A Little Sea Air
February 18, 2018
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Flash sideways
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"A Little Sea Air" is the 5th episode of A Little Devious.


With Henry's body finally having been examined, his family is able to lay him to rest - but the wake which follows the funeral is sure to cause a splash, if Silvia and her tray of mac and cheese have anything to say about it. Meanwhile, the whereabouts of the deceased's boat remains a mystery, and so Aliza - rather ill-advisedly - embarks on a sea voyage with both Antwon and Mike, the former of which has just been enlisted to end her life and the latter whose father's murder she recently discovered she helped cover up. And then there's Kathryn, who fears she's simply no longer destined to be relevant, and finds herself warped by quite the moral crisis when her former stepmother pays good ol' Wikerly Hills a visit.



The ocean beyond Wikerly Hills. Henry's boat floats there somewhere, lying in wait... but what's on it? And who sent it there? We don't know for now, as the shot drifts back along the sea, all the way to the town's docks, where Mike has just finished talking to one of the workers. He thanks the man for his cooperation, before looking out to the water and pondering something.
Meanwhile, back at the precinct, Antwon is seen walking on through the front doors first thing in the morning. The only one there is Aliza - he can see her, sitting in her office, reviewing the entire case on a cork board she's set up, trying to take everything into consideration. "Okay, so," her eyes dart around as she talks to herself, as of yet unaware of Antwon's presence, "Henry was already dead when Kathryn pushed him off the balcony like the dumb slut she is; he had Celeste's initials burned into his ass, which is why she stole the body; he was payin' her, though I still don't really get why if he was the corrupt one, unless... he was usin' whores? Naw, he was bangin' Silvia... And the burner phone was to contact Celeste, who's still AWOL, as is the phone itself, and... then there's Mike. A lotta that still needs piecing. He was at the party. And then the boat. The boat. And... UGH!" She screams out in frustration, knocking the cork board to the floor, "Son of a gun, whodunnit!" she yells, and Antwon smiles, finding her beautiful even in her angered state. However, his smile soon dampens when she turns to finally look at him, growing startled, and the words of Celeste Grier begin to echo through his mind. "... I'm going to need you to kill her ... and if you fail ... I'll have no choice but to have your children killed ..." He gulps, while Aliza snaps him out of it by screeching, "Goddammit, Antwon, you ever gon' learn to knock?!" Trying his best to remain his normal self, he points out, "People don't knock on the street." "Well you ain't in New Chicago anymore, dumbass," she fires back, and he makes it to her office, his smile having resettled. "I love when we banter, Lizee." She rolls her eyes at this, asking, "What do you want? I'm busy." "Smashing up your office?" "Evidently, yeah. So, what is it?" she demands, snapping her fingers at him, and the black man responds, "Oh, I just... I just..." I'm going to need you to kill her, says the echo. "...wanted to talk about that kiss we had, back on Valentine's Day. That was really sumfin', huh?" he finishes in a panic, and Aliza stares at him like he's insane. "That's why you came down here firs' thing in the mornin' while I'm in the most crucial stage of the biggest investigation of my career?!" "Uh... yeah," he responds, and Aliza sighs, "That is just so typically you." "You 'bout to break into Britney?" Antwon wonders, "'Cause you were always more of an R&B singer if I rec--" "I don't sing anymore, doofus," she snaps her fingers again, and Antwon frowns, "Why not?" "Because I never wanted to be a singer," she reveals, to his confusion. "I mean, I did," she adds, "I thought I did. I was... lost. But I belong here, as Chief of Police." "You kissed me as Chief of Police," Antwon points out, "Or is this because you'd rather be mackin' on that shady Mike character?" "I've barely spoken to Mike since we got back from LA," Aliza says without really thinking, which Antwon finds all too interesting. For when he's obsessing over her, and how much he truly wants her back, he seems able to forget about the fact that he's under the thumb of a corrupt criminal. The echo is gone, for now. "Why's that?" "Because..." Aliza answers awkwardly, and then she gets her own echo. The voice in her head comes in the form of Mike's: "... Nate Ford... He was my dad ... I just wanna know what happened to him ..." "...reasons," she finishes. "And where is he now?" Antwon wonders. "I come bearing coffee," Mike announces as he enters the precinct, two to-go cups in his hand as he approaches the office. "Thanks," says Antwon, taking a cup for himself and beginning to drink, and Mike awkwardly says, "Uh... here," as he passes his own to Aliza. "No, you have it," she insists, "Please." Because, in her mind, it's the least she can do. "Sure," Mike shrugs, and Antwon asks him, "Where you been? Huh?" clearly still suspicious of him. "Not that you're exactly authorized to be in the know, Mr. Kennedy," Mike begins, "But I was down at the docks, found out that Henry's yacht was set out to sea the day he died. Which means..." "There probably is some sort of evidence on it. But how are we gonna find it? And wait, you actually went down to the docks?" Aliza questions. "Well, I couldn't find anything in the records, so..." "That's a first," she smiles, and he smiles back, at which I just wanna know what happened to him replays in her mind and her smile quickly dies. Antwon locks onto this and arches an eyebrow, continuing to drink his stolen coffee. "What can I say? Your methods are rubbing off on me," Mike goes on, "And we find it by mapping a trajectory based on the description the guy at the docks gave me, and using a very attuned coordinate-based system which--" Both Aliza and Antwon zone out at the very plausible explanation for how a boat that sailed off weeks ago can be found while sailing adrift out at sea, and the clash of I'm going to need you to kill her and I just wanna know what happened to him end only when the coffee finally burns Antwon's tongue, and he yelps out. This makes Mike smile, although his grin also fades when he seems to think about something. A woman's voice, providing his own internal echo... "... I wanted you to be proud ... but all I want now is for you to be safe ..." He shakes his head, though, ignoring it. "So," he looks to Aliza, whose attention is regained, "I guess you and I can rent out a boat and go in search of--" "No need," Antwon suddenly buts in, wanting to be the bigshot who comes through for his love, "My sailboat's finally fixed up and waitin' at the docks. I can take y'all to the dead guy's yacht no problem." "I guess... that would entail us spending less tax payer money," Mike shrugs, and Aliza begins to realize what's gonna go down here. "So it's gonna be me... and you... and you... out to sea... all together?" "Seems like it," Mike shrugs, while Antwon adds on, "What could possibly go wrong?" ... kill her ... kill her ... kill her ...
Celeste Grier, the owner to the voice currently haunting our poor Antwon, is seen smiling as a pair of her houseboys are seen walking away from his sailboat back at the docks. "Well, that's the failsafe in place," she says to herself, satisfied, "Now there's nothing left to do but... wait for Chief Little to die."


Act IEdit

While our dear Chief of Police may not be dead yet, we must remember that our dear Mayor is, and now it's time to finally lay him to rest. The town has gathered at the local cemetery where Michelle Washington has overseen the memorial service. Due to her husband's impalement, the black widow has chosen to go with a closed casket, thus meaning Henry misses at least one episode. Michelle has called a black minister to give a sermon, to the dismay of her stepdaughter Sadie, who sits as far away from Michelle as possible in order to avoid getting her face bashed in as promised. Michelle is currently aware that Sadie is present but chooses to let it slide, this time, recognizing that Henry was her father and that she does deserves to be there. Many news reporters are there, as well as townsfolk and some extended, extra, nameless family members. Aliza and Antwon are sat together in the third row, having attended the funeral together. He attempts to put his arm around her, but it's immediately swatted away. A couple seats behind them is Kathryn, on her phone and not even paying attention. In the back sits Shaniqua Mae, taking up an entire row and a half for herself and her children. "One o' yous is his... I think," Shaniqua whispers to her offspring, in regards to the late mayor, "Though it might be anotha rich, white guy... or guys. Fuck me..." A man turns around and asks that Shaniqua be quiet, and so the ratchet woman of color spits acid in his face. The only one not present is Silvia, who Michelle conveniently made sure didn't get the memo, because that's definitely not going to come and bite her in the ass later on. The sermon continues, and tears are shed. Talk of life and death. Religion. The Bible. Heaven. All of that bullshit. Anyways, we reach the point where people are standing up and conversing, going to the casket one-by-one to say their final goodbyes to the mayor. "I love you, daddy..." Sadie utters, reaching out and touching the coffin, tears in her eyes. Michelle is watching this from afar, sat down and having no desire to really go up and talk to the casket. She looks stoic, as per usual, and she soon finds herself being approached by Aliza and Antwon. "Hey, there," Aliza greets, to which Antwon adds on with a "S'up." Michelle looks indignant towards Antwon, and Aliza, realizing this, ushers for him to go say goodbye to Henry. "But I 'on't even know hi--" "Goddammit, I'd like to speak to Michelle alone. Just go say goodbye to the dead guy!" Realizing Aliza's serious, Antwon goes to do just that, startling Sadie into wrapping up her goodbyes to Henry fast and hurrying away from the terrifying beast of a man Mr. Kennedy is. Aliza takes the seat next to Michelle, meanwhile, putting an arm around her. "I'm sorry for your loss an' all," she says to the rich bitch, "I get that with everything that's happened lately, it must all be a lot tougher..." Michelle can't help but crack a smile at this though, turning to the Chief of Police. "With everything that's happened," she admits, "It's only made all of this easier." "Well, I know what it's like to lose someone I love. Hell, it's happened more than once. Just know that... that I'm here if you ever needa talk." "Thank you, Chief Little," Michelle gives a faint smile, "That really means a lot." Michelle reaches out and takes Aliza's hand for comfort, and the two women sit for a minute before being approached by Kathryn. "Uh hey, Michelle, was it? Nice service and whatnot. Very heartfelt. If anyone asks, tell them I cried buckets. Anyways, I gotta get going to an audition my agent lined up for me. I'm an actress, in case you didn't know. But yeah, just wanted to say sorry again for accidentally causing your husband to go flying over a balcony and land on a giant ice dick. Truly. If that had happened to my ex, Kevin, I don't know what I would've done. I mean, how can you ever live that down? Sooo glad I divorced him when I did... and that he got blown up for terrorism and stuff... except that did cost me my fortune and all. Huh. Well, toodles!" With that, Kathryn sees fit to leave, snapping her fingers thus alerting three or four of Shaniqua Mae's kids to follow her. Michelle then turns to Aliza, whispering, "I hope that bitch burns in the fiery pits of hell." "You an' me both, sista," Chief Little responds, and the two continue to sit. The casket is eventually lowered into the ground, as well as one of Shaniqua's other kids - possibly the one that was fathered by Henry - not that anyone really cares.

