Bradley Sonya
Bradley Sonya
Portrayed by
First seen
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Episode count
Bradley Sonya
Date of birth
Manner of death
Crushed by a large beam, resulting from a church's explosion
Episode of death
Family members
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Joshua Gibbons - Widower
Regina Gibbons - Mother-in-Law
Daniel Gibbons - Father-in-Law
S1 - S2 - S3 - AD

Bradley Sonya is one of the main characters of Devious Butlers.


Early LifeEdit

See: Timeline

Season 1Edit

See: Season 1

Season 2Edit

See: Season 2


Season 3Edit

See: Season 3


  • He was originally going to be named "Adam", and portrayed by AdamDeanHall. The character's name was later changed to "Bradley Sonya" with the character being recast by Dr. Sonya. AdamDeanHall went on to play Officer Hall instead.
  • He was originally going to be introduced as Josh's lawyer in "Grime of Thrones", but his introduction was bumped up to "Rinse Upon a Time" instead, and he wound up recurring throughout the first season.
  • The idea was always to kill Brad in the second season's finale, but the writers became more hesitant as the season went on, having grown to love the character more than they expected to. Still, they saw his death through.


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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