mouth with his hands and tells him calmly to quiet down. At this point Josh is looking in at the prisoners ganging up on Tyson. A lot is on the former butler's mind right now, as he is currently dealing with his own life falling apart. He watches as another prisoner takes over holding Tyson down as Randy starts to feel up his body. Josh thinks about how watching the man who supposedly killed a fellow butler get raped could be a little bit satisfying. However, he also starts to think about how, like he, Tyson may have been framed for the horrendous crime. Should he really stand by and do nothing? He watches as the prisoner goes to start forcing Tyson out of his clothes, and finally he rolls his eyes, having made up his mind. "Hey," he calls out to the four prisoners prepared to have their way with the Jose's alleged killer, "you about to have a piece of that ass?" Josh exclaims, trying his best to sound like one of them. "Yeah, you want in?" Rapey Randy wonders, but Josh shakes his head. "Nah, I got me summa dat dis morning, nothin' great, already pretty loose. Y'all can get summit better, amirite dawg?" "You callin' me a bitch?" "No sir I am not," Josh is quick to clarify. Rapey Randy nods and then looks at the fellow prisoners, ushering that they let Tyson go and look for someone else to satisfy their desires. Tyson lets out a sigh of relief as he starts to brush himself off. "Thank you," he says to Josh, ready to head back to his cell; however, Josh is quick to grab him by the shoulder. "Not so fast," the former butler exclaims, "we need to talk." "Do I know you?" Tyson wonders, though Josh shakes his head. "No, but I knew Jose Sanchez." A look of shock and fear comes across Tyson's face, as he does not know what to make of this.

Ben enters his own room with the notes in tow and throws them to one side, deciding to sit down on his bed and open up his laptop. When he realizes he's been disconnected from the internet, he quickly types in "jesuschristdoctorno" and has the website on which he was taking an online course pop up, then rolling his eyes and exiting the page before proceeding to a search engine. As he types in Joe's name, we are treated to shots of an array of internet articles as Ben makes his way through every result; awards and honors Joe has won as a detective, something about how a cop was fired from the force in disgrace, the coroner's report on Jose Sanchez is amidst it, as well as an article about a baby being left abandoned and subsequently discovered by a woman named Meghan Jepsen. "Jepsen…" Ben utters, then going back to his open tab on Jose and remembering that Tyson Jepsen was the name of the man they arrested, thus figuring out that he and Joe are foster brothers and that, coupled with his firing, is the reason Joe is investigating the murder. He proceeds to print off this information, so as to have hard copies to search through physically; holding them up in comparison to Joe's notepads and spider diagrams and list of suspects until eventually he can take no more. He throws the sheets of paper to one side and slams his laptop shut, taking out his phone and sending a group text to Rena and Justine. "Meet me at the bar in ten minutes," he requests, and we see in the corner of his cell screen that the time is 7:59 PM.
Ten minutes later and Ben is checking his phone again, confirming the time, when Joe approaches him. "Ben," he says, the two of them currently standing outside the bar where the butlers regularly meet, with no one around, "I thought I might find you here. You meeting the others for a drink? Well, Rena I guess. Not Josh since…" Suddenly, however, Ben's expression turns angry, and he tells his "friend", "I know who you are, and what you're doing." Joe's smile drops, and he asks, "How?" although he's pretty sure he knows. "What does it matter?" Ben asks, distraught, "You lied to us; you lied to me. To my face. Pretending all this time…" "I had to," Joe professes, trying his best to look sad; to look innocent and pitiable. "Why did you 'have to'?" Ben demands to know, and Joe reveals, "Because I needed to know what Jose was doing; why he was killed! An innocent man is in jail when someone else should be!" "Your foster brother," Ben nods, "I'm sorry for his condition and all, but you must realize that that only bolsters the idea that he did it." "No, Tyson wouldn't hurt a fly," Joe insists, but Ben argues, "An innocent man doesn't get found with a bloody knife! And yeah, I know all about your little 'investigation', but you can cool it now, because pretty soon everyone is gonna know exactly who you are!" Joe looks frightened by the prospect. "What I'm doing is good," he promises, "I'm doing the right thing." "By lying to us?!" Ben yells, then saying to himself, "God, I should've known. The way you were constantly bringing up Jose, digging into our history with him. Using us. Well I'm gonna make sure that ends, as soon as possible." "I don't think you're gonna wanna do that, once you know what I've learned," Joe states to his confrontational former co-worker. "And what have you learned?" Ben asks, doubtful, "You're not exactly the world's best detective. I know why you were fired from that job too. Your little 'problem'. You think I didn't notice you leaving earlier with that bottle? It makes you unreliable. No wonder you're dismissing the cold hard facts in front of your face." "That problem has nothing to do with my feelings about this case," Joe assures, "and I promise your feelings are gonna change if you hear what I have to say!" "Fine," Ben smirks, "what do you have to say?" And then… "I think your employers are keeping hostages in their basement," Joe states, rather bluntly, and Ben appears shocked, taking a step back. "Benjamin?" exclaims a familiar voice, and he turns to see Justine and Rena, the latter of which asks why they were summoned there. Ben can't speak though, he's too busy flashing back, those horrible noises running through his mind. The chains clanking against the walls. He didn't used to know what they were of course, but now he realizes, and he simply cannot deal. He looks to his girlfriend, and his friend, and then back to Joe, still in a state of shock. "Stay away from me…" is all Ben can muster, before simply running away, leaving Rena and Justine very confused. Joe just takes a deep breath, then calling out for his friend. "Ben!... Ben!" "What is on going?" Justine asks, stepping up to Joe, and he just looks at her blankly before deciding to run away too in pursuit of Ben. Of course, by now, it's not really of much use.