The sound of bagpipes is heard playing as Jennifer Gold steps off the train at Wikerly Hills' local station, carrying with her the three-year-old Alex Gold, who's fallen asleep against her surrogate mother's shoulder to the sound of the Scottish lullaby emanating from her phone. "Well, here we are, wee one," Jennifer announces via whisper, turning off her phone and thus ceasing the bagpipes' song, "The town you were born. I suppose we should go do some sight-seein', eh?" And, with that, we see Jennifer and the little half-Scottish, quarter-Spanish, quarter-French, all-American girl snapping selfies together at various locales, starting with the WIKERLY HILLS sign, going through the many mansions to the rich and famous that this place has to offer. It isn't long before Alex needs a break though - some time to have fun - and so Jennifer stops at Fanon Drive in order to let her play in the park at the end of the street. The one which replaced the movie studio which replaced the original park. "Not too shabby. That Bradley Sonya foundation really fixed this place up a treat," Jennifer comments, looking around as Alex plays on the slide, happy as a clam. "There's a good girl!" Jennifer exclaims, rushing to hug her daughter as she simultaneously looks down at the street which homes so many memories - bad and good. But mostly bad. "Huh," she then notices, "They rebuildin' the Winters' mansion, I s'pose." Because indeed, right now, construction is nearly complete, courtesy of Wilma Winters and her extra brand of extraness. "Now, what do you say we go see what I came here for, eh?" Jennifer whispers to her daughter, giving her a playful Eskimo kiss before vacating the park, heading for...
The precinct, where Mike is currently sat at his computer, having chosen to boycott Henry's funeral. He's looking over maps and coordinates for his upcoming sea adventure with Aliza and Antwon when the light of the screen sends him back in time.
To childhood, where we see him playing videogames on the cheap little computer his mother was able to afford. "Alright, enough of that now," announces Gabrielle Cage herself as she enters the room, "Time for bed." "Five more minutes!" the young Michael begs, but Gabrielle places her hands on her hips, staring her son down, "Now, mister." "Alright," he sighs, turning the computer off and slumping out of the chair, already in his pajamas and heading towards his mattress. "Need me to tuck you in?" He sits on the bed and nods, and Gabrielle tells him, "Alright."
We cut to him all tucked up in bed, his mother sitting beside him and giving his forehead a little kiss. "Goodnight now, mister," she bids, but Michael's eyes shoot open, as he begs for his mother to tell him a story. "Aren't you getting a little old for those now?" she inquires with a smile, but he shakes his head, and so she shrugs, figuring she already tucked him in - may as well go the full nine. "I assume you want the same one as always?" she goes on, and he nods, yawning as he specifies, "Tell me about daddy." "A'ight," Gabrielle smiles, stroking her son's head lovingly, "We met many moons ago..." "In a cafe! Here in New Chicago! When you were a waitress!" Michael exclaims excitedly, to which his mother, amused, asks, "Excuse me, who's telling the story here?" "Sorry," he giggles, and she goes on to say, "As you know - because I've told you this story umpteen times - he was a great Detective, and we were very deeply in love." She then sighs, "It's just a shame..." "I wish I met him," Michael expresses, and Gabrielle sighs harder, "Me too, Michael. But that was dangerous work he was involved in. It just... got the better of him in the end." The young boy frowns, but he manages to turn it into a smile, "One day, when I'm big, I'mma be a great Detective too, just like daddy was." Gabrielle chuckles at this, giving her son another kiss on the forehead. "Keep dreamin', Michael. You keep on dreamin'..."
Which he does, which is how, when we next cut to him, he's made a successful career for himself as an FBI agent. There he is, in uniform, in the middle of quite the dicey situation indeed. Having just apprehended a terrorist, he's now tasked with landing the chopper that they were going to fly into an LA high-rise. The terrorist is bound-up and gagged, while Michael is receiving orders over the radio from his field partner Sebastian Knowles. "Nearly there, man," Seb is encouraging, but Michael assures, "It's okay, I got this." And with a few final workings of the controls, he successfully lands the chopper outside headquarters, to the applause of many fellow agents. A few of them come aboard to escort the prisoner away, and Michael is met by utter fanfare. "No one likes a show off, Michael," Sebastian sighs over the radio, and Michael, waving to the crowd, tells him, "You're just jealous. As you should be." It's the flash of a camera--
--which sends us back to the light of his computer monitor in the present, where his solace at doing what his job has been boiled down to over the years - for whatever reason - is interrupted by the moaning of a toddler. "Sorry 'bout her," announces Jennifer as she and Alex enter the precinct, "I had to yank her away from the swings, she's a wee bit fussy." "I'm sorry, can I help you?" Mike wonders, and Jennifer says, "Yeah. You can point me the way o' Kathryn Kappelletti's cell. I heard all the way back home she's finally guilty o' somethin' and I wanted to come see her behind bars for meself." "You... know Kathryn?" "She's me stepdaughter," Jennifer reveals, "Well, was. I was married to her daddy, 'til he died. O' natural causes, mind. Now I'm outta town, workin' for Ali and Liz - perhaps you know o' them?" "Yeah, I think they've been mentioned," Mike recalls. "Great bunch. Don't really need two servants, mind, but Ben and I are like part of the family. And Alex of course. And since the twins were born, she basically has two little siblings to play with. Ain't that wonderful?" "Sure?" Mike responds. "I'm Jennifer, by the way. Jennifer Gold, formerly Von Trump, formerly Gold, and before that who remembers," she then cuts back to the chase - "Anyway. Kathryn's cell? Or has she been moved to prison already... I promised Liz I'd snap a picture, yeh see." "I'm afraid Kathryn's been released. She was innocent after all," Mike reveals, and Jennifer is unsure of how to take this news. "Oh..." she utters, "So I just came all this way for a day trip then." "I guess so," Mike shrugs, while the Scottish woman thinks over some things. There's a long pause, a deep thought apparently washing over her. She goes on to ask, "Any idea where bad ol' Kathy might be now?"

"C'mon Kathy, where's that million dollar smile?!" Yas Belich exclaims on the outdoor set of some commercial shoot - apparently a real estate ad trying to sell beach condos. Kathryn is stood at the center of it all, people snapping her picture, and then she forces a toothy grin, and Yas yells, "There it is!" right before her nose starts bleeding and she sighs, "Again? Makeup!" "Makeup isn't for you," says the director of the commerical, "It's for the actors." "Kathy, ask them to get me some makeup!" Yas demands, and Kathryn just stands there uncomfortable, asking, "How come my swimsuit is a one-piece? Shouldn't I be in a two-piece, like her?" She gestures the other blonde model stood in front of the other, far nicer condo, and she looks utterly stunning as the wind machine is pointed at her and the cameras fire on up. "I told you," the director sighs, "You don't need a nice swimsuit. You're what the buyer doesn't wanna be. The owner of the crappy condo." "Wait a second..." Kathryn comes to realize, catching a glimpse of herself in the reflection of her condo's window, seeing her swimsuit, her hair, her makeup... "I'm the before?!" "And she's the after," the director nods. "But work is work, Kathy!" Yas assures from afar as she takes tampons from out of some stage assistant's purse and starts shoving them up her nostril, "Now make yoself some monayyy girl!" "Alright, we're rolling in three, two..." the director signals, and Kathryn whips around, saying, "Hey there! Are you looking for a beach condo that's... that's... something. Line!" "Right for you!" Yas calls from off-stage, and Kathryn goes, "Oh," and steps a little to the right, "Is that better?" "No, darling, that's the line," the director sighs, and Kathryn snaps her fingers at him, insisting, "Don't call me darling! Not after sticking me in this tarp!" "That was me being polite," the director insists, "I could call you Fiona if you prefer." "As in the shittiest Big Bad before Mother Gothel? Or that famous lesbian's minor inconvenience hick mother-aunt?" "As in an ogre, squeezed into an already plus sized swimsuit," he goes on. "How dare you talk to me like that?" "Rolling in three... two..." Kathryn sighs, and exclaims, "Hey there! Are you looking for a beach condo that's right for you? Then maybe--" "Cut!" the director calls, "What the hell's going on with your eye?" "There's sand in it," Kathryn weeps, beginning to rub it, "Waaahhh! It's going all red and itchy!" "Tell me about it," Yas cries, shoving a third tampon up her nose, taking one out and shoving it down her pants. "Three... two... what are you doing now?!" "There's sand in my vagina! I hate sand! It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere - even in my tookie!" Kathryn falls to her knees, crying, and the director rolls his eyes with an, "Oy. Shake it off, get back up, we'll try this one last time!" "You can do it, honey, you're doing great!" Yas exclaims before casually fainting, and the stage assistant whose tampons she stole begins calling the police because she's pretty sure this woman is a druggie criminal who needs hauling the hell back to jail (but not with such urgency that we need to, like, focus on it. Bye Yas). "Yassss, bitch," she utters feebly from the floor, because she hadn't said it yet in this scene, and meanwhile the director calls action for the last time. "Hey there!" Kathryn manages to exclaim perfectly, all sand removed from all crevices, "Are you looking for a beach condo that's right for you? Then maybe - just maybe - your search is over! Because at these pr--AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" This time, she's fallen victim to something entirely out of her control: an entire flock of seagulls have just arrived on set, and are now shitting everywhere, pecking everyone, and flying off with equipment. Kathryn becomes pelted with poo, while all the other crew members flock around the other, prettier model in order to protect her, leaving our stray Kappelletti literally all alone. She punches a seagull which tries pecking her eye out and sighs, "These birds are gonna be my undoing one day, I swear..." She begins walking off the set, towards the director, who's holding his clipboard over his head in order to shield himself. "Look, kid," he says to a passing Kathryn, "You gave it your all, and it didn't work out. But you're clearly a bad luck charm on my set so... if you could get the fuck off, that'd be great. Yas begged me to get you here, I did her a favor, but you stunk up the place... much like Yas who I'm pretty sure just shat herself on the floor." Kathryn looks on the verge of tears, mascara beginning to run down her face along with bird shit. "You just ain't relevant anymore, Kappelletti... you can't sell condos, and I can't sell you. You're done. Soz." Kathryn is full on weeping now, and begins walking out of set. "Wait a second, that's our swimsuit!" the director calls after her, but he soon stops caring because, when Kathryn leaves, all the seagulls seem to fly off, and everyone can breathe again. Kathryn, meanwhile, sits down in the sand, scratches her vagina some more, and cries while taking her cheap-ass cell phone from out of this one piece's many hidden compartments. She then feels a sudden wave of sickness, and pukes in the sand, which the seagulls then all rush to start eating. She wipes her mouth, and her tears. "Come on, Kathy," she cries to herself, "This is... your one and only hope... you wanna be rich ever again... you have to do this... you've got to...This isn't you quitting, because you've tried literally everything... but you heard what he said... you're never gonna be relevant in this town again... Unless..." Deep breaths. She begins to dial.

Antwon can be seen standing at the docks beside his fixed-up sailboat, hands in his pockets, waiting for Aliza and Mike to come join him on the quest to find and recover Henry's yacht. However, it is a certain other black woman who emerges onto the scene first, as Shaniqua Mae exclaims, "That a gun in yo' pocket or you jus' happy tuh see me?!" He doesn't have time to respond before she follows this up with, "What this I hear about you fuckin' off to sea?" "Whatchu doin' here, Shaniqua?" Antwon demands, at which point he notices his and her kids all lined up behind her, one of which jumps into the water and clearly can't swim. "Jay-Z, go rescue your brother. Shonny already had to dig him outta that old white guy's grave." With that, another child dives in. "I'm here to remind you that you have like eight kids or whatever that need you on land, not out in the Bermuda Triangle with that piggy whore o' yours!" "In case you forgettin', you the whore," Antwon reminds his babymama, and she tells him, "Yeah... well... I worry about you, okay?!" Antwon is a little taken aback that she seems to genuinely care, and then he sighs, "I know the kids need me. But Aliza needs me too." "Well, you're just gonna have to decide who needs you more," Shaniqua demands, tapping her foot against the dock, accidentally stepping on one of her child's fingers as they were attempting to peel the rhinestones from her heels. "Of course, what's a sea voyage without an infestation of crabs?" Aliza comments as she appears from behind Shaniqua and the kids, and Shaniqua defends, "They ain't crabs, for yo' info! Doctors say they evolved! So howbowdah!" "Hey Aliza," Antwon greets. "Hey," she nods back awkwardly, and there's a silence, at which point Shaniqua darts her eyes between the two of them. "Did you two fuck?" she asks. "What? No!" Aliza exclaims, and Antwon sighs, "We kissed." "Antwon!" Aliza barks. "What?" he shrugs, "We did." "'Kissed'?" Shaniqua questions, "What's that?" "Why you even here?" Aliza wonders, and Shaniqua says, "I'm seein' off ma' man." "He ain't bein' drafted, you dumb ho," the Chief of Police sighs, and Shaniqua admits, "I may be a dumb ho, but at least I got a little sumfin' called integrity, which is more than I can say for you." She proceeds to take a damp napkin from out of her underwear which has the American Flag printed on it, and wipes down her armpits with it, then throwing the sodden rag onto the head of one of her daughters who then runs around all the boats in the dock pretending to be a pirate, fake raping and pillaging all her brothers and sisters. "Mhm," Aliza nods, "So, where's the sailboat?" "It's here," Antwon points out, and Aliza realizes, "Oh... it really is fixed up. Where'd you get the money to--?" "Where's Mike?" Antwon asks suddenly, wanting to steer away from the reveal that he took money from Celeste Grier, and Aliza replies, "Oh, he's helping carry the mac and cheese." "Mac and what?" "Careful!" exclaims a familiar voice, as Silvia follows Mike onto the docks, each of them with two trays in tow, "These may only be my preliminary batches, but you don't want to waste good Grated American!" As she says this, Shaniqua's daughter grates the American flag napkin with her teeth, so Shaniqua slaps her some for being an anti-patriot. "Would you kids like some mac and cheese?" Silvia asks the kids, who stare up at her blackly, and she admits, "I never know if they're responding positively or negatively to something." "If they were responding negatively, you'd have a stab wound right now," Antwon assures. "What's all the mac and cheese for anyway?" Mike asks as he loads it onto the boat, and Silvia figures, "I thought you might get hungry on your voyage. Plus, I wanted the ultimate batch to be just perfect for Henry's wake. Apparently Michelle had the funeral without telling me, so now I'm gonna one-up that petty, shrewd of a woman right in her own home." "Well, thanks again for giving us all those details about the yacht," Mike tells her, "Should make it easier to--" "Don't put it there, idiot," Antwon steps in, moving the mac and cheese to the other side of the deck, "How's we s'posed to get on and off with the damn trays blocking the exit?" "Oh... sorry," Mike shrugs, and Antwon looks at him like he's retarded. Reading the tension coming off the two, Aliza sighs, "This is gon' be a real fun trip." She takes a step forward. "Ladies first?" she asks, being the first to hop aboard, and Mike hops on after her. "This wouldn't have been my ideal choice for a first date," he jokes, and Aliza appears painfully awkward at this, which he clocks on to, and it makes him sad. "You don't have to worry about anything with me aboard," he tries adding, "I learned to sail while coming back from this mission, in Texas. Which, is where my father's from, I later learned." This doesn't do anything to alleviate the awkwardness. Antwon, meanwhile, goes to follow them, while Silvia waves them off at the same time that she helps fish three or four of the kids out of the water using macaroni on hooks as bait. This is because Shaniqua has grabbed Antwon by the shoulder to try and stop him going on, saying, "I got a bad feelin' 'bout dis." "It's probably just your herpes," he shrugs, but she tells him, "Nuh-uh. I don't trust them cops, Antwon. Please think about yo' kids." And so he stares out at his kids, and the echo returns, of Celeste telling him she'd have no choice but to have them killed should he fail in his task. And he tells her, "I am. Don't worry." And, as he turns around, staring at Aliza with a disheartened look in his eye, he tucks something more firmly down the back of his pants. A gun.

We then proceed to cut away to another gun, well, two guns, held by a set of armed men who guard the doors to a very discreet and remote location. Gun reform, you may wonder; well, President West has yet to bother. Anyways, Kathryn Kappelletti is seen approaching the two men and she pulls out her identification, which one of the men examines while the other pats her down to make sure she has no weapons on her. Once being cleared, Kathryn is permitted inside. She walks down a dark hallway, clearly spooked by the locale she's traveled to. Never would she have expected the person she's there to see to be in a place so... dank. Upon reaching the end of the hallway though, Kathryn arrives at a door with a sign identifying this mystery person Kathryn seeks out, not that we're able to read it due to her head being in the way. After a moment of hesitation she heads inside of what appears to be an office. The room is far cleaner than the rest of the building, and it becomes apparent to the fallen heiress that the rest of the building must be the way it is as a way to keep hidden what really lies inside, or rather who. "Well, isn't this just an unpleasant surprise," a familiar voice echos, and the camera pans to reveal none other than Celeste Grier, taking a drag from her cigarette while maintaining a look of disdain on her face. Despite initial fear, Kathryn finally manages to utter the words: "Hello, mother..."

Act IIEdit

We are treated to a shot out at sea, with Antwon's sailboat having long since departed from the Wikerly Hills docks now. "Are we there yet?" Aliza whines, fanning herself with her police badge, but Mike, reading off a GPS device he's carrying with him, explains, "Not quite. In fact we're going a little off-course. The yacht should be a little in," he licks his finger and holds it up to the wind, then pointing, "That direction." "Well look atchu, Mr. Outdoors," Antwon says with a fake sense of grandeur, while he's busy chowing down on some of Silvia's mac and cheese. "Which means we'll have to raise the starboard sail," Mike adds, turning to the boat's owner after having just ignored his comment. "Whut?" Antwon asks, some cold melted cheese spilling from his mouth, and Aliza sighs, "You best be savin' some fo' the rest of us!" "Leave me be, I eat when I'm nervous," Antwon insists. "Boy, what you got the be nervous about?" Aliza demands, and the weight in Antwon's back pocket suddenly seems heavier... until he notices that, in the time he and Aliza took to squabble, Mike has moved his way to the other side of the deck and has begun fiddling with the ropes of one of the sails. "Hey, what you doin' to mah vessel!" Antwon demands, and Mike reminds him, "The starboard sail." "The what?" Mike rolls his eyes at this, simplifying it to, "The one on the right," and pointing, "So we can go that way," he points again, "Remember?" he raises his little GPS device. "Oh..." Antwon utters, "Well, it's my boat, I'll do it." "Antwon, just let him do his thang," Aliza insists, but Antwon exclaims, "Nuh-uh!" and grabs the rope from Mike. He then begins fiddling around with it haphazardly, and Mike complains, "You don't even know what you're doing, do you?" "It's my boat!" "Have you ever sailed before?" Antwon has no answer for this, though, and so Mike snatches the ropes back from him again. "I have," he insists.
As is shown in the past, as he docks a boat in the Port of Los Angeles, Sebastian at his side. "All the way from Texas... weirdest, longest trip I've ever taken. Our apprehensions really have to stop ending with us dangerously operating a vehicle neither of us has operated before," Sebastian insists, but Michael asks him, "Why? It's the most impressive part. Just look at all the attention we're getting already." Indeed, the FBI team who have come to haul off yet another captured prisoner look deeply impressed, especially some of the women. "Ack, would you look at those desperate broads?" Sebastian comments, and Michael quips, "Sure I would." "Right, a twofer," Seb nods. "And proud," Michael winks, and so Seb suggests, as they step onto the Port, "Maybe we should turn our casual hookups into something more then. 'Cause I'm finding myself surprisingly bothered by the way those hussies are looking at you." "Meh, sure," Michael shrugs, "How about dinner tonight?" Seb likes the sound of it, trying to arrange a time and place, but Michael halts him for a second because his phone is ringing. "It's my mom," he reveals. "Pfft. Maybe I don't wanna date a mama's boy," Seb jokes, and Michael flips him off before answering, "Hey, mom." "Michael!" Gabrielle exclaims, "What's this I've seen on the news about you landing a chopper?!" "I know, pretty cool, huh?" Michael exudes proudly, but Gabrielle tells him, "Not cool! You could've come crashing out of the sky!" "But I didn't..." "I don't know, Mister..." Gabrielle goes on, "I bided my way through this FBI business, I prayed maybe you'd end up with a cushy desk job, but... ooh, my heart just worries, is all. It's not as strong as it used to be." "Don't talk like that," Michael begs, "And I love my job like it is. I'd have never been happy behind desk. You know I wanted to be like dad." Gabrielle pauses at this, and tells her son, "Yes... good point... I love you, son. But for the love of God, stay safe." "I love you too, mom. And you don't have to worry. I'm the OG around here." "You douche," Sebastian scoffs, and Michael mouths for him to shut up, before saying goodbye to his mother. "I can see why that lawyer dumped you," Sebastian continues to tease. "I said shut up." "Technically you didn't say it." "Well I'm saying it now. Shut up." "I was thinking Ruby Tuesday for tonight. Unless that's not good enough for our OG," Seb adds, and Michael just laughs.
"And you think that makes you some sorta OG?" Antwon asks in the present, and Mike shrugs. Antwon tries snatching the rope again but Mike has a firm grip on it now, and so it's quite literally a tug of war between the two as to who gets to raise the sail, with Aliza eventually standing up and yelling, "For Christ sake, I'll just do it!" "No!" Mike and Antwon both respond harshly at the same time, then turning back to one another. Mike insists that he needs to get this done now, or else they might not find the yacht at all, and this will all have been for nothing, but Antwon says that he refuses to have some faggot tamper with his property - both valid arguments. "What's this really about, huh?" Mike needs to know, "Now isn't the time to argue over Aliza!" "Oh, come on now," Aliza sighs, "We're on an investigation." "There ain't no argument!" Antwon insists, "She kissed me!" "You kissed him?" Mike asks, turning to Aliza, still tugging on the rope, and Aliza admits, "Kind of..." "When?" "It was when I was investigating you," Aliza reveals, "After we slept together, whe--" "What?" Antwon suddenly lets go of the rope, which sends Mike tumbling to the deck, and for the GPS device he was toting around to go flying into the water along with a whole tray of mac and cheese that was resting behind him. To Antwon's credit, he was right - it was put in a stupid place. "Dammit!" Mike yells, standing up, "How the hell are we supposed to know where we are now?" "Uh, use our eyes?" Antwon suggests, while Mike just takes control of the ropes and begins raising the starboard sail as originally intended. "You slept with this pansy?" Antwon demands of Aliza, while the boat finally turns on the trajectory it needs to be on. "There," Mike sighs, while Aliza remains silent, "And yes, we slept together. So if you're going to waste your time being jealous, do it in the depths of the sea where you just banished my gadget - and your lunch, you great greedy oaf." And with that, Antwon punches Mike right in the face. "Antwon!" Aliza yells. Mike doesn't tumble to the deck this time, though, and simply punches Antwon right back. "Mike!" It soon becomes a brawl, and Aliza runs to break them up, only to end up pushed down to the deck herself. "Aw hells no!" she then screams, taking out her handcuffs and grabbing the first wrist she can find. It turns out to be Mike's, and he ends up cuffed to a railing, unable to swing another punch. Antwon finds this amusing, until Aliza ambushes him with an excess of rope from the sail, and ties him up starboard. "Aw, dang!" he yells, "My weed chicken is stashed on the left!" "You mean port," Mike sighs, and Antwon tries to kick him from the other side of the boat, but can't reach. "That's enough o' that!" Aliza demands, "Now you boys... are jus' gon' calm the fuck down... a'ight?... A'ight." But then they both begin struggling against their respective restraints, wanting back at one another, and Aliza sighs while caught between them. "I can't believe this is how my life is turning out. Stuck in a love triangle that's half black, half Tex Mex."