In the Wikerly Federal Prison, Tyson is sat in the cafeteria as he is seen writing something down in a little book. "Watcha got there?" Josh wonders, coming up behind Tyson and taking the seat next to him. The down's syndrome man jumps at this, but is quick to admit that it's his prayer journal. "Mama has me writin' in this once a day. She says if I try hard enough God'll eventually hear me and gimme an answer." "Right..." Josh says in response, "can't say I've done much praying. I've only ever been in a prayer room once." A smirk comes across the former butler's face as he thinks back to his time away at straight camp (see "Rinse Upon a Time"), whereas Tyson looks at him, clearly judging for the lack of religion in the former butler's life. Still though, Josh has come to Tyson for a reason. "We still need to talk, yunno, about Jose." Tyson quickly looks away from the butler though, and starts concentrating more and more on his prayer journal, writing even faster than before. Finally, however, Josh grabs the pencil away from Tyson and puts it next to himself in order to keep him from retrieving it. "C'mon, that's mine!" he tries, but Josh tells him he isn't getting it back until they're done. "Well whadda you want from me? Imma swear till my last breath I didn't kill nobody, but it ain't gon' make a difference!" "To be fair, you were found with a bloody knife in your hand." "Yeh, it was put there!" "By who?" "I'on't know! But it was!" Josh is still finding this hard to believe though, and so Tyson mumbles under his breath that just because Josh is a cold-blooded killer, it doesn't mean everyone else in there is. "Well I'll have you know I did not kill anyone," the former butler wishes to correct, having heard Tyson. At this point the down's syndrome man is taking offense. "So you can be innocent and I can't?!" "Well--" Josh tries, but Tyson isn't finished. "Erryone is so quick to jump to conclusions jus' cos I'm not as smart as erryone else. Well guess what, Jose was my friend and he was murdered. Instead of somebody askin' me how I'm handlin' that loss, I'm thrown in a pair of handcuffs and locked up in this joint without bein' given a chance to explain myself." Josh doesn't speak, but instead he takes in how much alike he and Tyson really are, as they're both arrested for crimes they allegedly didn't commit. "I'm sorry..." Josh finally exclaims, "maybe you're right; I shouldn't have been so quick to judge." At this point though, it no longer matters to Tyson, as he has had enough of Josh. He doesn't bother responding to the former butler, who finally hands him back his pencil. Tyson takes it and resumes writing in his prayer journal. Meanwhile, Josh stands up, letting out a sigh as he goes to walk away, but then he stops and looks back at a writing Tyson. Writing. With his left hand. At that moment the former butler comes to a realization...