In the meantime, back on land, Kathryn walks along the sandy sea shore with her mother, the infamous Celeste Grier, who sports a headscarf and sunglasses in order to mask her identity. Not many words have been exchanged between the two women yet, as a sense of distance can be felt between the mother and daughter, but Kathryn decides to make an effort; after all, this is her last resort. "I missed you," she says to Celeste, who doesn't even turn to face her daughter before responding, "You're getting chubby. I noticed it when you arrived at my office, unannounced. I was doing very busy work, y'know?" Alarmed, Kathryn looks down at her stomach and sees that, indeed, she's beginning to develop a muffin top. Looking back up, wanting to forget about this as soon as possible, she chooses rather to apologize to Celeste. "And I... I've been following the news," she adds, "I know about the stuff with the dead guy." "And I know that your father collaborated in human trafficking and your former husband in terrorism. Of course, I assumed we'd skip over those pesky details as we both know that the other knew, but I guess you always did have to make a big deal out of everything, didn't you?" Kathryn looks down, feeling ashamed and now being reminded of why she and her mother were never that close. "I'm just... trying to talk to you," she says to Celeste, "It's been so long, and--" "Whose fault is that, darling?" Celeste rhetorically asks, going on to point out that Kathryn made her choice. "It was me or your father, and you chose to back him in the divorce." "I'm so--" "Do not say those words to me again," Celeste insists, finally stopping to face her daughter, "You are not sorry. You were never sorry, and you never will be sorry, not that I can blame you. If there's one trait you inherited from your father and I, it's your lack of remorse for any and everything. The only time you ever do something is to further your own agenda and for that, my dear child, I am proud. However, that is what you are and all you will be to me: a child. Do not act as if your pathetic little games will work on me, you silly little girl. You want something, now tell mommy dearest what that is, not that I can't come up with a few guesses." This last part of her statement Celeste utters while scanning Kathryn from head-to-toe, disgusted by the poor, raggy wardrobe her daughter has been reduced to. "You never were one to sugarcoat," Kathryn recalls now, rolling her eyes. "Fine," she finally admits to Celeste, "what I want is you, mother. I... I need your help. I've tried everything to regain my fame and fortune, but everything keeps backfiring. I can't do this alone, and you're the only one who can help me now." "Funny how the tables have turned. If I do recall correctly, you sided with your father because he had more money than I did. Is that correct?" Hesitantly, Kathryn nods her head, and Celeste gives a smug smile. "You really are my daughter," she says, but Kathryn tries to argue a further defense, "I was looking out for myself, you must understand!" "Oh, I do," Celeste assures, while Kathryn further adds, "And being with daddy was just horrible. He was old and gross and rapey, always paraded around his gross sex slaves. God, the Irish one he married was just insufferable!" Speaking of which, we then see Jennifer Gold herself, making her way up the shore, looking down at her phone, while holding Alex's hand as she walks through the sand. Turns out that at some point Aliza made it a point to insert a tracking chip into Kathryn, and Mike was able to provide Jennifer with the tools needed to use it to her advantage and track down her evil stepdaughter. Yup. Jennifer looks up, seeing Kathryn talking to her mother, who the Scottish woman is quickly able to recognize, having seen her both in old photos and recently on the news. She motions for Alex to step to the side, not wanting for Kathryn to see them just yet, and she watches. Celeste, meanwhile, decides to excuse herself for a minute. "I need to make a phone call," she says, looking down at her watch, stepping off to the side and pulling out a burner phone. Kathryn notices and chooses not to care about her mother's criminal activity - ah, remember when she did that with Andrew and Kevin? - just standing there in hopes that her mother will agree to help her get back up to the top.

"We're gonna need a bigger boat," Aliza sighs as she remains standing in between the cuffed Mike and the tied-up Antwon, and Antwon suddenly looks from side to side at the water in a panic, "Why, you see a shark?!" "I... no," Aliza groans, and Mike groans as well, that, "I just heard the live studio audience in my head all sigh." "See that? He's a shizo," Antwon insists, "How could you sleep with a guy like that? You thought he was the killer, remember!" "It was before I thought he was the killer!" Aliza makes clear, "Now I'm just gonna go... steer the boat, aidunno," she goes up to the front, fiddles with the sail. "We wanna go, like, that way, right?" she asks, and Mike tells her, "Can't be sure, since King Kong over there knocked my GPS into the damn ocean." "King Kong? I'mma take that as a compliment," Antwon decides. "Good, with all this new field work I'm putting in, maybe I'll be back to piloting in no time - I'll get to be the one who shoots you down from a skyscraper." "Oh, I'm about to throw a full-on negro fit!" Antwon insists, trying to escape from his ropes, but they're tied far too tight. Aliza sighs, trying to ignore them both and just keep the boat on track, not knowing a thing about how to sail, and comments, "Here I was gonna ask if you could be trusted to be untied. Thanks for savin' me the trouble I guess." However, she proceeds to take a little key from out of her pocket and un-cuff Mike from the port railing, much to Antwon's chagrin. "Aw, come on!" he exclaims, "How come he gets to go free!" "Because he ain't a neanderthal!" Aliza defends, "And also, yunno, he knows how to sail a damn boat. So, yeah." "It's my boat," Antwon continues to grumble, and Aliza snaps, "Well with all the money you magically got to suddenly fix the fucker up, maybe you shoulda paid for some damn sailin' lessons!" Mike heads to the back and begins steering shit, and Antwon eyes him down evilly, insisting, "She still thinks you're the killer you know." "Antwon, shut up," Aliza insists. "She does," he plows on, "I heard her in her office this mornin', yellin' at her big board o' mystery. All yo' shit still unexplained. She said so." Mike turns to Aliza, not needing to ask if this is true because the guilty look on her face says it all, and he wonders, "Is that why you've been off with me again?" "No," she answers honestly, and he senses that. "Oh," he responds, "Because... I thought things would be cool again after we finally talked... I explained to you, about my father." This makes Aliza go silent, though, and Antwon chuckles. "It's just..." Aliza tells him, "You were at the party... and you never told me that, ever." "And you missed the funeral today!" Antwon piles on, "Shady bitch!" Mike appears at a loss.
The complete opposite of how he looks in flashback, as he leads a team around a strategy planning table, clearly in his element. "It's a good plan," Seb confers to the rest of the team, "We should finally be able to nail this Mare Athei group or whatever the hell they're calling themselves." "Not that I'm the biggest fan of religion," Michael shrugs while everyone else leaves the briefing room, "But, hey, exploding churches is, like, wrong." "Who knows what we'll end up returning from the mission in," Seb goes on to wonder, "Maybe a tank or something. A tank would be cool." "Let's see what happens," Michael laughs, and then, "Dinner tonight? Before we storm Italy tomorrow." Seb suddenly goes awkward, saying, "Oh... we're still... doin' that?" "I don't know," Michael shrugs, "Aren't we?" "I mean, sure, if you want to, it's just..." "Just what?" Michael wants to know, and Sebastian goes on to explain that he was more under the impression that the two of them were married to the job more than anything else. "Well, I mean, yeah, but--" "We're both pretty self-involved people," he goes on, "Now, I'm self-involved enough to know that about myself. Can you tell me I'm wrong?" "I... guess not," Michael shrugs, and Seb nods, "I'll see you tomorrow, on the mission. We're gonna crush it. As always." "Yeah..." Michael utters, and then suddenly, "I want a family one day." "What?" Seb asks, blinking in shock. "You know. Find the right person. Spouse. Kids, perhaps. Picket fence. Maybe a dog. Everything I wanted growing up but couldn't have, because my dad died doing what I do. I know my mom tried her best, but... I also know she worries. A lot. And she shouldn't, 'cause I'm the best, but then there's--" "What are you saying?" Seb wonders. "I'm saying..." he goes on, "That I love my job. But I don't want to be married to it." Seb doesn't know what to tell him, though, except, "It's a little late for that now, isn't it? 'Til death do you part, buddy." With that, he pats him on the shoulder and leaves the briefing room.
"I missed the funeral because..." Mike tries, but Antwon cuts him off by exclaiming, "'Cause you the killer!" "I'm not the killer!" Mike insists, getting angrier, and then there's the sound of a phone ringing, as the burner in Antwon's pocket starts going off. He can't shut it off due to being tied up, and so he nervously lets it ring out, and Aliza asks, "Need me to get that fo' you? Could be Shaniqua callin' 'bout one of yo' kids or summit." "No!" Antwon insists, "No, just..." it stops ringing, "There. All fine." "O... kay," Aliza nods, confused, while Mike eyes Antwon suspiciously, figuring, "Maybe you're the killer. You were at the party as well." "No I ain't!" Antwon yells, "I could never k--" but then he stops, gulping some. "What's wrong? Catfish got your tongue?" Mike asks him, and Antwon defends, "Lizee is what got my tongue the other night!" at which she exclaims, "Ew! Antwon, stop bringin' it up! That kiss was a mistake!" At this, he frowns, and she sighs, "I'm sorry, just... look. I went to you for help, but it wasn't me lookin' to get back together or nothin'. I tried to make that clear to you, but--" "Tried to make it clear by kissin' me?" he questions, "'Cause that ain't clear in my book, Lizee... I thought it was a sign... that you was comin' 'round... that we was... we..." "I'm never gonna come around, Antwon," Aliza tries to make abundantly clear for the umpteenth time, "You and I are just... never gonna be a thing again, ever." He looks like he could cry, mumbling something about hope, and Aliza appears incredibly awkward. "I'd leave you two alone for this, but... yeah," Mike assures, and Antwon tells him to shut up, and so the detective just resigns himself to eating the one tray of mac and cheese that survived the earlier scuffle, continuing to sail them all on what he hopes is the correct path. "We had such a great thing..." Antwon weeps. "We did," Aliza finally admits, and he looks up. "Then why..." "Because, Antwon... you were what I needed at that time. But I've evolved since then. You should do the same. You broke my heart, and it helped me change. I'm a cop now. I found my dream. I... I suggest you find yours." "But... you're my dream," Antwon says, very honestly, "And... if there's no hope for us... even at all... then I gotta... I gotta..." again, the weight in his back pocket - the gun he brought with him on this little voyage - weighs heavily on him. "Move on?" Aliza tries finishing for him, and he nervously says, "Yeah... sumfin' like dat. You know, I never meant to break your heart." Aliza smirks, "What, you just slipped and fell into that hooka's lady bits?" "I thought she was you," he shrugs through the rope, and Aliza appears deeply insulted, stepping back from him and exclaiming, "Here I thought Celeste was a racist ass bitch!" Antwon winces at the mention of Celeste, which Mike clocks onto a little through his mouthful of mac, but Aliza doesn't, because she's too busy being angry. "I was drugged. She had, like, rat poison booby milk or some shit. Spiked ma pruno with it. I swear." "But then... no. You lyin'," Aliza figures, "'Cause why did you stay with that ho fo' years after. Not try to win me back fo' years after." "Because I was a daddy now," Antwon shrugs, "And I had to do right by ma' babies, no matter what." "no choice but to have your children killed" Celeste's words echo again; another wince; the gun feels heavier. "Antwon..." Aliza utters, "I'm sorry. But what I said was still true. I've evolved, and that kiss was a mistake." "And what about us?" Mike feels the need to chime in and ask, "Sleeping together... was that a mistake? Because I thought... I don't know. But you keep being off with me." "Because she thinks you killed the Mayor, faggot!" Antwon insists, but Aliza steps away from him, with Mike insisting, "No. That's not it. It's something else. I mean, at first it was that text from Sebastian, but then we talked, and... I know there might be some pieces that you don't quite understand, but I feel like I'm the one missing something here. What is it?" "It's... nothing," Aliza sighs, "I'm just... yeah, alright, sleeping with you was a mistake, alright?" "Ha!" Antwon exclaims, still trying to work his way out of the ropes and failing. "But you're not choosing him," Mike points out, gesturing Antwon, and Aliza confirms, "No, I'm not. If I have to choose someone... I choose my new vibrator, okay? Which still hasn't arrived." "Oh, yeah, Huberd took it," Mike recalls, and Aliza utters, "Damn queer." "There's the homophobia again," Mike nods, "Is that why it was a mistake? 'Cause you can't handle me being bi? Or is it just because we're working together on this case? Or... there's something there! I can just tell, I--" "I'm meant to be the one who digs things outta people!" Antwon exclaims, but Mike tells him to shut up, and so Antwon rolls his eyes, "Just tell him, Lizee! Tell him so he quits his faggot white-boy whinin'!" Aliza is shaking, tears building in her eyes, as the memory of what she did brims at the surface. Discovering the body, helping load it into the trunk; three years ago, packing it into trash bags and smashing her attic stairs. "Tell me," Mike insists, while Antwon continues with "Yeah, tell him why you don't wanna settle down with him neither!" "Because I helped cover up his father's murder!" Aliza finally exclaims, sending out a shockwave of silence. All is suddenly very calm at sea. The kind that precedes a storm.

We now move elsewhere, to Fanon Drive at the old Del Barrio place, where Michelle has chosen to host the wake. We see her as she wanders about, greeting guests, accepting condolences, and bossing around catering staff. "For the love of God, where is my maid?" she utters in regards to Kathryn, though the only one to hear Mrs. Washington's frustrations are Sadie, who's spread across a lounging chair and drinking a glass of wine. She smiles at this, her first smile all day; despite her father's loss, at least she can still find some benefit in her stepmother's misery. Still though, she makes sure to keep her distance, knowing that Michelle will fight back if need be. As the black widow continues to mingle though, she notices there's some last minute guests flooding in; however, this doesn't bother her, at least not until the last of the last arrives. There, dressed in the exact same widow's dress as Michelle, veil and all, is Silvia Montgomery, tray of mac and cheese in tow. "Sorry I'm late," she says, pulling out a tissue and dabbing her eyes, "I just had to stop by the cemetery first. After all, no one informed me that my dear Henry's funeral was today." Michelle storms over to her, doing her best to maintain a smile for her other guests to see, before getting into Silvia's face and whispering, asking, "What do you think you're doing here?" "Mourning my dear lover," Silvia answers, a wicked grin on her face, "I do feel I have that right." "Not if it involves you stepping over my property line, it doesn't," Michelle assures, but Silvia asks if she really wants to make a scene right now. "People are beginning to notice," she says, and Michelle looks to that, in fact, a few guests have begun to sense some tension between the rich black widow and the rich white sidepiece. One of these people is Sadie, who sits up, instructing one of the caterers to get her another glass of wine. "Things look like they're just getting good." "Oh, hi, Sadie!" Silvia then calls out, noticing Henry's daughter watching them, "I brought the mac and cheese, want me to get you a plate?" "Sure thing, Mrs. Montgomery!" Sadie answers, cheerfully, and Michelle scowls at her. At this point though, Sadie knows Michelle can't make a move on her due to the amounts of people that are watching. "I'm going to ask you very nicely to, please, get the hell out of my house," Michelle whispers to her late husband's lover, but Silvia shakes her head. "After the way you've treated me, Michelle, I don't think so. If you want me to leave then throw me out yourself, but for now, care for some mac and cheese?" Silvia bats her eyes at this, maintaining a cheerful smile. "Suit yourself," she says when Michelle doesn't answer her, and she proceeds to make her way to the kitchen with her dish, Sadie following.

"You... you what?" Mike asks, taking a step back. Aliza has finally stopped shaking, instead resorting to making a few vowel sounds, because she cannot bring herself to back up what it is she's just admitted to. "She said she helped cover up yo' daddy's murder," Antwon oh so helpfully reminds, "Now can I get untied please?" "No," Mike and Aliza both say at the same time, turning to him, and it's this annoyance which snaps Aliza back. "I couldn't tell you..." she utters feebly to Mike when her attention returns to him, "I..." "So my father was murdered... and all this time, you were involved?" "I... I didn't know he was your father," Aliza tries to reason, "Until..." "Until when, huh?" Mike demands, "How long have you known?" "Since we last properly talked," she reveals, "When you told me why you wanted to come to Wikerly Hills." "But that was..." Mike begins, and then he stops, turning away, unable to deal with this, "Well, that's one reason to distance yourself from me, I suppose. Here I thought I'd made things better, not worse. All this time... My father..." "I'm sorry, Mike," Aliza begins to weep, and he questions, "Back to Mike now, are we? No Mikey boy, no faggot, no 'fudge-packer'?" "Mike..." "Oh, two for two, we're doing good. So, where is he now then, eh? Dear old dad. Where did you help dispose him to?" "He... he's in my attic." "You got a dead body up in yo' attic?" Antwon exclaims, and once again he receives glares from the two of them, and so he decides to just shut up and to try his best to work on undoing the ropes which bind him. "And who did it? The deed," Mike hisses, "Who murdered my father?" "It was..." Aliza begins, finally confessing to a crime she's been suppressing for years, "My brother. And my mother." "The same brother who you said was one of the reasons you wanted to be the best cop you could be? Because he was a killer?" "Not exactly," Aliza uncomfortably explains, "He was shot down by cops. This whole thing was started by a political altercation. Your father... wasn't a good man. You know that already." Mike does know that, having learned years before...
And we flash back again, to Michael leading the FBI bust on one of Nadia's old Italian bases. They burst on in with their guns and protective gear, alarmed by the fact that there are no minions or mooks there to greet them. The place is just entirely abandoned. "Dammit!" Michael exclaims, lowering his gun, "Those Mare Athei bastards must've known we were coming." "I'll say..." Sebastian utters, having just picked something up off the ground. "Not a tank," he sighs - it's a sticky note, which he hands to Michael, and he reads off it: "Might wanna check the backroom, bucko xx". Michael then scans the base for a door, and finds one. "Over there, come on!" he leads the way to the backroom, re-raising his gun and abandoning the sticky note in his wake, and Seb and the other men follow on high alert. After the count of three, Michael kicks the door open to find... his mother, tied to a chair with a gag in her mouth. One arm remains free though, dangling at her side - and it just so happens to be handcuffed to a ticking bomb. Gabrielle would scream if she could, but through the gag it just comes out as a series of muffled cries, as Michael stands there shocked. "Mom...?" She makes another few sounds, ones which might be interpreted as "go! go!", but Michael steps forward instead, again lowering his gun and carefully lifting the gag out of his mother's mouth. "Michael...?" Seb calls from behind, "That thing's gonna blow any second, we gotta evacuate." "I'm not leaving my mother here," Michael states outright, then looking into Gabrielle's eyes and asking, "What happened? How did they get to you?" "You have to leave, son," she cries. "Mom!" he presses though, and so she weeps, "They learned who I was. That I was your Mama... They knew you'd been investigating them, so... they came for me. To warn you to stop. To stop tryna take 'em down, to... to leave 'em be. Oh, son." She cries some more, and Michael begins working on untying her. "There isn't time, Mister - go!" she tries again, and Seb is forced to tell his ex, "She's right." "I'm not leaving here without her!" Michael insists, abandoning the attempts to untie her to start working on the bomb instead. Mere minutes remain until it's set to blow, according to the timer, and so he figures he best start diffusing it. "We've done bomb disposal before, you'll be fine," he promises, though he seems deeply unsure of himself, "You'll be fine." "Michael," Seb tries again, but Michael turns to him in anger and screams, "Go! If you have to, just... Go. Find the Mare Athei people, see if they left a trail, I'll... deal with this." "Michael..." "I said, go!" And they do, following orders from their superior. Seb takes one last look, and follows, while Michael successfully opens up a panel on the front of the bomb, exposing a myriad of colored wires. "Okay," he says to himself, knelt there before his captive mother, "Just need to remember which one to cut..." "Take your own advice, son," Gabrielle begs, "Leave." "I can't," Michael tells her, still staring at the wires, sussing them out. "You've got to," she insists, "I can't have you die. Not for me. I... I told you this line of work was too dangerous." "I'm sure this isn't anything dad couldn't handle," Michael deflects with a shrug, only for Gabrielle to shout, "I lied about your father!" At this, Michael looks away from the bomb, and at his crying mother. "Wh-what?" "I wanted you to be proud..." she whispers, "But all I want now is for you to be safe." "What are you--" "He wasn't a detective. He was a racist. A member of the Ku Klux Klan. We met at some bar and he..." "He what?" "He got drunk. As did I. He forgot about his beliefs for a night. He was a bad man. And I spent all those years feeding you lies because... I was ashamed... and I didn't want you knowing you had a monster for a daddy. I'm sorry, son. But if you're doing all this just to be like him then... it's time to stop... let me go." "Is he... still alive?" Michael wonders, but Gabrielle reveals, "I don't know. His name was Nate, I think. Nate Ford. You could still find him, I guess. Give him some kinda hell. But it means you're gonna have to leave." "No... you're just saying all this so I'll leave you," Michael figures, "Well, I won't! I'm gonna stay here, and diffuse this bomb, and you are gonna be just fine, mom!" "I'm not!" she rattles her handcuff, moving the bomb away from her son, "It's too late for me, but not for you! This job is too dangerous, you're gonna get yourself killed!" "As opposed to what?" Michael cries out, trying to get back to the bomb only to have his mother keep inching it away from him, until he's forced to look her back in the eyes - tears to tears - "Letting you die?!" "You don't have a lot of time, mister..." she whimpers, and he stares up at her, now a blubbering mess. "M... mommy... please..." "Go!" she begs some more. "I... I can do this. I can be like--" The countdown is worsening. "Go! And for the love of God stay safe!" "I can--" beep beep beep "GO!" And with that her legs tear through the rope in order to kick her son into the other room, with enough force that the door slams shut behind him as he falls out. "Mama!" he tries to crawl back, but it's too late. The last beep has gone by, and the entire room has just gone up in smoke, Gabrielle and all. Michael's attempt to stand up is thwarted as he lies just inches away from the flames, now backing away some with his hands, and the rest of his FBI team come to drag him away. He fights against them some, wanting to get back to the damage to rescue his mother at all costs, unable to hear his own screams with the ringing in his ears. But he's just dragged and dragged and dragged and has never felt less like a hero in all his life - less like the father he always pretended he had...
"My father was a racist," Michael nods, "That thing you always like to joke that I am." "Mike..." Aliza whispers. "Ooh, more 'Mike's," he vents. "Please," she begs, "Your father attacked my brother! He broke in, with an ax, and Manny defended himself!" "And that's why you came to Wikerly Hills? To cover up a crime? Not because you had dreams of making it better, or... or..." "I have those dreams now, that's what counts!" Aliza defends. "The best cop that town ever saw, a criminal..." "I can't be a good cop from behind bars!" she screams, getting angry now, "And don't you see, this is my penance! I'm all alone! My mother and brother got their justice - they're both dead - and so here I am! Protecting the town they left behind! And it's not easy, but it's... it's my destiny! I see that now, and... and I'm following it, dammit! I never asked to be roped into any of this!" "Neither did I!" Mike barks back, only for Aliza to scream, "Didn't you?! So you definitely didn't kill Henry Washington just so you'd have a platform to look into you sainted KKK daddy's disappearance?!" "NO!" "Then why were you at the party?! Why did you never tell me, even when you were admitting to me everything else!" "Because I knew it looked bad, alright?!" Mike exclaims. "And the funeral? You're on the case, do you know how weird it looked that you weren't there!" "Why am I the one under attack?" Mike demands, "You're the one who just confessed to being an accessory to a killing!" "At least I've never killed anyone!" Aliza points out. "And neither have I!" Mike makes clear, "Never! Not once in my entire FBI career! I carried a gun everywhere I went and never once had to shoot a man! I wasn't at the damn funeral because I didn't know Henry fucking Washington and I thought that would be weird, okay?! Not to mention I needed time to plan this goddamn sea world adventure that you, me and Mr. Potato Head have all embarked on - fruitlessly might I add - and... and... and..." "And what?!" Aliza demands. "And I can't believe I ever let myself have feelings for you!" he grumbles, at which she goes silent. "You... you did?" she eventually utters in response. He takes a long, deep, salty breath. "Does it matter now? It's not like anything can happen between us ever again..." At this, Antwon smiles, his ropes finally loosening a little. "Mike," Aliza restarts, "your father..." "Was a bad man, I know. A very bad man. I was just... curious. Overly curious. That case was all I had for a very long while. It was mine. It was connected to me, and after my mother died... I needed that. I needed a reason to keep going. To still be a detective. But now... I'm not sure I ever wanna be a detective ever again." "Mike..." "Is that all you have to say now?" he snaps, taking out his cell phone. "What are you doing?" she wonders, and he scoffs, "Not that it's any of your business, but I'm trying to text Sebastian, tell him I solved the mystery of Nate Ford's disappearance." "That... that is my business," Aliza insists, wanting to grab the phone, but Mike shields it, saying, "There's no signal anyway." It's at that point that Antwon's burner phone begins ringing in his pocket, and Mike realizes, "But hey... yours works." He then begins approaching Antwon, demanding that he let him search his pockets, but Antwon exclaims, "No!" The phone continues to ring, and Mike points out, "Given the fact that you're tied up right now, you don't really have much of a choice." And he begins digging around for the phone. However, he comes closer to the gun than anything, and so Antwon springs up out of his loosened ropes and grabs it before Mike's able to. His burner phone comes sliding out of his pocket and onto the deck, while he now stands there, free of his binds, aiming the gun he brought with him right at Detective Cage, who puts his hands in the air. "Antwon, what the hell?!" Aliza screeches, "Why you got a gun!" "I brought it because... because..." Antwon tries to think of an excuse, but the voice which emanates from the burner phone - which stopped ringing upon its impact with the deck, thanks to it being answered - answers for him. Celeste says, "I take your radio silence, Mr. Vargas, means you're hard at work killing Chief Little as we discussed? Because if you've tried running away on that little boat of yours, I have some n--" Antwon steps on the phone, not breaking it but causing it to hang up before he can be damned any further, and Aliza finds herself staring at him in disgust. "Was that... Celeste Grier? Celeste Grier asked you to kill me?!" "And did she call you Mr. Vargas?" Mike asks, still with his hands raised, and so Antwon cocks the gun some in order to shut him up. "The guy I had to convince Quinnson to let off in court... that was you? Your... Mexican name? You... you work for Celeste... you knew who she was the whole time, that... that's why you lied. You pretended you didn't know her when you first caught me masquerading as a whore, and then... then... You brought a gun out to sea to KILL ME?!!!" "No!" Antwon yells, and then, "Maybe... I 'on't know..." "Antwon..." "She threatened my kids, a'ight!" he cries, "I luh my kids, but... I also luh you, I... I thought... maybe I could find a way around it. I thought, maybe if there was still hope for us, I wouldn't have to do it. That we'd find some way to win out. Together. But..." "But you brought it just in case," Aliza says venomously, entirely betrayed, and Antwon says, "I thought maybe I could kill myself to get around it. That she wouldn't be able to use me if... if I was gone..." "How long has she been 'using' you?" Mike wonders, but another cock of the gun and he shuts up yet again. "Answer him," Aliza demands, and Antwon says, "Since before I rocked up to Wikerly Hills." Which allows Aliza to figure out, "So that's why you wanted me back all of the sudden... it was all a part of her sick plans..." "I wanted you back because I love you," Antwon promises, "Really, I does! And Celeste wanted us together too, and she offered me all these things... but then I was failin' her. And she was gettin' real mad. And... like I said... she threatened my kids..." He moves the gun away from Mike, points it at Aliza instead. "And I know I was tricked into havin' 'em... but I can't let 'em get killed, Lizee... I… I got hope for at least one of 'em... I..." "Antwon..." Aliza cries, now putting her hands up, and he whispers, "I'm sorry..." his finger hovering over the trigger... until he aims the gun at his own head, unable to see any other way out of this. Aliza gasps, "Antwon, no!" and Mike, now free of gunpoint, punches the half-Mexican dealer right in the face, making it so that he stumbles to the side and the gun goes flying from his grip. Nobody gets shot. Aliza goes to pick it up, and Mike asks if that's the best thing - the gun in the hands of a criminal. "I know what I'm doing," she assures, picking it up, and then the burner phone starts to ring again. "Answer it, Antwon," Aliza demands of the man who's now sitting on the deck, crying at a loss and rubbing his cheek. "Answer it!" she demands more violently, aiming the gun, and Mike appears disgusted by her at this moment in time, which she finally clocks onto and feels ashamed by. She lowers the gun, but Antwon does what she says nonetheless, picking up the ringing burner. "Let's see what our dear Madame Grier has to say," Aliza seethes. "Y... yello?" Antwon gulps, and Celeste beams, "Hello, Mr. Vargas! Since I was so rudely cut off earlier - not your fault, I'm sure; you must have just passed through a sea tunnel - I didn't get the chance to cut to the chase and tell you that I already know you tried to escape on your boat. And I placed a precaution on board just in case you tried to sail away from your duties entirely. As soon as you set sail, a bomb hidden somewhere in the works got activated, and I was alerted. I do hope you make the right decision, return to shore - if you have the time, since you were ignoring me for so long - and kill Chief Little as instructed. If not then... it was nice knowing you. At least, that's the polite thing to insinuate. Goodbye, now. Possibly forever." She hangs up, and Antwon looks entirely shook. "Well, what is it, Tiago?" Mike would like to know, and Antwon looks up to him and reveals, to the shock of all, "There's a bomb on board." Mike looks entirely triggered, while Aliza takes a step back, dropping the gun in horror. "This day just keeps on gettin' worse," she sighs.