Ben can be seen poking his head into the stairwell that leads to the basement, tears still in his eyes, when suddenly his cell phone starts to ring, and he is so startled that he takes several steps back until he is standing firmly on the ground floor elsewhere in the Del Barrio mansion. The number calling him is unknown, and when he answers it he realizes that it's coming from the Wikerly Federal Prison, he is wary. Still, he accepts the call, and Josh is on the other line, having sneaked off during dinner hours to use the phones. "Ben?" he murmurs in a hushed tone, and Ben replies thankfully, wondering how Josh is holding up. Josh assures him that he's fine - or rather, that he's "hanging in there" - and his friend proceeds to tell him that he's never going to believe what he found out. Josh tells him that he's never going to believe what he's found out either; "Remember after Jose died and we were curious about the reason behind him being killed?" (see "Pilot"). Ben replies that he does, immediately not liking where this is going given what he's been dealing with of late, and Josh explains to him, "Well I remember looking up the coroner's report later, and I remember it stating that the lacerations on his neck were made with the right hand." "So?" Ben asks, having seen this very same report earlier today when researching, "What's that got to do with anything?" "That guy they arrested," Josh continues, "Tyson… he's in here with me, and… Ben, he's left-handed. That's gotta mean something, right? Like, what if he didn't really kill Jose? I'm sorry to burden you with this but I didn't know who else to call." "No," Ben says, frozen to the spot, beginning to rethink a lot of the things that he said to Joe; and then, "I'm glad that you told me this."

At the Davis house, Justine is seen lounging about in front of the big flat screen TV, taking advantage of her employers being away and using theirs to catch up on the latest season of Game of Thrones. "If not Lady Stonheart finale in the, I will sure quit watching show," she mumbles to herself as she watches the scene in which the Sept of Baelor explodes, killing all of Cersei Lannister's enemies. "Yeah, up your butt, bitch," the maids says to the TV. Rena, meanwhile, looks into the room at the fellow servant as he is prepared to set his plan into motion. While Liz may not be able to satisfy his desires when being away, Justine sure could, it's just all how he goes about provoking her into doing so. With that, he proceeds into the room and stands in front of the TV letting out a loud yawn as he raises his arms fully blocking the screen. "Out of way, Pig! I try watching program!" But Rena then turns to the screen, exclaiming that he remembers this episode. "This is when R+L=J is confirmed; cool!" "SPOILERED!" Justine barks, "GET OUT NOW PIG!" But instead, Rena simply takes a seat next to the maid, very close to her as he then kicks off his shoes and puts his feet up on the coffee table, knocking over Justine's drink and popcorn. "Ah yeah, this is nice," he exclaims, "we oughta hang out more often." Justine finally grabs the remote and hits pause on the show, crying that he get up and leave her alone. "Quit being tumor of my testicle!" she barks, but Rena smirks, putting his arm around her shoulder. "Shh," he exclaims, "it's getting good." "PIG!" "What?" Rena wonders, sarcastically, "Are you not enjoying my company?" He then takes the remote and starts fastforwarding to the end. "Come on, let's skip to the scenes with the dragon bitch. God she's hot." And at that moment, Justine has decided that she's had enough. She smacks the remote from Rena's hand and stands up, grabbing him too. "Renato Duarte you just a dirty piece of stinking reeking poopy faced! Really ugly feces human feces crap! Most ugliest living and most badsmelling living in this universe! You is just a piece of human poop!" There's a moment of silence as Rena comes to realize how much he's hurt Justine. Despite their differences, she's still a person who simply wishes to be happy, and the butler is manipulating this for his own selfish desires. He realizes there's only one thing left for him to say now, and this is: "Lady Stoneheart doesn't happen." Not even getting a chance to take in the maid's upcoming reaction, Rena finds himself being promptly punched in the face, sent backwards as he lands on his back on the hard tile floor. He's left with a bloody nose, then looking up at Justine who looks down at him and proceeds to walk directly on top of his crotch and over him, exiting the room. Rena lets out a shriek of pain, but after a moment he is left with with a tingling sensation. Justine, on the other hand, curses in French down the hall as she heads for her room to lock herself inside and finish Games of Thrones alone. As she mumbles to herself, however, she notices that a particular closet door isn't all the way closed. Rolling her eyes, Justine goes to shut it, all the while thinking that people should have more courtesy to not leave doors open. Though, one thing catches her attention: that being for all the time she has worked in the Davis house, she has never once been instructed to go to this closet. She realizes that it may very well bee the only place in the house she has not looked inside. Because of this, she looks around to make sure no one is watching (not that anyone would be) and she opens the door. At first it just appears to be a bunch of extra clothes Liz has that just won't fit in her closet, and seeing as how Liz isn't around right now, Justine sees no harm in "borrowing" one of the gorgeous dresses that her employer possesses. As she goes to grab one off the rack, however, she notices that there seems to be more space inside than it had initially seemed. She pushes the hanging dresses aside to get a good look, and to her discovery there is a small walkway, which she heads through, and soon enough she is taken by surprise. She has discovered the BDSM closet Liz has kept secret all this time. From the cage Rena had been tortured in, to the many electrical devices and other toys her employer posses, Justine is left completely and utterly shocked. She even comes across a rack of leather outfits Liz and Rena may wear during their sessions. Justine simply stands there, looking around. "What hell even..."