Act IIIEdit

"Tick tock, tick tock..." Antwon murmurs, catatonic, through his tears, rocking back and forth on the deck of the boat as the bomb - which, no one knows where it is - continues to count down silently. "Yes, thank you for amping up the tension in this already dreadful situation!" Mike snaps down at him, clearly in a panic of his own, but Aliza tells him, "Okay, we just need to calm down... think logically, and--" "Calm?!" Mike exclaims, "Calm with a bomb on board? Do you know how to diffuse a bomb? Because I--" He stops dead, clearly triggered, breathing heavily. Flashes of his mother's death fill his mind, and he begins whispering not unlike Antwon, who's still in the fetal position with his "tick tock, tick tock"s. "I should've stayed behind my desk," Mike weeps. "What?" Aliza asks him. "I should never have let you rub off on me... I should never have come out to sea... I should have stayed with my files, I... I should have stayed safe, like she wanted." "Like who wanted?" Aliza asks, confused, but she shakes her head and says, "Look, we need to--" "I just wanted to make them proud," Mike starts hyperventilating, "It's all I ever wanted. But I can't make anyone proud if I'm dead." "Mike!" Aliza tries to snap him out of it, only for him to turn to her in tears and say, "It's your fault. I was trying to be like you, like... like the old me, because of you, and... if I die out here, it's your fault!" He too collapses down onto the deck, while Aliza has now joined the two men in her company in crying, though she manages to remain on her feet. She shuts her eyes. "Okay," she says to herself, "yet another thing I gotta do alone. I just need to... find out where the bomb is and... I don't know... throw it overboard or something..." "The disturbance in the water would probably capsize us anyway..." Mike regains himself enough to say, and Aliza's eyes spring back open. "Then we jump out and swim, for Christ's sake!" "And go where?! What way?!" Mike yells, "We're in the middle of the ocean, with no GPS and no clue what way we even came since this damn thing has been going in some haywire direction ever since you had to tie Antwon to the sail!" "I..." Aliza tries, while Antwon, at the mention of his name, looks up. "I have a solution," he suggests, "We just... avoid the explosion... right?" The others look confused at him, and he finally emerges from the fetal position in order to reach across the deck, going for the gun, but Aliza picks it up before he's able to do so. "This," she makes clear, "is not an option." And, with that, she tosses the thing into the sea. "Then we call Celeste," Antwon suggests, "Beg her to... to call it off." He begins reaching for the burner phone now, and Aliza asks him if he really thinks that'll work. "I'll just... just explain to her that I wasn't trying to sail away from my problems, and..." "And what? That you were aiding me in a case that could help bring her down? That you have me onboard at all? That'll make her detonate the bomb immediately if anything!" "Assuming she can even do anything remotely at this distance..." Mike utters, "Explode it or shut it off." "And who's to say there's even a bomb," Aliza goes on, "Maybe it was a bluff. Maybe we're all panicking for nothing. Maybe..." She is cut off, by the sound of a very certain beep. Antwon doesn't need to say tick tock for them anymore, because the bomb itself is doing it for them... from somewhere. "Must mean it's close to... to..." Antwon whispers, going to curl back up some, and Mike stoically announces, "Great. We're doomed. Mac and cheese, anyone?" No one responds, and so he just sits there, beginning to tuck into his last meal. After all, he has no clue what else there is to do. Tears are still pouring down his face, but he's started to ignore them. Beep... beep... beep... "Celeste said the bomb was hidden in the works," Aliza tries to remember from Antwon's phone call, "So it's below deck, right? Somewhere important, we just gotta... there." She moves towards the back of the boat, kicking Mike and his mac and cheese out of the way, making it so that the last of the food goes overboard too. "As if I didn't have enough to blame you for already," he hisses, at which Aliza whacks him round the back of the head and yells, "If you don't got anything useful to add, shut up!" He does just that, sitting there sulkily and waiting for death, while she approaches the steering mechanism. "This is where y'all stood when you were keeping us on course or whatever the fuck," she shrugs, then getting down on her knees and listening through the floor, to see if she can hear... beep beep beep... there it is, alright. "The bomb is under here," she announces, standing back up and deciding, "Here goes nothin'," as she lifts her leg and stomps her way through the deck, tearing a hole in it and revealing the bomb's timer as it glows out from within the boat's inner-workings. She gets back down to peel away the chipped piece of decking, and Antwon finally gets up now in order to approach her and ask what the hell she's doing. "I guess the money Celeste gave you to fix up your boat wasn't all that!" she exclaims as she tears away the wood with ease, allowing us to see the boxy bomb in its entirety before she pulls it out and places it on deck. But wires and such keep it fastened to what lies below - attached to the boat at all costs - and yanking it away and snipping said wires could, as far as any of them know, trigger an early detonation. "How long do we got left?" Antwon wonders, staring down at it, and Aliza tries reading the timer, only to realize she can't. "What the hell kinda codey crap is this?" she asks, and Mike turns, wondering if perhaps he'd be able to figure it out... not that he wants to, because he'd rather not know when the end is coming. And so he just sits, staring up at the blue sky, allowing the salty sea air to wash over him for those final few minutes... possibly seconds. "Oh whatever," Aliza decides, "We just gotta... like..." she tries removing the front panel of the bomb, getting a look at the insides, but Antwon lifts her up and hauls her away. "Antwon! Ow! What you doin'!" He throws her to the other side of the deck, making it so that she lands beside Mike, and shouts, "I ain't havin' you blowin' yourself up!" "Fool, we all gonna blow up if I don't do somethin'!" "Wrong," Antwon tells her, taking a deep breath and staring down at the bomb, hearing its beeps, and then back to her, "You aren't gonna blow up... 'cause I'm gonna do something." "What the hell are you talking about?" she demands. Suddenly, he turns around, looking out at sea and gripping the boat by the edge. He yells at the horizon, "I'm king of the world!" and let's the echo reverberate all the way around the empty setting. "Sorry," he says as he turns back around, Aliza more stumped than ever, "But I always wanted to do that if ever I got the chance to actually see the world in this old thing... and I guess I'm not gonna get the chance now, so..." "Antwon..." "It's Tiago," he says, "I never told you because I was embarrassed. I wanted you to think I was all tough, and... And then, obviously, because I was a criminal... because I was workin' against you, but I... I never stopped lovin' you. If I'm king o' the world, Lizee, then you's forever ma' Queen. No matter where I end up, you'll always be..." "Where are--" "I'm gonna jump on the bomb, when the noise gets faster," he nods, "Some of the boat might blow, but... I 'on't know... you two'll have more time and... you won't be dead... 'cause I'll take the impact." "No..." "It's my fault," Antwon nods, accepting it, "No matter what he tells you, Lizee. You bein' out here on this... boat to hell... it's on me. My petty jealousy and my... Well, my line of work. I could never have killed you." "But to kill yoself--" She stands up. "Is the answer. Thank you fo' kickin' that gun offboard though. This is the way to do it. Savin' the woman I love." "But..." she weeps, stepping forward, the ticking bomb hitting her ears harder as she steps. But Mike, still staring the other way, reaches up and lightly grabs her hand, not saying a word but wanting to keep her kept stood in place. Safe. At least safer than she would be if she moved any closer. Antwon sees this and nods, wanting this too. "Tell ma' kids I love 'em," Antwon goes on, "If you ever see them... I hope you will. I hope..." "Antwon..." "I told you, it's Tiago." "Well, way back when, I agreed to marry Antwon," she insists, "I loved you." "And I love you. And this is how I'mma prove it. Once and for all. I... It's more important than what happens to me, a'ight?" Beep... beep beep... "The best day of my life was when I caught you, fallin' off that stage..." Beep beepbeep "I wouldn't change a second of our time together. Not for the whole world. 'Cause up 'til it ended... it was pretty good, baby." Beepbeepbeep. It's gonna blow. Any second. Antwon closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath. "Antwon!" Aliza tries to rush forward, to stop him from doing what he's about to do, but Mike's grip on her hand grows tighter, and suddenly he's dragging her to the complete other end of the boat. "Let go of me!" she cries. TICKTOCKTICKTOCKTICKTOCK. "Goodbye, Lizee!" Antwon yells to her, as he takes the burner phone out of his pocket, dials, and places it to his ear. TICKTOCK. "Hello, Madame Grier?" he says to the other line, while Aliza watches in tears ("ANTWON!!"). "You lose," he states, before the final tick tock sounds and he dives, right onto the bomb and absorbing the impact of the explosion. The wires tear away and he's blown by fire into the water, half the sailboat going with him. Aliza screams while Mike holds her in place, the now-wreckage they're sitting on - half-complete, as far as the front of the boat is concerned - beginning to tip towards the sea. The sail fails, and Aliza lets out another scream, all the while the body of Antwon Kennedy/Tiago Vargas sinks deeper towards the depths of the sea.