Joe can be seen standing just outside the Del Barrio property line, marvelling at the missing boulder in the driveway so as to pass the time, and eventually Ben exits the mansion in order to approach him. "Joe," he exclaims to make himself known, and Joe looks toward his former co-worker, saying, "I'm surprised you wanted to meet with me again." "So am I," Ben admits, "but… something recently came to my attention and… let's just say it's changed my perspective on what you're doing." "I really didn't wanna have to lie," Joe tells him, "really, I felt awful, it was even driving me crazy at times, it's just… I really needed to get Tyson out of there." "I understand," Ben nods, although he's finding it difficult to admit that he was wrong, then saying, "I know Tyson is innocent. Those things I said before… it was wrong of me. People do get framed. I mean, look at Josh! You don't really think he killed Matthew, do you?" Joe shrugs at this, honestly not knowing (after all, he witnessed that meat cleaver display), and Ben continues with, "Well I don't. And he called me today, and told me something that could help your case. The, um, the lacerations on Jose's neck… the killer used his right hand. According to Josh, Tyson is left-handed so… there's that." Joe begins to think back to all the times he's seen Tyson use his left hand to do things, even using the phone in the visitation room, and internally berates himself for being so blind. "That… is a good point," he nods, "thank you." "Glad I could help," Ben says, "and I'm sorry for reacting so explosively. I guess I just… I really saw you as a friend. And with all I've had to cope with recently, it's… nice having people to depend on." "And, for what it's worth, I still see you as one," Joe assures, "a friend, that is. And, um, if you were willing to… continue the friendship… maybe you could… kinda… sorta… help me find out who killed Jose?" "I don't know…" Ben says, taking a step back, but Joe exclaims, "Come on! You know Tyson didn't do it, and I need eyes in that house!" "Earlier, what you said, about the basement," Ben recalls, "was that true?" Joe takes a deep breath before telling him, "Yes. I definitely think there are bad things going on down there…."

If you were to go down to the basement hallways, around the corner from the wine-cellar, you'll find a disguised door.

We cut to Ben sneaking down this hallway, avoiding the oscillating security camera by sticking to the wall at certain points. He's never been this far down it because he's always maintained that the wine cellar was off-limits, even if he has cheekily stolen from it before. He comes to the room with the prison door and clicks on the light.

It's locked. Firmly. And I have reason to believe that there is a person, or perhaps people, in there. If not then… something.

Ben runs his hand along the brick pattern, finding the small hole that constitute a lock. Thinking about what Joe said, he pauses, and then knocks.
On the inside, Jennifer turns her head, startled to hear this knocking again. Curious about the source, she kicks her foot against the door as best she can…
…and Ben hears it, and is shocked. He takes a large step back and begins running upstairs.

Now, I don't want you to do anything you're not comfortable with. Besides, the Del Barrios would be suspicious if you kept snooping around. So, all I'd need you to do is find the key.

We next see Ben snooping around the mansion, casually looking through drawers while polishing their surfaces at the same time, but he finds nothing of note.

Once you find the key, all I'd need you to do is tell me where it is and then, when it's safe, I can break in and do the rest.