"Well, that's that, I suppose," Celeste says as her line to Antwon via her burner phone has just been cut off, the beast of a black man since having died. With that, she snaps the phone two, tossing the pieces behind her and pulling out a pack of cigarettes and her lighter. "Want one?" she offers Kathryn, who shakes her head in response. "Ah, yes," Celeste remembers, "women of my generation get lung cancer, and women of yours develop eating disorders. I get it. Though, you really ought to be trying harder with yours," she says, eyeing Kathryn's muffin top. Meanwhile, we see Jennifer is still watching Kathryn and Celeste, slowly moving closer towards them while still keeping out of sight, Alex also being in tow. "Anyways, I must get going," Celeste tells her daughter, "This meeting was very unpleasant. Truly." Kathryn calls for her mother to stop though, dropping to her knees. "Please!" she begs of Celeste, "I have no one else to turn to! I need your help!" "And maybe you should've thought of that before," Celeste reminds her, but tears are now building in Kathryn's eyes. "I made a mistake, okay?!" she cries, "I know you're this big mega bitch, but I'm your daughter! Surely you have some love for me!" "And you sure you wouldn't like a cigarette?" Celeste asks, and so Kathryn stands back up, not knowing how else to convince Celeste to help her. "So that's it?" she asks, "You're really just gonna abandon me?" "Oh, do shut up," Celeste insists, going on to say that she has far more important things to worry about. "I already gave you a good chunk of my time today, but you really don't know when to quit asking for more." "Because I have nothing!" Kathryn argues, and so Celeste rolls her eyes. "Please, I'll do anything for you!" Kathryn promises, and Jennifer continues to watch, hearing all of this, and genuinely feeling bad for her stepdaughter having to beg her own mother for help. Celeste sighs, taking a minute to consider all of her options. "You'll do... anything?" she questions, and Kathryn nods, vowing to do whatever it takes to prove her loyalty to her mother again. "I just want my old life back." "Oh, you're never getting your old life back, darling," Celeste makes very clear, crushing Kathryn's spirit a bit. "But perhaps I could help get you back on your feet..." Kathryn's eyes widen at this as she begins to profusely thank Celeste, only to result in her adding on, "... for a price." "Yes, anything!" Kathryn agrees, and Celeste likes the sound of this. "I need you to do a favor for me. It involves a... friend of yours," she reveals, but no more than that, as Jennifer can no longer stand by and watch any of this take place any longer. "Ey there!" she calls out, "Enough o' this. Back away from the lass," she demands of Celeste, leaving Alex off to the side. And so, there with Kathryn right in the middle, are the first and second Mrs. Von Trumps. "And what are you?" Celeste asks, blowing smoke into Jennifer's face, who proceeds to give the rich bitch a light shove. "Kathryn's stepmother, and I don't like the way yer talkin' to her. Yer her mother fer haggis' sake, maybe act like it?!" "This was Andrew's slave bride," Celeste can't help but smile, fully judging the Amy Manson-looking broad standing before her, and Kathryn turns to her father's second wife. "Jennifer, what are you doing here?" she asks, to which Jennifer reveals that she heard about Kathryn being arrested for Henry's murder. She explains how she felt like taking a day trip to Wikerly Hills with Alex, how she wanted to see Kathryn rotting in prison, and how Liz instructed she get a picture of her. "Well, as you can see, I'm not." "Aye know," Jennifer nods, "And I'm both disappointed an' glad. Disappointed I don't get to see you in orange. Glad you not killed a man." "Ah, well, I can see my time is getting wasted, so I'll be going now," Celeste speaks up, having grown bored of her daughter and her ex's widow, but Kathryn tells her to wait up. "I'm coming with you," she says, before turning back to Jennifer and saying it was horrible catching up with her. Kathryn and Celeste begin to leave but, after slight hesitation, Jennifer calls out to her stepdaughter: "Don't go with her." Kathryn looks back, as does Celeste who utters an "Excuse me?" "Don't go wit her, Kathryn," Jennifer says again, "I... I came here to mock ya. Laugh at ya. Revel in your failure of a life. But after seein' you, how hard your life sucks and what a piece o' work your mother is... I feel bad for ya. Let me help you." "I'll have you know, I own this beach. I have armed men hidden all over this place, and with one phone call they will shoot to kill," Celeste threatens the Scottish broad, who gulps at this, especially due to the fact that her three year old daughter is a mere few feet away. And so, she begins to back away, but this doesn't stop her from speaking out to Kathryn. "You can stay with us... Me and Ben... Ali and Liz." "I don't wanna be with those stupid lesbians!" Kathryn argues, while Celeste lights herself another cigarette, tempted to have Jennifer shot down. "But we can help you!" Jennifer argues, "We can help you! Come back with us, and you won't have to be a maid again. We'll help you get your life together, get a second chance." "For God's sake," Celeste blows out smoke, "I am your mother, Kathryn, and you will come with me." Kathryn hesitates though, and Celeste rolls her eyes. "The fact that you're even considering going with her is just pathetic." "Kathryn, come on," Jennifer insists, "I wanna help you." "If you go with her, you'll never have a penny to your name again," Celeste threatens. Kathryn now doesn't know what to do. She looks at her mother Celeste and her stepmother Jennifer. The Devil and the Angel on her shoulder. Wealth vs. goodness. Bickering continues, each demanding Kathryn choose their side. Three year old Alex is there too, sitting peacefully and not being retarded or dead like Shaniqua's kids. "What'll it be, Kathryn?" Jennifer asks. "Yes, darling, make your choice," Celeste goads. And, finally, Kathryn comes to a decision.

"ANTWOOOOOOOOOOON!!" Aliza is screaming, still stuck out at sea, clinging to Mike on a sinking boat, "ANTWOOOOOOOOOOOON!!" "He's dead, Aliza!" Michael finally pipes up, "If the blast didn't kill him, then drowning would have! Right now, we need to survive!" "I didn't see you doing anything to try and help when Antwon was standing next to that damn bomb!" Aliza weeps, but Mike, having since snapped out of it, decides, "Dammit! Now isn't the time! We're alive - thanks to him - but we won't be for much longer! We're on a sinking ship! We need to... need to..." "What, Mister Man? Since you know goddamn everything! What do we need to do!" He sees the rest of the sail about the fall down right on top of them, and so he yells, "Jump!" as he grabs Aliza and jumps to the side, the rest of that split mast completely tearing in half the boat which was already in half, meaning Aliza and Mike are now in the water and clinging to bits of floating debris, trying to find something that's big enough to take their weight. "Great, you know we don't float!" Aliza cries, now all wet, barely able to see thanks to the leftover wreckage which is now ablaze, and Mike calls back, "I do! Don't worry." "Well la dee da half-cracka!" "Would you stop yelling at me for five seconds or else we're never getting out of this!" They continue to float with the debris, going wherever the current takes them. "We never are getting out of this!" Aliza cries back, "Isn't that what you kept insisting when our lives were ticking away! Well, they're still ticking! Antwon just hit snooze on the alarm! We're gonna... gonna..." "We're gonna be fine," Mike says, suddenly calm in the face of Aliza's panic, and she looks over to him and asks, "What?" But he isn't looking at her. He's looking at what's behind her. In the near-distance, something... Another boat. No, not just a boat. A yacht. "Is that...? It can't be..." Aliza whispers. "Henry's yacht," Mike smiles with glee, and then, "Come on!" He begins to swim towards it, away from the fiery sailboat remains, and Aliza follows him through the ocean. "He did save us," she utters, looking back one last time before swimming onward after Mike. Beneath the boat's carcass, Antwon's very own is resting on the seabed, the last of his life drowned out of him, and the last thing he was ever able to see having been, all the way up at the surface, the woman he loved going off to safety, just as he wanted.
Aliza is soon being helped aboard the yacht by Mike, the both of them dripping, entirely soaked, onto the new, un-destroyed deck. It's quite the beautiful specimen, as far as boats go - not that either one of them have the time nor the means to really appreciate it. They're both wet, freezing, and still fear for their lives. "Let's see if he had any dry clothes on board," Mike decides to go looking, while Aliza folds her arms in a vain attempt to stay warm and starts walking around the deck. "So this is where all the action took place, huh, big guy?" she asks no one, lifting up a rubber ring and reading the words The Mr. Washington, apparently the yacht's name. "In here!" she then hears Mike exclaim, and she moves around the structure atop the deck to discover some stairs which lead below, calling down them, "What is it? You find somethin' dry?" "Just come look!" Mike insists, and Aliza drips her way down. In the depths is a gorgeous bedroom, decorated nicely for Henry's love affair with Silvia, and there the first thing Aliza spots is a wardrobe. It has some suits in it, as well as some slinky lingerie for a woman, but she comments won't exactly be able to help her stave off the hypothermia. However, she does manage to find a more tasteful black dress, one which reminds her of the kind of things she used to wear. "This could do," she shrugs, while Mike exclaims, "Look at this!" He is pointing at the nightstand next to the King-size, and Aliza wonders what it is. He then lifts it up, and her eyes widen as she grabs from him - "The burner phone! So it was here!" "And that's not all..." Mike utters, pointing down at the drawer in which he discovered it, where a whole lot of cocaine is resting. "Henry was an addict..." Aliza comes to piece together, in spite of her shivering, "So... so that's why he was giving Celeste money! B-because he was paying for her stock!" "Exactly," Mike nods, excited to be getting somewhere, "And there's also this." He takes out what looks like the start of a note, but it's been torn off. Aliza takes a hold of it, and reads aloud, "To my loved ones. I have something dreadful to confess..." "Could tell us who killed him. We need to find the rest of that note," Mike concedes. "Right," Aliza nods, "But first we need to get into something dry," she gestures the wardrobe, beginning to strip off her wet uniform, "And figure out a way out of the damn sea." "Right," Mike nods, also stripping off, "I think I saw a navigational system on my way down here. This thing's pretty expensive, probably high-tech. Might be able to steer us back." "Great," Aliza smiles, the two of them then stood there, in their underwear, next to a big double bed. Mike looks at her, still heavily attracted to her (and her to him)... and then remembering what she did, and feeling awful (same for her, remembering what just happened to her ex-fiancé). "Yeah so..." Mike starts, grabbing one of Henry's suits and beginning to walk away, unable to look at her any longer, "I'll go get started on that." Aliza frowns, putting on the dress, while Mike dashes up the stairs.
But, in the past, he's not dashing anywhere. He's just sitting behind his desk, back at the FBI office. "Michael! Did you hear?!" Sebastian exclaims as he comes dashing over. "Hear about what?" Michael wonders, and Seb explains, "Ohmigod! The leader of the whole Mare Athei thing was Maria freakin' Solano!" "The director?" Michael turns to him, confused, and Sebastian yells, "Yuh-huh! Mari-a! Get it? Anyway, she only went and exploded!" "What?" "Yeah, apparently this butler guy and his wife totally played her - they took her down, man! And there are these tracking chips, in all her employees, they're being arrested all over the world as we speak! Your mom is avenged, dude, isn't that great?!" Seb is very excited, but Michael can't seem to muster that same kind of spirit, and Seb figures, "Oh, let me guess, stuck investigating some kind of case from behind your desk?" "You know... I learned recently that a lot of cases can be solved from behind this desk... I don't need to be going out there, riski--" "Mare Athei is done, dude! Stop being boring and come party with us!" Seb insists, before heading off, and Michael is left sitting there to process all this information. He begins looking into the files already being created on the case via his computer, reading up on Nadia and Emilie Klaveno and, of course, Joseph DeWar. And then what Seb said, about his mother finally having been avenged, starts to hit him... as does what his mother said, about his father, right before she died... as does what he said, right now, about cases being able to be solved from behind desks... and so he opens up the FBI database, types in the name 'Nate Ford', and begins combing over whatever comes up. If the case of a lifetime can't be his, then maybe this one can be.
And, in the present, he's of course working on an entirely different case, as he successfully 'parks' The Mr. Washington back in the Wikerly Hills marina where it belongs, he and Aliza then finally stepping back onto solid ground - him in Henry's suit, and her in that black dress, each one of them thankful to no longer be out at sea. "God it feels good to be back on the earth!" Aliza exclaims, jumping up and down just to assure herself it's definitely real, and Mike nods stoically, still avoiding eye contact. She notices this, and so stops jumping, turning serious, "I suppose... we should go log in the new evidence. And also... what happened to Antwon." "You know what? Why don't I take care of all that," Mike decides, "You can just... I don't know... do you." "Huh?" "I've missed having a reason to sit at my computer and... process things. And that's what I need time to do right now. Process things. Without you around." She clearly finds this hurtful, but nods, understanding, saying, "I guess I'll just... go then." "You do that," Mike nods, still not looking at her. And so she turns, and begins to walk away... and he finally turns as well, and watches her go. He sighs sadly, as does she as she heads towards the beach, though for a myriad more reasons. When, at last, she's out of Mike's view, she turns back around and looks out at the water as the sun sets over the horizon. "Goodbye, Antwon," she whispers, "I hope you get to see the world... wherever you are." The line where the sun meets the sea glows bright for a moment.