Back outside, during Joe and Ben's conversation; the latter asks what this has to do with Jose's murder.

You said Jose was blackmailing his bosses. I think maybe he found out about whatever was down there, and he threatened to expose it. So...

We cut inside to Jorgio, monitoring the surveillance room, watching the cameras down in the basement. He sees nothing, and simply taps a bottle of scotch. He then downs it, meaning he misses the exact second that Ben rushes past, having undergone another search.

Just find the key. That's all I'd need you to do. Find the key and tell me where it is.
Joseph DeWar

Ben is still searching for the key when Ali walks by, and he quickly halts what he's doing before he notices her clutching her necklace for a moment. He then really looks at the necklace; at its shape. And he realizes what it is…

I'm in.
Benjamin Gold

Outside the Del Barrio property line, with this conversation still going on, Ben and Joe shake hands.

Explicit content. Reader discretion advised.
Over at the Winters' mansion, Joanna can be seen sitting on her couch while sipping a glass of wine, as per usual. The last glass Joe poured her before going to meet with Ben. And, taking advantage of the time alone, she takes out her phone and searches something on the internet - the number for Wikerly Federal. She takes a large sip before making the decision to punch it into her phone, and then call… only to be told by the prison guard on the other line that phoning hours are over, and that she'll have to try again tomorrow if she'd like to contact a prisoner. After hanging up, Joanna drops her phone onto the end table and bursts into tears, even dropping her glass of wine and spilling the last dregs of it all over her lovely, pristine carpet. "Dammit, dammit, dammit!" Joanna screeches, still in tears, as she picks up the wine glass and places it onto the end table next to her phone. And then she just stares at the stain she's created, and she utters to herself, "Josh would know how to get that out…" It is then that the door opens, and so Joanna quickly tries to wipe her tears away and re-compose herself so that Joe doesn't catch her crying, even if she is supposed to be in a state of grieving. "Are… you okay?" Joe asks upon his return, with her not having wiped her tears away quite well enough, and she replies, "No, actually, I'm not." "Thinking about your husband," Joe realizes, adopting a sullen tone, and Joanna, not wanting to talk about it, just points out the wine stain on the carpet and wonders if he would remove it before it sets. "Uh, sure," Joe replies, then rushing to his cleaning equipment and grabbing a rag, as well as various fluids. He begins to dab the stain, explaining to his employer that the trick is to dab it as opposed to rub it to avoid embedding it further into the material. "…Not that you care," he realizes upon her lack of reply, but in truth she's distracting herself by taking a not-so-subtle glance at his rear as he gets down onto his hands and knees to get rid of the stain. "No, no," she assures, "sorry if you thought I was being rude, I just…" and then she decides to change the subject by asking, "How did you learn about cleaning? I mean it must be a pretty major skill of yours for you to go from a detective to a butler, right?" "My foster mother taught me," Joe reveals as he works on removing the stain still, "if ever I made a mess in the trailer, she'd have me clean it up myself." "You grew up poor?" Joanna realizes, and Joe turns to look at her, meaning she has to look away so as to pretend she wasn't staring, and he says, "Not everyone gets to live in a palace like this their whole lives." As he turns his attention back to cleaning, she tells him, "I haven't always lived like this. I've had my share of hardships." "Really?" Joe asks, not quite believing it, and Joanna reminds him, "You were good at reading things the last I met you. Can't you tell more about me than what meets the eye?" And, at this, Joe stops cleaning, pointing out that the wine stain is now gone, and Joanna lauds him for being a miracle worker. "We should celebrate!" she insists. "How?" Joe wonders, and Joanna says, "With more wine, duh. There's another bottle…s, in the kitchen." Joe then goes to fetch it, as well as a glass, and brings it back to his employer, not having realized that she already had a glass on the end table. "You should pour yourself one," she suggests; "I hate drinking alone." "Well," Joe concedes, "I guess there's no real harm in it," and then he pours himself one. The two of them are then sitting on the couch together, each with their own glass of red wine, and sipping; unwinding after this long and stressful day. "So," Joe brings up, "you remember our night together? Last time we spoke about it, your memory was… scarce." "Yes, well," Joanna