And that sun then transforms into a half-eaten tray of mac and cheese, Silvia currently in the kitchen serving it to people in plates. "I know you're not serving that on my good china," Michelle utters, standing in the doorway as the last man with a plate of mac has left. "Oh, you again," Silvia smiles, "Now would you like a plate?" "I--" "You'll have to get some yourself, dear," Silvia says, "I'm off to go mingle with some of Henry's friends. I thought those who stuck around the latest could all form a circle later, we could each share our fondest memory about him. Ooh, I have quite a few to choose from. They all involve us on his yacht." With that, Silvia exits the room, and Michelle can sense that she's really beginning to lose her cool. She follows Silvia through the mansion as Ms. Montgomery has now made her way outside where guests are chatting around the pool. Sadie is sat down on one of the lounging chairs, chatting a up a few guests when she notices Michelle and Silvia coming outside. "Stop, right now!" Michelle calls out, but Silvia ignores her, approaching two randos. "Ivana, Cricket, lovely weather we're having!" They ignore Silvia though, upon seeing Michelle, and rush over to give their condolences. Seeing this, Silvia decides to do the unthinkable. "She's not the only one here who's lost someone," Ms. Montgomery speaks up, and Michelle's eyes widen, knowing what about to come next. "Henry meant a great deal to me, as I did to him... more so than his own wife, I imagine." People are now gathering around the ladies, intrigued. Sadie, for one, is very invested in all that's about to go down. "I'm giving you five seconds to march your--" "Henry and I were in love," Silvia states, rather blatantly, "We'd been having an affair when he died. He no longer had any desire to sleep with Michelle. For those who may have suspected their marriage to be on the rocks, kudos, because it was all true. He'd been with me this whole time. We'd me--" but Silvia isn't given the chance to continue because she's met with a hard, loud, forceful SMACK right across the face. Silvia grasps her cheek, scoffing. "I imagine that's just been years in the making." And with that, we shift into...
The past, years ago, where we see Silvia Applewhite and Lily DeWar attending a fancy, upper-class private school in the Wikerly Hills zipcode 91101. "Oh, he's amazing Lily," a young Silvia fawns, "So sweet, so gentle..." "So it was good, your first time?" Lily inquires, and Silvia nods in confirmation. "He was so good to me, I... I think I could even be in love with him." Lily can't help but roll her eyes though, pointing out that this guys is only Silvia's first boyfriend. "Don't be stupid," she says to her friend, but Silvia shakes her head, "No, I'm sure about him. I really think he's the one." But then the two women stop in their tracks, for they see Silvia's nameless boyfriend sat down on a bench, making out with none other than Michelle Large. Tears fill Silvia's eyes as she sees this, witnessing the complete and total betrayal of a woman she once called her friend. Michelle and Silvia make eye contact, but Michelle doesn't care; she continues macking away at Silvia's man. Silvia, meanwhile, flees the scene in tears, and Lily quickly follows.
"You never could get over the fact that Barack liked me more," Michelle accuses, "Ever since then it really has been your goal to ruin my life, and well, here we are!" "You really think...?" but Silvia can't continue, for she breaks down into an insane laughter, "Do you really not follow the news, Michelle?! Do you really think I've spent the last thirty years trying to get revenge against you when I was drugged, kidnapped, raped, impregnated, and became mentally deranged, busy trying to murder any surviving offspring of the man who did all of this to me in the first place. I've been off, suffering trauma and hardships, and you really think me screwing your husband is because of some petty high school feud?!" Michelle doesn't quite know what to say in response to that, and so Silvia continues. "I was with Henry because I was lonely, and because I think I loved him. I love him. He made me happy, and I made him happy, moreso than you ever did considering that fact that he never wanted anything to do with you anymore. You know who he'd be looking at during his rallies? Not his supporters, but me! I'm the only thing that kept him going at the end, not you, and for you to act as though I'm not entitled to say goodbye to the man I love with the rest of you, well, that's just cold." But Michelle finally snaps. "He didn't love you, Silvia. The only reason he was with you was because he debased himself with all the corruption he became involved in. Yes, I know about a great deal of that, just as I'm sure you do. He told me because I was his wife, and we shared that sanctity of marriage; he told you because he knew you were too busy sucking him down like a straw to think to tell anyone else. You weren't what he wanted, no, you were what he felt he deserved." And it's with that, all hell breaks loose. Silvia lunges forward at Michelle, the two women falling into the pool. Gasps are heard, and people stand. Punches are thrown and hair is pulled. It's a full-blown catfight between Mrs. Washington and the wannabe Mrs. Washington. Silvia rips out part of Michelle's weave while Michelle knees Silvia right in the vagina. Silvia attempts to dig her nails into Michelle's face, but Michelle gets the upper hand knocking Silvia in the water, attempting to drown her. "You wanna be reunited with Henry then be my guest!" Michelle screams, holding Silvia's head under, but the white woman manages to find Michelle's leg and sink her teeth into it, causing Michelle to scream in pain and let go. The funeral guests are all panicking, and so a few caterers are sent into the pool after the women. They're both about even now, in terms of control, hands on the others shoulders, each attempting to rip to threads the other's black grieving dress, the exact same one as the other lest we forget, but the caterers make their way through, two each grabbing a rich bitch to pull back. "It's war, bitch!" Michelle screams at her opponent, one final time as they're both dragged out of the pool, kicking and screaming, soaking wet. Other caterers provide each with towels, but Silvia has nothing else to say. She simply goes back inside to retrieve her tray of mac and cheese and head on home. Sadie watches her though, impressed.
And this brings us to later in the evening where Silvia is at home, in a robe and with a towel over her head, having since cleaned up from her earlier shenanigans. She's sat at her kitchen table, alone, eating a freshly made plate of mac and cheese. However, she can't bring herself to finish, for the weight of being all alone is starting to get to her. It's then, though, that she hears her doorbell ring, and she looks out to window to see that it's none other than Sadie Washington. Cautiously, she goes to open it up where Sadie greets her with a smile. "Your stepmother didn't send you over, did she?" Silvia wonders, but Sadie shakes her head, assuring that it's quite the contrary. "I wanted to see," she says, and so Silvia invites her inside, offering up some mac and cheese. "I imagine people are still talking about what happened at the wake?" "Oh, but of course," Sadie answers, "You and Michelle put on quite the show." "Yeah, well, perhaps that wasn't my best judgement..." "But why not?" Sadie asks, pointing out, "You exposed my stepmother for the wretched woman that she is. Y'know, I never liked her, and I always thought my father could do better." Silvia can't help but agree with this, and Sadie turns to her. "I wish my father married you instead. You're the type of person I could get along with... and someone who could really make my father happy." "Oh, well..." Silvia blushes (because she definitely can), but Sadie assures that she's telling the truth. "First thing Michelle did after my dad died was kick me to the curb," she partially lies, and Silvia feels genuinely sorry for her. "Ever since then I've been doing my research, trying to figure out how I could get back at her. She took everything from me," Sadie says to Silvia, innocently, who believes every word of it. "You didn't deserve that," she says to the young girl, and Sadie nods her head. "I can't take Michelle down alone," she finally admits, "I want to... I've tried to... But I can't." Silvia is starting to see where Sadie is headed with this, but still she asks for confirmation. "What are you saying?" she asks, and Sadie smiles, answering, "I want us to destroy Michelle together." Silvia is left conflicted.

It's nighttime now, and Aliza remains on the seashore, looking out. She's alone, and her eyes are puffy from having cried over the loss of Antwon. She looks out into the waters, simply contemplating her next move. It's then, though, that she finds herself being joined by a second party: Kathryn. "The hell are you doin' here?" Aliza asks her, to which Kathryn responds, "I could be asking the same of you." Aliza just sighs at this though, and so she confesses: "Antwon's dead." Kathryn simply nods her head at this, her mouth opening just a bit. "I'm... sorry," she says to the Chief of Police, "My condolences, I guess." "Thanks," Aliza says to her, the two still looking out at the water, and so Kathryn reveals, "I saw Jennifer Gold today. Between you and me, her daughter looks a little Spanish. Wouldn't be surprised if she was getting around..." Aliza rolls her eyes at this, both because she knows that to not be the case and because she also isn't really in the mood for talking right now. "Kathryn--" "I also saw my mother today," continues, "It was like this whole thing. Anyways, I had a real moral dilemma." Aliza sighs, deciding to just hear Kathryn out, figuring it's better than getting lost in the thought of her dead ex-lover. "What was that?" the Chief asks the Bitch, who answers, "Jennifer invited me to come back with her. She wanted to help me turn my life around. Granted, I'd never be rich again, but she was willing to help me find some happiness." "Oh?" "But my mother... She can get me money. And she can get me fame." "It... honestly never occurred to me that you even had a mother," Aliza admits, and Kathryn chuckles at this, "Yeah, funny story, we'll get back to that in a sec." Aliza arches a brow at this as Kathryn continues to explain, "It was me in the middle, each of them trying to pull me to their side. I had to decide right then and there, and that was hard. What Jennifer was offering me... it sounded legit. Realistic. Worth it. But what my mother offered me... oh, that just meant so much more. I just had to do one favor for her. Anyways, my mind was made." "I see..." Aliza says in turn, "So, who's your mother?" "Oh, I believe you know her," Kathryn casually reveals, "Celeste Grier." Aliza's eyes widen at this, and she begins to realize what's going on as a smile comes across Kathryn's face. The Chief of Police reaches for her holster but realizes, thanks to her sea voyage, that she is no longer in uniform, and has no gun. And so, Kathryn whips out one of her own, proceeding to hold Aliza at gunpoint. "I'm sorry Aliza, but as it turns out... I'm more than a little devious."

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Who killed Henry Washington?
  • Why did Michael stop doing field work?
  • Where's Henry's burner phone?
  • What is Silvia's history with Michelle?
  • Why did Celeste not want Yas to scam Kathryn?
  • How did Henry die, if not from impalement?
  • Where is Henry's yacht now?
  • Where's the rest of Henry's note and what does it say?