acknowledges, "I spent a while suppressing my cheating ways. But you… you kept bleeding on through." "I take it that means you enjoyed yourself?" Joe smiles, and Joanna smiles in turn, saying, "Definitely. You made a, um, sizeable contribution to my perking up. So thanks." "You're welcome," Joe tells her; and then, "It was good for you too, right?" "Oh, yeah," Joe nods insistently, "that thing you did with your—" "Yeah, I've got a lot of compliments over the years," Joanna acknowledges, "except from Matthew, he always hated that." There's then an awkward silence, with her having brought up her deceased husband amidst a conversation about her past infidelities, and she decides to break the tension by finally asking, "Why were you fired? From the police force, I mean. You never did say." "To tell you the truth… I had a bit of a nasty penchant for showing up to work drunk," Joe admits. "A drinking problem?" Joanna realizes, then exclaiming, "Ha! Been there." She downs the rest of her glass of wine before staring at Joe's, which is mostly full, and asking him if it was wrong of her to let him have it. "No," Joe assures, "I haven't had a proper drink in ages; one can't hurt." He proceeds to take a big gulp, and Joanna smirks. "When I said that night I spent with you perked me up, I really meant it. I was feeling pretty down at the time, problems in my marriage and such, and… you really helped. You know how to make a gal feel better when she's feeling down in the dumps, huh?" She is staring at him again, this time at his face, while he looks forward and asks, "Do I?" sipping his wine and seeming doubtful of his own skills. "You certainly do…" Joanna utters, as though in a trance, and then she knocks Joe's wine glass right out of his hand so that she may grab him by the lapels and kiss him, hard. Joe is shocked, though he doesn't particularly mind it; when she stops for air, however, he does point out that there is now more wine setting into the carpet now than there was when he returned home. "It's fine," Joanna assures, "my butler will clean it up in the morning." And then she plants another kiss on him, rather aggressively climbing on top of him and beginning to unbutton his shirt. "But… your husband just died," Joe points out between breaths. "And I'm very sad about it," Mrs. Winters lies, "and I'd like for you to make me feel better." "But—" She stops him by placing her finger over his lips, and she says, "You don't want me to have to fire you, do you?" "Well," Joe smiles, "I guess now I have no choice." And then he kisses that finger, and she leans down and the making out continues, with him now running his fingers through her hair and down her back and finding the latch of her bra and undoing it in one quick move. Smiling as she kisses him, Joanna slips the bra out from under her dress and she throws it to one side, and then suddenly they're standing up as she starts working on unbuckling his pants, with him passionately throwing her against the wall beside the stairs and her forcing him up them as a signal that she'd like to continue this in the bedroom, of course taking the opportunity to contract her hand around that rear she loves so much and give it a good squeeze. It isn't long before the two of them are falling back onto her bed, with far less clothes than before. Joe's shirt is removed and Joanna enjoys the sight, and then he leans down and starts kissing down her bare stomach. There are then flashes of various points throughout the night. Tender kisses. Gentle caresses. And savage lovemaking. Hours of moaning. Of screaming. A while later and the two of them are naked beneath the sheets, both breathing heavily and seeming immensely satisfied with themselves. "That… was amazing," Joe comments, and Joanna confirms, "Yes… yes it was," as she moves into his muscular arms. "Now," she adds, "I'm gonna go take a shower. Clean this up?" It is now light outside, and Joe tells his employer that he'd rather go for a "round two". "Well then," Joanna tells him, "you best come and join me then." As the two of them head into the ensuite, giggling like a pair of teenagers, the camera moves over to Joe's cell phone as a text appears. It's from Ben: he's found the key.

Unanswered Questions

  • Who murdered Jose Sanchez?
  • Why was Jorgio threatening Jose, and vice versa?
  • Why was Joe fired from the police force?
  • Why was Joe abandoned as a baby?
  • Who did Justine's heart belong to and how did he betray her?
  • Why do the Del Barrios keep chained-up women in their basement?
  • What exactly did Matthew learn about Joanna ("Emilie") that Jose wanted to use as blackmail?
  • What did Joanna mean when she said that Jose had been "taken care of"?
  • What was the conversation Liz heard on the night of the murder about? Who was speaking?